Should The Dallas Cowboys Trade Down In The 2013 NFL Draft?

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When I evaluate the current status of the Dallas Cowboys depth chart, (especially the trenches) it’s a bit disheartening. If I  take in to consideration the salary cap situation and the fact that the Dallas Cowboys  only have 6 draft picks, it makes the wheels start turning in my little brain. At that point, I can’t help but ask myself this question: should the Dallas Cowboys try and trade down in the 1st round of the 2013 NFL draft?

StephenJonesIt’s obvious to me that 6 draft picks isn’t enough. Especially knowing that the Dallas Cowboys didn’t have any salary cap space to do anything significant this offseason. The Dallas Cowboys Executive Vice president , Stephen Jones, recently said,

“When you have a need, you tend to like a position of need a little more, and you have to watch that,” he said. “That can be difficult, but I think you have to fight that.”

Are you freaking kidding me? Where do these guys come from? Does anyone other than me see why the Dallas Cowboys have not only been a .500 TEAM FOR THE LAST 17 YRS,  BUT ONLY HAVE ONE PLAYOFF WIN?

Well folks, this clearly explains why the Jones family has neglected the offensive and defensive lines for so long. This isn’t about winning to them. Need isn’t a priority, nope, it’s flash and selling jerseys.

CordarellePattersonDoes it make any sense to you for me to say that your biggest needs should be addressed first and foremost?  So then, if there isn’t a solid offensive guard or tackle  left on the board do you grab a running back just because he is there and currently the best player on your board; knowing that he has no OL to run behind? Hell No! Do you draft a WR when your QB has no time to utilize him properly?  Do you reach for an offensive lineman? Hell no! What you do is improvise, adapt and overcome the situation. Lets face it, this draft is loaded with depth on the offensive and defensive lines this year.

I have come up with a good solution to this problem. The San Francisco 49ers are loaded with  picks for the 2013 NFL Draft. Losing their veteran safety Dashawn Goldson in free agency,  put a nice hole in the secondary of that lights out defense. I find it hard to believe that the 49ers want to actually draft that many players. In most cases, when teams are loaded with picks, they want to wheel and deal. The New England Patriots have done this many times. They traded up in to the 1st round 2 times in 2012, landing two solid day one starting defensive players. The rule of thumb is,  quality over quantity.

Larry WarfordThere is a real good chance that Kenny Vaccarro will still be on the board when the Dallas Cowboys pick at 18. The way I see it, the signing of veteran safety Will Allen, should at least get the Cowboys through the 2013 season. This also gives the Cowboys the opportunity to see how well Matt Johnson has developed. In spite of the fact that I have personally mocked the Cowboys taking Kenny Vaccarro at 18, I don’t think that is the best idea.

According to Scott Wrights “Draft Countdown”  trade value chart: the Dallas Cowboys pick at 18 is worth 900 draft points. My question now becomes: why not try and  trade down to the San Franciso 49ers pick at 31?
If the Dallas Cowboys were able to do that, they would not only obtain the 49ers pick at 31, (valued at 600) but  their pick at  61 (valued at 292) and  their pick at 212 (valued at 6.6) for a total of 898.6. In this scenario, The Dallas Cowboys would be able to draft Larry Warford at 31 (who I actually like better than Cooper) and the best available defensive tackle on the board at 61.  That fills another glaring need. In addition, a developmental player in the 7th round at 212. Your entitled to your opinion, but I think this would be a good way to add some solid depth to a team with a lot of holes. When I do my final mock  for the 2013 Dallas Cowboys Draft, I will include this trade down scenario.

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  • osnappp

    just like with the RG3 trade, i think need would throw out the point chart.  if KV dropped to 18 and SF wanted him that bad, they could ask for 3or 4 for their 15 picks and SF would not have a problem with that.   Even if it is their 1st, top 2nd, and 2 7s.  They have 3 7s.   however, I would only trade the pick if the 5 top OL are gone along with S. Richardson.  I agree with you , that somewhere in the draft they need to trade down for a pick or two.  Way too many holes.

  • Tony09s
    • Tony09s Like I said, I went off of Scott Wrights chart. There is not much difference in the points value between 61 and 63, but thank you for the info. There is a difference picking 2 spots higher.

      • Tony09s

        CowgirlCas22I dont think they will make too much fuss for an 8 point difference. (31+ 61 = 892) If I was making a trade I would ask for their 31st, 61st and I would try to squeeze out their 180th.

