Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor Selections from YDCFF Staff (Knudsen)

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When Jerry Jones inducted Drew Pearson, Larry Allen, and Charley Haley in to the Ring of Honor, it created a variety of objections to Haley’s induction. The most common cause of displeasure was that so many other Cowboys players seemed more deserving. That controversy led some of us to start thinking about who should be the next to get inducted in to the Ring. As a result, we created (and recently completed) a Top 10 Candidates for the Ring of Honor.


You can read about the methodology our panel used to create the list and the Honorable Mentions for players (Calvin Hill, Nate Newton, and George Andrie)who almost made the list here. You can read the profile of all finalists in the Top 10 (Cornell Green, Charlie Waters, Everson Walls, Bill Bates, Harvey Martin, Ed Jones, Darren Woodson, Jay Novacek, Daryl Johnston, and Erik Williams) here.

Given that Jerry Jones has inducted three players in the Ring the last two times he inducted anyone, we decided to select the three players who most deserve to be inducted into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor.

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If you would like to share your selections with the YDCFF community, please send a draft to c.josephwright@yourdailycowboysfootballfix.com

Scott Kndsen:

Jones & 3 trophiesAny time we get to play Jerry Jones, I’m “all-in.” The task at hand is identifying, substantiating and placing the next three candidates in the Cowboys’ famed Ring of Honor. When it’s a committee of one, debate and second-guessing are essentially rendered nil. Ah, it’s good to be King.

With the 10 “considered” candidates brought forward, this was no easy task. Our esteemed YDCFF staff certainly identified the right group for review and consideration. In giving this the TLC it truly deserves, the next three Ring Inductees are:

  1. Darren Woodson
  2. Harvey Martin
  3. Charlie Waters

Not to be “offensive” with any of the Cowboys Faithful/Nation, but the Defense rules in this selection process, and Jerry once again gets to anoint one of “his own” while doing justice to the pre-Jerry era as well. While a defensive landslide, this group provides an added “safety” net.

woodson11To be blunt, the decision for the next Ring of Honor candidate is a slam-dunk, and I only pray the organization (Jerry) sees it the same way. In my listing above, the distance between the 1st selection and the 2nd employs a huge margin. The difference between choices #2 and #3 is very, very close, much like the remaining 7 candidates presented for consideration. To me, there is a huge disparity and gap between “Woody” and all the others on the listing.

Darren Woodson is simply head-and-shoulders above his fellow Cowboys Brethren in life-time achievements as a member of the Dallas Cowboys Football Organization. I’ll be thoroughly shocked if #28 isn’t Jerry’s next selection. No one deserves it more.

When I think of Darren Woodson, he is the poster child for what I truly want and desire in every Dallas Cowboys player. I personally think Darren Woodson should somehow be a member of this organization beyond former player status. He is the tried and true definition of what a Dallas Cowboy should be. It would be my desire for Darren Woodson to address every rookie and free agent class, year after year. He should star in and narrate an introductory and training video for all newcomers. If future Dallas Cowboys want the blueprint or the example to emulate as they get their starts, the Darren Woodson model is second-to-none.

woody2You pick all the traits you desire in a professional player, and Darren Woodson possesses them all. This gentleman (and he is in every sense of the word) simply loved and played the game as it was/is meant to be played. A converted collegiate linebacker, it was simply clear to the Cowboys that Woody had the skill set and athleticism to excel on the next level as a strong safety. That assessment was not only correct, it was genius. Credit Dave Campo for the early assessment and support of Woody as a safety. Darren Woodson parlayed that support into a magnificent career. I won’t chronicle all the stats and achievements here, but I highly- encourage all Cowboys’ fans to look them up. Stellar, stellar, stellar. Not only do we want our Cowboys growing up to be like Darren Woodson, we want our children to walk the same path. Consummate pro in every sense of the word, and he is truly deserving of the next spot on The Ring, and Jerry should be beside himself to present one of “his own.” Woody, welcome, a truly deserved achievement and recognition.

As stated above, the credentials, accomplishments and considerations are much, much tighter when you get to candidates/selections #2 and #3 and the remaining field. Very tight, bunched field of able candidates. Not much separates the former Cowboys greats.

In my humble opinion, no one truly recognizes the achievements and accomplishments of Harvey Martin. Most seem to pass it off as having Ed “Too Tall” Jones on the opposite end and Randy “The Manster” White anchoring the middle of the famed Doomsday Defense. While some credence must be given to this assessment, Harvey’s stats deserve attention. He was a pass-rush specialist prior to the NFL recognizing and tallying “sacks” as a measuring stick for defensive players. While not official by League rules, the Cowboys’ account of Martin’s QB-smothering successes is not only noteworthy; it rivals the upper echelon of the modern-era sack specialists.

martin2While his number of Pro Bowl selections are on par with others in the pool of considered candidates, it’s the fact Martin was voted to the 1970’s All-Decade team and his co-MVP Super Bowl accomplishment with Randy White that completely vaults him ahead of the competition for Ring consideration. He was also the 1977 Defensive Player of the Year in the NFL. Harvey Martin sacked the QB 114 times in 158 career games. Not too shabby.

