Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor Selections from YDCFF Staff (Jeff K & Erasmus)

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When Dallas Cowboys Owner and GM Jerry Jones inducted Drew Pearson, Larry Allen, and Charley Haley in to the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor, it created questions about whether Charley Haley deserved to be in The Ring. While there were a variety of objections to Haley’s induction, the most common cause of displeasure was that so many other Cowboys players seemed more deserving. That controversy led some of us to start thinking about who should be the next to get inducted in to the Ring. As a result, we created a Top 10 Candidates for the Ring of Honor.

martin10As many of you know, YDCFF recently completed our series on the Top 10 Candidates for the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor.

You can read about the methodology our panel used to create the list and the Honorable Mentions for players (Calvin Hill, Nate Newton, and George Andrie)who almost made the list here. You can read the profile of all finalists in the Top 10 (Cornell Green, Charlie Waters, Everson Walls, Bill Bates, Harvey Martin, Ed Jones, Darren Woodson, Jay Novacek, Daryl Johnston, and Erik Williams) here.

Given that Jerry Jones has inducted three players in the Ring the last two times he inducted anyone, we decided to select the three players who most deserve to be inducted into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor.

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If you would like to share your selections with the YDCFF community, please send a draft to c.josephwright@yourdailycowboysfootballfix.com

 Jeff K.:

1. Charlie Waters.

waters3Charlie played on 5 Super Bowl teams in the 70’s with the Cowboys, and for 3 years of those seasons he was either 1st or 2nd team All-Pro. Waters was a mainstay in the Dallas defensive backfield for 11 years playing both safety positions as well as CB. He was as fearsome a hitter in his day as any hitter ever.  He was the type of player that other teams had to plan for. Bob Hayes changed how defenses prepared for the Cowboys; you could say the same thing for Charlie Waters. Quarterbacks would have to know where Charlie was on the field at all times. Running backs feared him as he would come up and tackle as good as any defensive player on the field. He also was a kick and punt returner. There wasn’t anything that Charlie couldn’t or wouldn’t do to make the team better. He was the epitome of what a team player should be. He played with heart and tenacity that symbolizes the tradition of excellence in the Dallas Cowboys tradition.

2. Darren Woodson.

woody1Darren Woodson could almost be called the second coming of Mr. Cowboy. He was one of the fiercest competitors to ever play the game. Having played LB in College, he brought that nastiness to the defensive backfield for the Cowboys as a saefty. He picked up the defense and brought it back to championship level like in the heydays of the 70s when the Cowboys were going to the Super Bowls regularly with players like Cliff Harris and Waters roaming the defensive backfield. Darren Woodson’s presence in the Cowboys defensive backfield became something that QB’s and WR’s feared. Since has Woodson has left the team, they have had a hard time finding anyone even close to as good as he was. Darren struck fear in anyone who carried the ball or had the ball in their hands.

3. Erik Williams.

erik2Erik “Big E” Williams was selected in the 3rd round out of tiny Central State University. He played sparingly in his rookie year, but by his second year, he had proved to the team that he was one of the best lineman on the team. The Cowboys shuffled the line around to put him in. Williams became known for his many battles with Reggie White as well as other top defensive ends. He was in a near fatal car accident that tore up his knee, and he consequently lost a season. If it wasn’t for that injury, Erik Williams would have been one of the best right tackles of all time. He was there blocking and paving the way for Emmitt Smith for 3 of the 4 consecutive years that Emmitt was a Pro Bowler and 1st team All-Pro. He was also part of the Cowboys when they were one of the most feared offenses in the NFL. He would probably be known as one of the best offensive lineman of his time if it wasn’t for a guy named Larry Allen. Together, Erik Williams and Larry Allen were part of one of the best offensive lines ever to be assembled in the NFL.


lhasaHaving traveled to the temples in Lhasa, drank the sacred tea, consulted their wisemen and scholars, I feel the only way to select three players for induction into the Ring of Honor is to first make a few simple points. The Ring of Honor is insufficient recognition for Dallas Cowboy Legends of the magnitude and glory of the men in this list of 10 candidates.

Jerry Jones should build a monument that rivals the ancient Pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal, or the temples the Romans built to honor Pallas Athena.

pilgrimPeople would come from all over the globe to pay homage to the Dallas Cowboys Legends immortalized in the Ring of Honor. It would give the Cowboy Nation (which is spreading across the globe like wildfire and will explode after they win the Super Bowl) the sacred pilgrimage they desperately yearn for.

The spirits also advise that Jerry Jones can atone for some of his past trangressions by not including Charles Haley in the new edifice erected to celebrate the glory of Dallas Cowboys Legends.

If Jerry Jones refuses to accept this advice or come to the conclusion on his own, and I had to pick just three: Bill Bates, Cornell Green, Everson Walls.

bates-cheersBill Bates because he had the heart of a champion despite not having the prototypical size, strength, or speed of a stand-out NFL player. His story is better than “Rudy“. He was so good at special teams, they created a new position for the Pro Bowl. Most importantly, he was my favorite player as a kid because he made me believe that through effort and sheer will, I could be better than the kids who were bigger, faster, or stronger. Bill Bates was a true Cowboy, and he proved that effort and determination were more important than natural gifts.

green4Cornell Green because he deserves to be in the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor, and he has been waiting the longest of all the candidates to be inducted. Justice demands that Cornell Green be a part of the next class of inductees. His absence from the Ring of Honor causes disharmony in the cosmos. Scott Knudsen’s profile on Cornell Green convinced me that it was absolutely imperative that Green be inducted as soon as possible.

walls2Everson Walls because he was the first Dallas Cowboy player to ever be one of my childhood heroes, and because that that one stupid play at the end of the NFC Championship game against the 49ers (I still refuse to utter the nickname given to that play) still unjustly hangs over this man’s career and keeps him out of the Hall of Fame when so many less-accomplished CB’s are in the HoF. Walls was one of the best CB’s of his era, and would deserve a mention in any All-Time list of CB’s. Walls, more so than anyone on the list except Harvey Martin, should be in the Hall of Fame and Ring of Honor. Where Martin’s impressive on-field accomplishments will always have to be balanced against his off-field struggles, Everson Wall’s on-field achievements are overshadowed by the magnanimity of his off-field heroics – as Seth Jones pointed out: giving a kidney to a team-mate is heroic as $%#!.


If you would like to share your selections with the YDCFF community, please send a draft to c.josephwright@yourdailycowboysfootballfix.com

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  • cjwright

    A running tally of the votes:
    Harvey Martin: 9 votes (Broaddus, Eatman, KD, Cas, Ryle, Griffin,
    Toombs, Flores, Knudsen)

    Darren Woodson: 8 votes (Broaddus, Eatman, KD, Ryle, Griffin,
    Toombs, Knudsen, Jeff K)

    Jay Novacek: 4 votes (Sivells, Flores, Grimaldi, Jones)

    Erik Williams: 4 votes (Cas, Griffin, Grimaldi, Jeff K)

    Charlie Waters: 4 votes (Cas, Toombs, Knudsen, Jeff K)

    Everson Walls: 4 votes (Eatman, Sivells, Jones, Erasmus)

    Cornell Green: 3 votes (KD, Sivells, Erasmus)

    Daryl Johnston: 3 votes (Ryle, Flores, Johnston)

    Bill Bates: 2 vote (Broaddus, Erasmus)

    Ed Jones: 1 vote (Grimaldi)