        • Tony09s CowgirlCas22 if not that it would be the pick at 212

        • CowgirlCas22 Tony09s  cas when you get the chance,who was the Safety they’re after? I had it in my original scribbled notes,can’t find it now..I’m still watching the “paces” and will pass along anything as they change

        • TexasTwoStep CowgirlCas22 Tony09s I don’t know that they haveir eye on any certain one, but my guess would be if they tale one it will be Vaccarro cuz he is a Texas boy and popular in Texas. JJ likes to sell jerseys

  • MichaelValentino

    Cas, on another forum I joked about Warmack, Cooper, Richardson and Vaccarro all being on the board when the Cowboys draft at 18, and then JJ trading down multiple times, accumulating 11 or 12 picks, and selecting 11 or 12 special teams players, nine of whom will be out of the NFL next year. Well, all joking aside, we don’t need a repeat of 2009. If either Warmack or Cooper are there at 18, I’d prefer to grab one of those guys. I think you can plug either one in at LG on day one. Buh-bye Livings…Free, you’re next. But your article makes a good point (and almost had me stepping out on the ledge of my office building – thank you very much): the Cowboys not only have glaring needs at several positions but they also lack quality depth across the board. This would be a great year to have 9 or 10 picks and then load up on O-line and D-line in the first 3-4 rounds.  SF would love to add Vaccarro to their secondary. The drop-off from Warmack/Cooper to Warford is not that great and Warford too could be a day one starter. If that adds a player at 63, the Cowboys can go DT with their 2nd round pick and then go OT with the 9ers pick. If the Cowboys cannot get Clabo or Winston in FA, then they need to draft a tackle that can compete in camp. If Rat is penciled as the starting three-tech then they’ll need some big DT to compete at the one-tech position (maybe White from MSU?).

  • MichaelValentino

    The Cowboys also need a backup RB, a 3rd string TE, and possibly another WR to throw in the mix (unless Danny Coale is fully recovered and can push for the no. 3 or 4 receiver in camp). Depending on what happens with Spencer long-range, a LDE to compete with Crawford might also be in order. Long and short of it is this is a team that needs 3 or 4 new starters and quality backups at 3 or 4 other positions. The Cowboys are still hurting from the train wreck known as the 2009 draft. I’m not a fan of trading down, usually, but that might be better than say reaching for an OT at 18 or taking Vaccarro based on BPA when the O-line is the most pressing need on the team.

    • MichaelValentino I am content with Beasley and Harris: Romo had 4,903 yds passing last yr. WR isn’t a need, it’s developing the running game that should be the top priority on offense,

      • MichaelValentino

        I like Beasley too. He was a good find. Harris came on later in the year and it looks like the coaches have more confidence in him. Both guys will be fighting for the no. 3 in camp. I never wanted the Cowboys to let go of Amendola. Beasley might fill the role Amendola otherwise could have filled. Add Coale to those two and it should be a competitive summer. The ‘Boys have bigger needs but I was thinking if they don’t re-sign  Austin (is this the final year of his contract?) they’ll need another WR to vie for a roster spot. Without Austin it would be Harris, Beasley and Coale battling for the no. 2 next year, unless they drafted someone high next year or got a veteran in FA. I like Beasley’s hands and I think Coale is going to show that he also has good hands.

        • MichaelValentino I am not sold on Coale, the guy couldn’t even stay healthy for camp: this is tell tale signs of poor offseason conditioning habits.

        • BTW Austin is signed through 2017

        • MichaelValentino

          ok, thanks Cas. You’d think with Mike Woicik these guys should be able to eat nails and run Iron Men competitions…conditioning should be the last worry.

        • MichaelValentino he can show them what to do, it’s up to them to take it upon themselves to actually do it on their own time. Guys like T.O trained yr round and on their own time during the season. This what Drew Pearson was saying Dez needs to do. Train, study his play book, practice his routes etc. This yr Dez has been at VR running routes daily for Tony to pass to him. I expect him to do great things this yr!

  • Tony09s

    I’m hearing Atlanta is looking to move up as well. (According to Peter King) Atlanta owns the 30th and the 60th picks.

    • Tony09s JJ has a bazillion options, a draft loaded with depth at the key positions of need etc! If he finds a way to blow this one: I will FREAK OUT! He really ought to spend some of his billions and hire Jimmy Johnson as a consultant for this draft!

      • Tony09s

        CowgirlCas22 I know your not a Garrett fan but his drafts have been much better than anything Wade and Jerry put together.

        • Tony09s CowgirlCas22 I haven’t seen anyone who can stay healthy. Lee Carter, Murray have never completed a season: Claiborne was the 64th ranked CB in the NFL in 2012; the price was way too high, the verdict is still out on Crawford who I like a lot and had included in my :The Guys No One Is Talking About” series last year, but other than that they haven’t done anything outside the top 2 rounds.

      • Defense 28

        CowgirlCas22 cas i have been saying this for years he should just hire jimmy just to run his drafts.jimmy has great eye for real talent

        • Defense 28 CowgirlCas22 that’s just too good to be true lol

        • Defense 28

          yeah that would mean Jerry eating crow. He should hire Jimmy let him rite the ship and sit in his owners box (for the whole game) and realize he isn’t a football man but an oil man..