Selection #3 gets a bit personal for me, and I’m as biased as they come when it comes to “Muds”, which is an affectionate nickname coined and pinned on Charlie Waters by former teammate Cornell Green. With Charlie’s last name being what it is; Green sought fit to align #41 with the great Blues perfectionist Muddy Waters (spelled the same way).

waters4Why the bias you may ask? Charlie Waters was my favorite player growing up as a kid, and you can only imagine what an honor it was to be given the opportunity to sit down with Charlie Waters, one-on-one, for an interview back in 2007.

It was the single-greatest honor I’ve ever had as a Cowboys Fan, writer and lover of the game of football. I’m including a link for all our readers, and it would be a great honor and privilege if it were consulted for consumption. I was able to transform my interview into a magazine article for The Ranch Report. I can’t fully describe, but the true homage was paid by Charlie Waters himself. In allowing Charlie to review my draft, seeking his approval prior to publication, he told me it was one of the most enjoyable, thought-provoking and insightful interviews he ever conducted, both as a player and during his post-playing days. Yes, it was the ultimate soul boost! Please click here to enjoy it at your leisure:

I could chronicle Charlie’s achievements in the famed #41 jersey, but I will let his collective body of work and the contents of our interview speak to his candidacy.

harris and watersAs an aside, the great Cliff Harris appeared, in person, at the end of our visit, and he pleasantly joked, “Why are you interviewing this guy? He wasn’t any good. I’m the guy that made him. If not for my military obligations, he would have never seen the field of play. He owes me.” I’ve never been in such stellar company, and these two are truly the closest of friends today. Like Mutt and Jeff, Peanut Butter and Jelly or any other famous combination, they belong together, and this time, they belong together in the Ring of Honor.

“Muds” makes it.

Thanks for allowing me to play Jerry Jones for the next round of Ring Honorees. It was both honor and privilege to provide the next three selections into the revered Cowboys Ring of Honor.


If you would like to share your selections with the YDCFF community, please send a draft to c.josephwright@yourdailycowboysfootballfix.com

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  • Defense 28

    nice article Scott, Charlie was my idol growing up also. i just think he should be first on your list. I think his career stats are worthy of canton.

    • Defense 28 I wasn’t even alive to watch him play, but I saw all of my dads video of old Cowboys games. Waters was a true Cowboy and as far as I am concerned a better safety than woody! Ya people will scoff at me for that, but it was a lot harder to play the position back then cuz offensive pass interference was unheard of! Sorry you will never find another SS that avg 5.8 picks a season! Good luck finding a CB who does!!!

      • Defense 28

        couldn’t agree more woody was a great cowboy but charlie to me was the best safety the cowboys had even cliff harris. charlie played in his shadow and at the time ken houston’s also who was getting pro bowl nods over him. just think charlies overall game was better

  • Californy

    I never participated  in this Popularity contest with the boys.  It sadden me that we have little to look forward to when all we do is look at our glory past.  I have yet to hear about this Cowboy great who didnt play on too many great Cowboys team.  he also had a great career as a HC when he left the Cowboys, yet no one is even talking about him.  He was really a true bargain in that I think he played three position and rarely get talk about.  I am talking about Danny White, QB, Place Holder, and Punter, and former Head Copach of the Arizona Wrangler.

  • Californy


  • Californy

    I guess my congrats to all the writer and to JJ for making the Cowboys the most value franhise in sports.  It seem like JJ through his marketing has created a system of having The Cowboys in the news all over the internet.  JJ is a true winner when it come to making a dollar, that where JJ effort lies.  H e can pretty much sit  back and let the rest of the people do the work .  What strange is I offten talk about having the right system in place with the boys in developing QB, Offensive line, Defensive lineman and CB.  I must of turn the blind eye into the system of making a dollar that JJ has in place with the Cowboys.
    I guess where other team would rather win on the score board, JJ is winning  at the pocket book.

    • cjwright

      Californy Speaking of JJ, you should read Seth’s selections.

  • cjwright

    A running tally of the votes cast in our Top 10 Candidates for the Ring of Honor:
    1. Harvey Martin: 9 votes (Broaddus, Eatman, KD, Cas, Ryle, Griffin, Toombs, Flores, Knudson)
    2. Darren Woodson: 8 votes (Broaddus, Eatman, KD, Ryle, Griffin, Woodson, Toombs, Knudson)
    3. Jay Novacek: 4 votes (Sivells, Flores, Grimaldi, Jones)
    4. Erik Williams: 3 votes (Cas, Griffin, Grimaldi)
    5. Daryl Johnston: 3 votes (Ryle, Flores, Jones)
    6. Everson Walls: 3 votes (Eatman, Sivells, Jones)
    7. Charlie Waters: 3 votes (Cas, Toombs, Knudson)
    8. Cornell Green: 2 votes (KD, Sivells)
    9. Bill Bates: 1 vote (Broaddus)
    10. Ed Jones: 1 vote (Grimaldi)

  • Great job on the story scott and I am happy to see someone else recognize waters. You did it the political way and inducted him and Woody at the same time.