Tony Romo is Showing Strong Leadership To Young Players!

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Over the past few seasons one of the biggest knocks on Dallas Cowboys franchise quarterback Tony Romo (by the talking heads of the media) has been questions about his leadership. I am here to tell you, nothing could be further from the truth.

TonyRomo4The first thing that comes to mind when I listen to these TV analysts make unfounded remarks about Tony Romo is: how much time have they spent in the Dallas Cowboys locker room? In the meetings? In the closed practice sessions? Any idiot knows the answer to that question: NONE! There is a difference between reliable reporting and conjecture. Facts and speculation. My next question is: do these guys even watch any tape? The NFL is becoming a media led circus and the fans are becoming more than the audience. Yes sports fans, you are being manipulated in to becoming part of the act.

TonyRomo12I have not only been a Dallas Cowboys fan my entire life, but I have been covering them for a good while now. This experience has afforded me the opportunity to meet all different types of fans. It didn’t take me long to deduce that there are primarily two types. Those that actually understand the game, and those that believe and/or regurgitate everything they read or see on television. I have had several conversations with people where I swore I was listening to Warren Sapp or Bucky Brooks. I didn’t hear a single reasoned argument or fact based original comment. It was like listening to the same speculative Tony Romo hate I had just heard on the NFL Network. Last but not least, there are the sheep. In their eyes, Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett or whoever it may be, can do no wrong.

5-SuperbowlsThere is a difference between constructive criticism and hate. Voicing ones disappointment and/or higher expectations for the team they love, does not mean they are not a real fan. The point I am trying to make is the Dallas Cowboys have a tradition of dominance and excellence, so we as fans expect nothing less. One playoff win in 17 years is unacceptable. Don’t get it twisted! Anyone who is ignorant enough to blame all the short comings of an entire organization consisting of a 53 man roster, a coaching staff, a training staff, a scouting department and a management structure etc, on Tony Romo: (trying to be polite here) is dumber than a box of rocks. In fact, that’s an insult to the rocks. Enough said!

TonyRomo3Tony Romo made it clear during contract negotiations that he wanted to be more involved with the offense; this fact alone speaks volumes about his leadership. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a guy who is out there every week facing defenses on the field has a better perspective on how to attack them than a guy who spent his career carrying a clip board. Anyone who studies football should be able to see that the Dallas Cowboys game planning is lacking. There are too many times where the outcome of the game is put on the shoulders of Tony Romo to try and make a miraculous comeback because it took Jason Garrett too long to make the necessary adjustments.

tony-romo-wallpaper (6)In fact, if you pay real close attention, in most cases, the Dallas Cowboys don’t start moving the ball well until they go to the no huddle offense and Tony Romo is calling the plays. If you pay even closer attention, you will notice how many times he is having to tell guys where to line up and making the line calls as well. It makes me wonder how many times he has to explain the play to certain players in the huddle.

JasonGarrettThis lack of preparation amongst the players falls on the HC/OC. How many times do you see other NFL QB’s having to tell their guys where to line up? It is ridiculous that a professional athlete who is being paid very well should have to be told where to line up. In fact, the big question is: why is someone who doesn’t know where to line up even on the field? The fact that Tony Romo is doing the coaches job on the field speaks to his leadership as well.

Prior to the Dallas Cowboys drafting Gavin Escobar and Terrance Williams, Tony Romo took a look at them on film as requested by his owner and general manager Jerry Jones. In spite of the buzz across the nation trying to stir up the fans and/or create ratings by spinning the story about Tony Romo missing OTA’s , as usual trying to make him look bad by it, this minor setback can also be looked at as a positive thing. It gives Tony Romo a chance to observe the young players from a coaches perspective. When he is out there as a player, he has to focus on the play he is running. This prevents him from seeing how a player on the other side of the field is doing his job. In order for a QB to interact with his players and get the best use out of them, it helps to know their strengths and weaknesses. If he doesn’t know what’s broken, it’s impossible for him to help them fix it.

In spite of the fact that Tony Romo was unable to participate in the OTA’s, it gave him the opportunity to take the time to point out things to both players last week.

“You talk to him about little things sometimes,” Romo said of Williams. “I think there are certain things Terrance does very well. I think there’s some things he’ll continue to work on and get better with it that can help him as a player and help us as a team. Terrance has a good head on his shoulders. He wants to work hard, so I think he’s going to continue to get better and better.”

On Escobar, Romo said,

“He’s very fluid. I think he’s natural, so he’s got some good upside in that regard.”

Tony Romo was asked what he misses having to sit out of early practices.

“I think sometimes timing,” Romo said Tuesday, according to “But at the same time, I’m going to wear that out with them, too. I’m sure they’ll want to get out of here a little bit in June and July, but I’ll probably force the hand a little bit to keep them around and it’ll be a good thing for us. It’ll be just a bonus, time wise.”

