The Dallas Cowboys Have Signed 12 Undrafted Free Agents.

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When I went to and saw the headlines “Completion Of Draft Shows Clear ‘Romo-Friendly’ Approach” I almost choked on my coffee. Who do they expect to believe this propaganda? The Dallas Cowboys only acquired  one sub par offensive lineman in the draft. I assumed they would take the Jerry Jones “thrift store approach” and add some as undrafted rookie free agents. I should have known better.

Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones, said the Dallas Cowboys plan to sign 15 to 20 undrafted free agents this year. Cowboys front office personnel got busy doing just that, immediately following  the NFL draft  Saturday evening.


BrandonMageeThe Dallas Cowboys have agreed to terms with at least 12 undrafted free agents, including two players who were among the 28 players they brought to Valley Ranch for pre-draft visits.  Safety Jakar Hamilton (South Carolina State) and Arizona State linebacker Brandon Magee were two of those signed.

Some of the other 10 undrafted free agents to agree to terms with the Dallas Cowboys are two local college players to include linebacker Taylor Reed (SMU) and Texas A&M cornerback Dustin Harris, two players from Coppell High School in Wisconsin cornerback Devin Smith and Akron quarterback Dalton Williams (a transfer from Stephen F. Austin) and one player from Rockwall-Heath in Missouri running back Kendial Lawrence.

Some other free agent rookies who have agreed to terms with the Cowboys include: Mississippi State linebacker Cameron Lawrence, Eastern Washington wide receiver Greg Herd, Virginia Paul Freedman, Saginaw Valley defensive back Jeff Heath and Cal Lutheran wide receiver Eric Rogers. (Player acquisition list courtesy of ESPN)

I get more and more confused with The Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones  every day. Every expert in the country agreed that the Dallas Cowboys most important priority going in to this draft was protecting their investment, franchise quarterback Tony Romo. I am convinced that Jerry Jones is senile. Either that or he loves having Tony Romo be the fall guy for a team that has been .500 since 1996. He didn’t add a single offensive lineman so far among the undrafted rookies. The other glaring need was the defensive line, he didn’t add any of those either.

No matter what happens, he has the confidence of knowing that Romo will get the blame. Well sports fans, I hope you are not dumb enough to fall in to that trap. Tony Romo will never get a fair chance to earn the respect he deserves in the NFL if his incompetent owner, Jerry Jones, doesn’t give him the type of protection that his peers, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady get.

It’s obvious to me that Jason (Opie) Garrett has Jerry Jones convinced  that his offense is fine and all of the Dallas Cowboys problems are defense related (Rob Ryan was the Fall guy). Well, when Tony Romo goes down long-term and the offensive line get’s exposed for what it really is, with the non-mobile Kyle Orton, as the signal caller, remember I told you so.



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  • MichaelValentino

    A friend of mine on facebook is a huge Redskins fan. He posted a story link on Washington getting Baccari Rambo. The guy was stoked. I kid with him a lot and posted the following on this timeline. I think my comments make as much sense as what JJ actually does in real life:
    “This just in…In a bold move to counter the Washington Redskins drafting of Rambo, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones has signed Arnold Scharzenegger and Chuck Norris to free agent contracts. Word out of Valley Ranch, headquarters of the Cowboys, is that this move further cements Mr. Jones’s status as the reigning genius in the NFL. The Cowboys are also pursuing deals with each member of the Fantastic Four.”

    • MichaelValentino

      Of course, he quickly wrote back and said the Cowboys also signed Dolph Lundgren off waivers. :)  Jerry is going after Vin Disel next.

    • MichaelValentino LMAO good stuff

      • MichaelValentino

        Cas, you gotta laught to keep from crying sometimes. (Not as philosophical as Dr.Seuss, but it works.) 😉

        • MichaelValentino lol good point.

        • MichaelValentino

          Jerry’s gonna drive all of us to drink, otherwise. haha

        • MichaelValentino going to to? I was on a binge all weekend trying to drown the pain!

  • GregArkins57

    What is that bird sound?

    • GregArkins57 everytime  someone   posts a comment in chat it lets you know that way

  • GregArkins57

    Oh thank god I thought I was going bonkers!

  • GregArkins57

    Hows the head today?

  • GregArkins57

    I still haven’t gotten over the shock of the draft yet. I need more time to let it sink in.