        • Defense 28 I couldn’t have said it any better myself!

    • Ya I am pretty sure that this will be Gonzales last yr. Atl needs a TE and Eifert should still be on the board at 18.

  • Cas you’re  2 steps ahead of me,I was wondering what  their needs and “christmas list”,if you’ll pardon the expression was/is going into the draft 🙂

  • GregArkins57

    I still gotta believe one of my targeted players will be there at 18,(including Vaccaro). with limited funds just drafting 6 players works…….Plus you neglect to consider dealing future draft picks to manuver around and target specific positions of need……If their is a specific player in a position of need you covet why not swap picks and give them picks in next years draft which won’t be so lineman rich?…..I’d consider this in the 2nd and 3rd rd…….stay at 18 and get a starter and then target specific positions and players in rds 2-3 which won’t cost you your 1st rdr next year.

    • GregArkins57 Warford will not only be a starter, he may just end up the best OG in the draft:

  • GregArkins57

    I really would consider future picks to grab lineman this year in a lineman rich draft.

    • GregArkins57 JJ will never do it: the Cowboys have only drafted 5 yes 5 starting OL in the last “19” years!!!! 1 playoff win in 17 years! Coincidence?

  • GregArkins57

    After everyone grabs O-line and D-line in the 1st they are gonna want a flash player in the 2nd which rolls alot of good lineman late into the 2nd rd and early 3rd rd. That’s where you target your trade.You’ve choosen your first two picks and you deal future considerations to target a specific player in this area.

    • GregArkins57 then we end up with the leftover scrubs as usual on the OL. SF has 3 1st round picks on the OL, Brees had 3 all pros on his OL Brady had 4 all pros on his OL, this team will never get any  of these idiots in the pro bowl! Eli had the #1 ranked OL in the NFL the last 2 years in a row! Look at the studs on P. Mannings OL in Denver, then people want to compare Romo to them! Put them behind Tonys’ OL and they wont win crap!

  • GregArkins57

    You also gotta consider all the vet lineman cut after TC…….Plug in players for a year.

  • GregArkins57

    Just a couple ideas I wanted to sling at ya…….by.

    • GregArkins57 we have had enough of scrubs cut by other teams! This team needs young studs!

  • Californy

    I already mention my trade to Cincy for pick 53 and 34 in this year draft, I also mention the trade down of 53 to SF for pick 74 nd 93 in this draft.  That will give us Pick 34, 47 In round number 2, and Pick 74, 82 and 93 in round number 3.  The pick will be as the following Warford at 34, Cyprien at 47 , Margus Hunt DE, or Terron Armstead OT, Pick 74 will be Phillip Thomas or Barrett Jones at 74,  82 will be BAP, and  BAP depending what is done with the previous draft and who is left, possible moving down some more for more Picks with pick 93

    • Californy the only problem with that is, JJ almost never hits after the 2nd round. Does 2009 ring a bell when they kept trading down further?

      • Defense 28

        yeah the only J.J. to hit after round 2 was the real J.J. Jimmy Johnson.

        • Californy

          Defense 28yeah the only J.J. to hit after round 2 was that to his bottle  in his famous Teboe Interview or Romo Friendly draft comment he has made last year, lol

      • Californy

        CowgirlCas22 Californy  Cas, what really matter is not where you pick from but who you pick.  I can only hope this is the year JJ mess up in the draft and drafts player he doesnt normally draft. Players who can play and actually help this team in every round.

  • Californy

    I would like to get more picks in a trade down in round number 5 & 6 from pick for pick 93 in this year draft.  I would like to get Michigan Kwame Goldstonn DT in the 4th, BW Webb in the 5th, Get a RB in the 5th or trade for Chris Ivory to NO

  • Californy

    Wow I didn’t even read this article until after the fact.  I have another possible trade for the boys, a trade to SF for pick 34 and 61 with SF, that would leave us a balance of 48 point (Low 4th rd Pick) and I would trade this to SF for a player like Chris Culiver who is a third string Safety or 3-4 th string CB for the 49 ers.  I like Culiver he a good man cover CB and Safety,  there would be no reason to draft a safety with him on board.  SF will draft another safety and that will drop Culiver to 4th string safety.  We can still draft Warford at 34 and Terron Armistad OT, Barret Jones Center, or Margus Hunt DE  at 61 and that despite having pick 47 as option to us in rd Number 2 unfilled.

  • waynoootn

    In my mock draft I have us trading our first with Cincy for their two seconds and picking (37) Warford O.G. Kent. (47) Barrett Jones O.C.Ala. (53) Phillip Thomas F.S. Freaso (80) Montee Ball R.B. Wisc.(114) Quinton Dial R.O.T.(151)Devonte Holloman O.L.B. Sc.(185) Jason Weaver O.G. Sou. Miss.