TonyRomo9People can say what they want about Tony Romos’ leadership ability, but here again, the fact that he is going to get on the players to come in on their own time this summer and work on improving the offense etc, speaks volumes about his dedication to this football program. It also amazes me how many forget that he had more players in attendance for the player led workouts during the lockout than any other QB in the NFL. I am willing to bet he will have more players working out on their own time again this year than any other QB in the NFL.

TonyRomo11The fact remains that there were at least 20 NFL GM’s who would have sold the farm to sign Tony Romo in 2014. In spite of the fact that he knew there were teams that are closer to a Super Bowl depth wise and their biggest need was at the QB position, he opted to stay in Dallas without even testing the market first. Tony Romo said he wanted to finish what he started with the Dallas Cowboys! How many NFL players are that loyal to their team? How many only care about the money and either try to test the market or hold out to get paid? I just wish the fans of the Dallas Cowboys were as loyal to Tony Romo as he is to their team!

RogerStaubachRoger Staubach is known as one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time. He acquired nicknames like “Roger The Dodger” because of his ability to extend plays; “Captain Comeback” because he never quit on his team and no matter how far behind they were going in to the 2nd half, fans always believed that Roger would lead them to a victory. Are you aware of the fact that Tony Romo is pressured more than twice as often as Staubach? Roger had HOF and Pro Bowl offensive linemen and Tony Dorsett in front of him. Not to mention the “Doomsday Defense”. Are you aware that Tony Romo has more 4th quarter comebacks, more TD’s, more passing YDS, and a higher passer rating with a lot less starts in the NFL than Roger Staubach? Are you aware of the fact that the fans and the media alike said that Staubach and the Cowboys just can’t win the big one? Does any of that mean that Roger wasn’t a leader? It wasn’t until Roger Staubach finally got over the hump and the Cowboys won a Super Bowl that he got the recognition he deserved.

TroyAikmanDo you remember when Troy Aikman went 1-15 with the Dallas Cowboys? The fans wanted his head on a platter. It wasn’t until Jimmy Johnson put a solid offensive line in front of him and gave him Emmitt Smith that he started to even compete. Does that mean he wasn’t a leader? Once again, not having anywhere near the same quality of an offensive line, running game or defense, Tony Romo has surpassed all of Troy Aikmans accomplishments as an NFL QB outside of the Cowboys winning a Super Bowl. This is why I said at the beginning of this article that the fans have become part of the act for this circus known as the media. Whoever the idiot was that started this ludicrous misconception that so many uneducated people feed in to, should be decently fed and then decently shot. If you can show me one NFL quarterback who can go out on the field by himself and win against even a High School team, I will bow down and kiss your butt on national television. Enough Said!

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  • junebugt212

    Great read CowgirlCas.  It still baffles me how some fans dump the entire blame of this franchise on Romo…

    • junebugt212 They are the ones who listen to the media.

  • waynoootn

    Great points Cas., but the news media will not jump on the Romo band wagon till he wins the big one. Then the will claim they were always a Romo fan. The one part of Romos game I would like to see a improvement on is the jump pass in the end zone.He seems to have problems with it.

  • waynoootn

    Great points Cas., but the news media will not jump on the Romo band wagon till he wins the big one. Then the will claim they were always a Romo fan. The one part of Romos game I would like to see a improvement on is the jump pass in the end zone.He seems to have problems with it.

    • waynoootn so many people forget how the same members of the media said Tom Brady would be lucky to carry a clip board in the NFL. Now they flip flopped and act like he is God!

  • Defense 28

    great article cowgirl. tony needs help can’t do it by himself. i remember the media made a big deal in 07 when he went to mexico for a few days during the bye with bobby carpenter, you would have thought he went around the world.

    • Defense 28  when I saw the headlines yesterday about P. Mannings Golf score, the 1st thought that came to my mind was that had it been Tony, it would have said  Tony Romo was golfing instead of worrying about football. Gosh where was Tony and where was P. Manning?

    • BTW the thing that gets me the most is when the Sapps of the world say Tony Romo is over rated! How in the hell can an undrafted QB be over rated? He is top 5 all time in the NFL and 98% of all QB’s who start in the NFL were 1st round picks, many 1st overall! So tell me how many of them were over rated? Many of those 1st round picks completely busted!

      • Defense 28

        CowgirlCas22 these are the same people who said the colts should draft ryan leaf over manning. that’s why I say he can’t be over rated he was undrafted and now an all pro q.b.. the thing that hurt tony the most was payton going to the saints,

        • Defense 28 CowgirlCas22 that hurt him the most!!!! JG doesn’t know how to use him properly, and if you think back, Payton wanted to take Romo with him, Brees was his 2nd choice, but JJ wouldn’t trade him. Romo would have his ring in N.O

        • Defense 28

          CowgirlCas22 Defense 28 well hopefully he gets a ring or two for the boys if his o line improves don’t think it can get any worse.. I don’t like jason or wade wilson for that matter

        • Defense 28 CowgirlCas22 I believe that Wade Wilson has hindered Romos’ development process.