  • Californy

    I believe this will be a hard year for any UDFA to make the team,  JJ will try to hide his failure  in the past 2 draft , by hiding these player on the team on the team.  The only way a UFFA makes this team he will have to dominate the competition in front of them,

  • Californy

    Wow that picture was Burflict I guy who I gave first rd grade to, so much for these draft experts. He had like 127 tackle in 14 games, had he played all the game he would of rank 2rd on the rookie chart on tackles alone.

  • Californy

    I studied the Draft from the bottem up.  I saw the 7th rd as having so much value this year, but every year JJ feel a need to throw away the last pick in the draft.  Why would we need a 4.85 40 Speed lb in McSurdy and now get another one with 4,76 speed.  We need player and cant afford any mistakes.

  • Californy

    Reid Fragel OT was one of those player I would of like to have in the 7th rd, he is 6-8 309 lbs who run a 4.68.  he a work in progress having played one year as an OT.  he did well against one of  best defenses against Michigan state.  At this point he nothing more than an athlete with some upside.  I rather have starter than project in all round, but his athletic ability  interest me. He also presses 33 times at 225..

  • Californy

    Chanon Gilkey OT-OG also caught my interest  I think he is like 315 lbs player who dominated at a lower level, he presses like 28 times at 225.

  • 4everblueandsilver

    Thought I came to a sight that would have actual content. I was wrong!!!! This is nothing more than another long line of opinionated drivel. Your points are all suspect at best and are ignorance personified. I will not be returning to this site as the founder seems to think that she is so smart yet, has nothing but conjecture and a glass full of whining to put on display. 
    I’m sure the usual arguments of ” I am entitled to my opinion” or ” I have been doing this for X number of years” or even ” I am a true fan that says it like it is and you must be a koolaid drinker” and my personal favorite ” It is dissent that makes things change in this world”. 
    All of these will be thrown out yet, the reality is that you are making nothing more than your opinion known in speculative analysis. Provide facts and not just your opinions would be a great way to start growing this site.

    • Californy

      4everblueandsilver Let me ask you a question, do you think the boys had a good draft this year.  If you said yes does that make last year a bad draft since they drafted the 4 of the same position all over again.. It seem this team is drafting for depth than immediate need.  What is our greatest need on the Cowboys that finished 22 over all in defense and 31 th in the run game.  Our Red zone issue are evident at 28 th rank.  This team already passes over 66 percent of the time, do you think we need more passing yards than rushing yards.  I want to see what your through are on this.

    • 4everblueandsilver lol your entitled to your opinion and I hate to be the one to break it to you, but my internet host has already contacted me and informed me that I am overloading the server due to the excessive amount of traffic and I need to upgrade to my own dedicated server. Obviously the site is growing fine. It’s easy for you to come in here and have your little tantrum, but why don’t you present one fact to dispute what I just said in this article? Enough said!

  • Football Mensa

    Last year, 37 percent of the 622 undrafted rookies signed by the 32 franchises won Week One jobs, either on the practice squad (131) or the 53-man roster (98). The Rams led the way in 2012 with seven on the active roster. The Texans, Seahawks, and Vikings had none.

    What’s disturbing is there isn’t any offensive linemen in this group of udfa’s. 
    @4everblueandsilver….since you mentioned stats or the lack thereof I contend that Cas offered up the most telling stat of all. 500 since 1996. Furthermore this particular post is about the rookie free agents signed by the Cowboys. As you can clearly see there isn’t one offensive lineman included on the list. That said I have to ask , what is she supposed to say ? With only one offensive lineman drafted and that being an area of weakness would you not think she has a valid point ? Now if you have an issue with her lack of subtleness then it’s a you thing and not a Cas thing.

  • Defense 28

    wayne gretzky years ago called the n.j. devils a mickey mouse organization, well cowboy fans welcome to DISNEY we are there. drink well and remember there is always next year and we didn’t get thru this year yet

  • waynoootn

    I just did not understand our drafting. We needed to hit a home run, but JJ decided to bunt instead.

    • waynoootn I would say struck out is better terminology:  once again he ignored the glaring needs and re-drafted every position they did last year.

  • waynoootn

    If this draft was to please JG. then its time to fire him now instead of waiting till the end of the season.

    • waynoootn If JJ was going to clean house, he should have fired JG along with RR and started fresh with an experienced head coach and let him bring in his own staff.

  • waynoootn

    How many TEs do we need to draft in the 2nd or 3rd ? We just let them go after 3 or 4 years to other teams.

    • waynoootn ya really, We just got hanna last yr, now we drafted escobar, then the same night they drafted escobar, they signed another TE as an undrafted FA. It makes no sense stockpiling these positions over and over, while continuing to neglect the trenches.