Tony Romo Brings Hope to Locker Room

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Tony Romo has been the mainstream medias scapegoat since he became the starter in 2006. The reality of their incompetence has become very apparent over the last eight weeks. Obviously he is the glue that has held this franchise together.

Tony Romo
(AP Photo/Michael Perez)

No matter how bad the rest of the team played: primarily the defense, Tony Romo always got the blame. He was labeled as a choker despite having the highest fourth quarter passer rating in NFL history, leading the entire NFL in come from behind victories since 2006 and being second all time in career passer rating.

The fact that Tony Romo accomplished all of this with suspect defenses, no running game to speak of and while running for his life most of his career, only adds to the ignorance of the talking heads and the Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett, who tactfully threw his QB under the bus Monday.

“Certainly, when you bring a player like Tony Romo back in, there’s an expectation he’s going to make a positive difference for your team, but if we feel like just because Tony is back everything is good, that’s the wrong approach.”

In the absence of Tony Romo, the Cowboys offense under Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel is currently ranked 30th in the NFL with an average of 18.4 points per game. They combined for 6 TDs and 7 INTs. In 2014 the Cowboys averaged 29.2 points per game. It was 27.4 PPG in 2013. The lowest it’s been since Tony Romo became the starter in 2006 was the last time he broke his collar bone: 22.6 PPG under Jon Kitna and the Cowboys finished the season 6-10. The last time the the Cowboys averaged less than 22 PPG was way back in 2004 under Vinny Testaverde (18.3 PPG) who threw 17 TDs and 20 interceptions.

Obviously Jason Garrett needs a discount double check and a bus ticket out of Dallas. Prior to Scott Linehan taking over the play calling last year and committing to the run, which led to a 12-4 record, Jason Garrett’s record as the head coach was 24-24. Trust me Cowboys’ faithful, despite Tony Getting the blame for those three 8-8 seasons, without him they would have probably been 10-38 at best. The last time the Cowboys had a season like this one, Wade Phillips got fired. Ironically, they were missing Tony Romo.

I said numerous times if Tony Romo had a decent offensive line and a running game he would be the best QB in the NFL. Last year was the first time he had both and completed 69.9% of his passes, threw 34 TDs to only 9 INTs and had a passer rating of 113.2; which was #1 in all major categories among NFL QBs.

Tony Romo and Bill Parcells 2006
Tony Romo and Bill Parcells in 2006

I am going to be honest here. The players call him “Coach Romo” for a reason. The evidence clearly indicates that the Cowboys can’t win without him. That is on the head coach and the GM. Other teams are able to win some games with backup QBs, yet under Jason Garrett, they are 0-7 in Tony Romo’s absence.  This is a direct result of poor personnel decisions and game planning. Wade Phillips got the axe, so should Jason Garrett.

Ultimately, he chose to stick with not one, but two quarterbacks who have done nothing but stink it up in recent years rather than step up like Hall OF Fame head coach Bill Parcells did, and give a well deserved opportunity to a very talented young QB, Kellen Moore; who has only ever done one thing in his life, win. Something Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel were unable to do. He stuck with the Vinny Testaverde instead of playing the next Tony Romo. I Digress.

Editors Note: This article was written by Al Beam. I ran it for him in his absence.

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  • Defense 28

    couldn’t agree more cowgirl. I would play Moore the rest of this year now to see how he does. these guys still think this season is worth saving, I don’t not at this point

  • Defense 28

    couldn’t agree more cowgirl. I would play Moore the rest of this year now to see how he does. these guys still think this season is worth saving, I don’t not at this point

  • Defense 28 They are expecting too much from Romo. He will need at  least 1-2 games to knock the rust off.

  • Defense 28 Al actually wrote this and I ran it for him. He was having some issues with his login cuz someone tried numerous times to log in with his username and the site security locked him out for 24 hrs.

  • BigDIndiana

    CowgirlCas22 Defense 28  Indeed. I think Dez and RoMac are dealing with knocking off the rust too. Hard to jump into the NFL game speed coming off multi week inuries and layoffs.

  • BigDIndiana

    Weeden cut for Romos return….. my wish came true 🙂

  • BigDIndiana they should have cut both of them lol

  • BigDIndiana CowgirlCas22 Defense 28 especially for a QB qho hasn’t thrown a ball in 7 weeks. He needs to get his arm back in the swing of things.

  • BigDIndiana

    CowgirlCas22 BigDIndiana  YES! I’ll take what I can get though :-) Moore as #2 at some point.

  • BigDIndiana CowgirlCas22 I hope so