        • Defense 28

          CowgirlCas22 Defense 28 i agree we got a 2nd and 3rd string qb’s trying to help him develop. i know wilson was a starter i just don’t consider him a true # 1

        • Defense 28 CowgirlCas22 I agree, there are guys like Norv Turner and Jon Gruden who just know how to develop a QB then there are guys who don’t

  • I find it amusing that now the Steelere I mean Squealers, are now coming out with headlines that Big ben wants more say so in the game planning! It really is a copy-cat league lol

  • Californy

    I  on the record of never being a fan of the QB, I have made that quite clear..  The QB is nothing more than one player on the team , but this player does must make the decision on the go.  I believe this team can win with an average QB should they have the rest of the team  fall in place.  The problem is we dont.  The boys lack in many areas and as a unit we are no better Than 500 for almost 17 years. Now the real question is how much fault of this of Tony Romo or the Cowboys coaching staff.

  • Californy

    I am not here to throw Tony Romo underneath the bus, but I will point out to you area where I think he can help improve his game.  It is true the Boys place too much on Romo and that is not fair on him.  I am a strong believer QB dont win championships but teams do.  This is more evident when Aikman went 13-12 TD to Interception in 1994 with 8 Probowl player on offence.  That why I mention all we need is a average QB to win as long as the rest of team is not average in nature.

    • Californy  I think you meant he only had 13 TD’s on the season and 12 interceptions

  • Californy

    Let look at Tony Romo stats for last year, he had like 4900 yards 29 TD to 19 interception with 36 sacks and non existant running game at 1200 yards on the season.  I wont even go into the hurries because I dont have that stats. If you look at Romo number in the passing game it really didnt equate to Points on the score board.  I think the boys were like 26th in The NFL in the red Zone.  How can Tony improve his game and the same time cut down on the turn overs.  It evident JJ will not give him the line that Romo is needed, so the leadership and football smarts must fall on Romo

    • Californy what many people don’t look at is how many times players ran routes wrong and Romo got the credit for the pick

      • Californy

        That why a player why dont practise you  should not play.  Football is about timing and if you dont practice you lack in  timing

    • what I know is he took 82 hits on top of the 36 sacks, and he was hurried over 130 times above and  beyond that.

      • Californy

        I say Tony need to hurry up in snapping the ball and getiing the defense not set..  I dont understand why he waits so long and snap it close to zero.  I say we attack the defence , not them attack us.

  • Californy

    In many way Romo is like Brett farve he follow him as a player.  Farve is the leader in passing yards in the NFl, but he is also the leader in interception, and this is not a good thing.  Romo interception total only spike last year, so that is not a concern just yet.  But If I do recall another NFL HC who put his QB in position to make plays, but at the same time he say he can always fall back on the rest of the team for support.  Tony Romo tries to do too much and that is a problem we dont need.  Tony has options and must learn not to force the ball when he dosent have to.  Dont be fool Romo always have option and the ability to change the play at the line of scrimmage.  I know people may not like this but grounding the ball when the player is not open is always an option over having another turnover.  The Turnover take point off the score board when even the FG is lost.  It would be nice if JG help Romo with a better Offensive line and run game, But I have learned they cant be counted on so Tomy must over come this lack of team skill player in the trenches, their mental mistakes and all the pre snap penalties.  Tony has a lot on his menue but he does have 10 more player on offense he must become aware of what they do best.  The underneath passes rather than throwing over the zone should be an option Tony must take a look at better in the coming years

    • Californy the problem is the only time he had the underneath option was when beasley was in the game against washington. JG doesnt use short passes he calls mainly deep vertical routes forcing Tony to hold the bal waiting for a play to develop downfield, this is suicide because he has crap for an OL

      • Californy

        Beasley is an option but so Is Miles in the Slot and even Hannah may create problem with his size and speed in the slot position, and dont forget Harris as well

        • Californy Beaseley is hands down the best option for the slot

  • Californy

    I believe Tony has a strong leadership skill he must take advatage here in Dallas.  He must learn to use that when he interact with the team and his players.  If the player dont have the trust of Romo he should wave them off the field.  It time Tony calls out his player in practise and in the game.  Tony already has alot of hoops to overcome and a lack of player knowldge of the game should not be one.

  • Californy

    Tony must be the HC on the field, amnd take a hard stance with these players.  If they dont practicse with Romo he should demand they dont play in the game.  Football is all about timing and being in the right position on the field.  When a player is handicap by injury he handicaps the team.  The concept of you dont practice you dont play is a good concept that player should follow.  It works for many years and it only fair to the player who are battling everyday in practice that they are acknowledge by the team.

    • Californy this happens too often with miles and Murray

  • Californy

    I know Tony can change the play in the game but can he also decide to go in hurry up mode.  I dont know, but many QB have quick snapped it to get a player off side or two player moving in motion.  This is a tool Tony Romo must use to get a defense that is not ready in a compromising position

    • Californy I think this is one of the main reasons he made it clear to JJ before signing that he wants more say so in the offense

  • Californy

    I heard Murray a good pass catcher and he has been unterutilized as a player.  There should be option pitches to Murray on the outside to get him away from the blitzing player up the middle.

    • Californy The word is Tanner is doing a real nice job in camp

    • I honestly believe if they let Tony call the plays and decide which rec’s he wants on the field. the offense will be much improved

      • Football Mensa

        ….and Romo will get the credit…and if the defense dominates Kiffin will get the credit and Garrett is left being the pawn he has become.

  • ChrisG7

    So much passion, fire and intensity in this article i love it! This is the year for Romo to step up and be that vocal leader on the field. He’ll be playing with his heart on his sleeve. He will need to bark at the offensive line when they’re playing soft. Romo will make everybodys best come out this season.

  • Californy

    It like I said Tony need to use the option out of JG play calling.  It called kill kill.

  • Football Mensa

    Interesting dichotomy of the team Cas. I have a lot of thoughts on all the subjects you touched on and then some. I will keep it short though.First is , Parcells quit on Romo. I am not a Parcells supporter. I think he took the money and ran. It hindered Romo’s development. Had Bill stayed one more year I truly believe we would be looking at a different Romo.
    Second is Jerry. First he hires Wade and not only squanders the careers of Witten , Rat and Ware but Tony’s also. Jerry bought a decent o line when Wade was around and refused to prepare for the near future by drafting potential replacements. Wade should have never been hred and even though he was he should have been fired immediately after the 44-6 debacle in Philly.
    Third is the Garrett . I was not on board with the Garrett hiring. We have had to watch Garrett struggle as he learns how to be a head coach. Garrett struggles with in game decision making. Now Tony has this new found input and Garrett responds with Romo has always had input. Garrett has been eviscerated by Jerry. If you notice Garrett hasn’t publically stated who will be the playcaller in Dallas. At the beginning of the offseason Jerry was openly pining for Garrett to delegate those duties to someone else and Garrett seemed open to the idea. Garrett so far has refused to acquiese.Garrett has dug in. Especially now that Romo has become a force in the organization. Jerry would be wise to not be so public with his comments.
    Ah Cas, I cannot forget the SHEEPLE. Dallas fans are notorius for being kool-aid drinkers. The gullible of the world are a stupefying lot. I will end it right there. I could write a 20,000 word dissertation on Dallas fans alone.

    • Football Mensa you make some real good points, but Parcells didn’t quit on Tony, he quit on JJ. When that you tube came out with JJ in the bar saying that the only reason he brought Bill in was because all of the investors were saying he hires weak coaches who are yes men and didn’t want any part of the personnel decisions. JJ”s whole purpose was not only to get money for his new stadium, but to boost ticket and merchandise sales that were on a rapid decline. So Bills response was ok, you wanted to use me as a marketing tool, you can pay me! NTM once The Tuna pretty much had his mess cleaned up, JJ started meddling again. This is a pattern that goes back to Johnson! He was supposed to have full control as well! JJ’s ego wont allow anyone else to get the credit. He is still trying to prove to the whole world that he can do HIS way and all by himself. Once again the team was on a rapid decline following Parcells departure.

      • Football Mensa

        Perplexing situation with Parcells. I blame him for the loss in Seattle. He was too conservative. However had Romo has one more year with him I think we would have seen a more nautral purpose in Romo’s game.
        I know about Jerry and his need to hire a big name coach. Funny thing is most Cowboy fans will deny it. That is why I say if the Cowboys don’t make huge strides the newness of the stadium will wear off in the near future. That will again put Jerry back at square one. He will again have to hire a name coach.

  • winstar

    IMO, much of the Romo bashing talk is attention-seeking behavior by those that are bored.

  • EFG

    I understand the non educated fans that judge of the top, with out knowing the all facts they dont know any better. What puzzles me is the fans that do know all the facts and still bash. I think Tony is a great leader who is getting better each year, in spite of the lack of OL, Running game. Too many year of too many pieces of the puzzle  missing for Romo. Our OL is starting out the same way as last year with the starting  OG’s nursing injuries, so much for continuity, Hope they get healthy by TC so they can compete for their jobs.

    • EFG I think they should have drafted warford over frederick and still believe that if there is a vet out there  like Brandon Moore who  could be signed on a 1-2 yr deal until they properly address  the position it will be a big help.

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