Opposing View: Giants vs Cowboys Predictions

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The New York Giants are coming to AT&T stadium this week to face off against the red hot 5-1 Dallas Cowboys. Here at YDCFF we started a new series called “Opposing View”. We ask questions to writers who cover the weekly opponents of the Cowboys to get their insight and predictions for the game, then add our opposing view.

giants vs cowboys

This week we would like to welcome Luis Tirado Jr., who is the Editor of GMenHQ.com for FanSided.com. Luis has been writing about Sports for 15 years and also covers the New York Jets for Rant Sports.

Cas: The Giants are off to a slow start this season. We have all seen this before and they got hot in the second half of the season. What do you think will be coach Coughlins target areas for improvement to turn this season around?

Luis: Definitely making sure the offensive line keeps it together. They were terrible last week in that stunning 27-0 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles and are vital to the success of the Giants new offensive system. Coughlin also has to make sure that the wide receiving corps step up due to the loss of Victor Cruz for the season.

Cas: The Giants just took a 27-0 thrashing from the Eagles. The Ol allowed 7 sacks in the first half alone. How do you think they will match up against this up and coming “No-Name” defense of the Cowboys?

Luis: Well, the defense of the Dallas Cowboys has been rather surprising this season. They’re pretty good stopping the run and have a very fast and physical defensive secondary. If the Giants o-line holds up, they should be able to win the battle of the trenches.

Cas: How do you think that beating affected their momentum going forward?

Luis: Well, with the shutout and Cruz injury, the Giants are going to play with plenty of emotions as they try to head into another winning streak. A big win over the Cowboys helps make the season more positive again. Plus with Cruz being hurt and speaking to the team a few days ago, they could be coming out of the gates with much to prove

jonathan hankins giants

Cas: A lot of people including myself had Jonathan Hankins on their radar as a potential pick for the Cowboys. How much of an impact has he made this year?

Luis: Hankins is doing well so far in his sophomore season. He’s physical and likes to be a natural ball hawk. He should get to quarterback Tony Romo a few times in this NFC East rivalry game, I predict two sacks!

Cas: According to reports, Cromartie is banged up and didn’t practice on Thursday. If he is a no go on Sunday, who will cover Dez Bryant?

Luis: Thankfully, Cromartie practiced on Friday and should be able to play on Sunday. It’s expected the Cowboys will go after Cromartie but make no mistake about it, DRC will shut Dez down!

Cas: DeMarco Murray has rushed for over 100 yards 6 weeks in a row. Do you think the Giants front 7 can stop him?

Luis: It’s going to be incredibly tough to stop Murray. He’s playing on a whole new level this season and if the Giants can’t stop him, the game will be too far out of reach early on in this match-up. If they can stop him though, the Giants should be able to rattle Romo like they have done so well in the past. Once he gets pressured, he tends to make boneheaded mistakes.

Cas: What do you see as the Cowboys biggest weakness that the Giants would have to exploit in order to win this matchup?

Luis: It would definitely be their defensive secondary. The Giants signed Kevin Ogletree to help boost their wide receiving corps and hope rookie Odell Beckham Jr. can step up and deliver. If these two have a good game, they should be able to do some damage against the Cowboys.

Cas: What are your thoughts on the young offensive line of the Cowboys? Who would you consider the weakest link that the Giants would need to attack in order to get pressure on Tony Romo?

Luis: I think the offensive line of the Cowboys does a good job of giving Romo plenty of time to do his check-offs and find the open target. They aren’t perfect, but considering how well they did last week against the Seattle Seahawks, they are really getting it together.

Cas: What is your prediction for the outcome of the game?

Luis: Giants win, 27-21 🙂

Thank you for the interview Casara, it was a pleasure!

luis trilado jr.You can find Luis Tirado Jr. at the locations below. On behalf of YDCFF I would like to extend our thanks for his contribution to the opposing view.
New York Giants Editor for http://www.GMenHQ.com of http://www.FanSided.com
New York Jets Sportswriter for http://www.RantSports.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/LTJ81
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LuisTiradoJr81
Google+: http://plus.google.com/+LuisTiradoJr81/

Luis is a New York Giants Editor for FanSided.com on GMenHQ.com as well as a New York Jets Sportswriter for RantSports.com. He also writes about other teams and various events as they happen; exclusively for Rant Sports. Outside of his daily responsibilities. He’s been writing about professional sports for over 15 years!

There you have it Cowboys fans: unfortunately, I have an entirely different prediction. Unlike the Giants who got their asses handed to them by the Eagles last week, the Cowboys have a lot of momentum built up following 5 straight wins topped off by beating the World Champion Seahawks at home last week..

demarco murrayDeMarco Murray has been unstoppable 6 straight weeks in a row. My biggest concern entering this match-up will be how well this offensive line will hold up against that Giants front 7. Last week Tony Romo took 6 hits, 7 knockdowns, a sack and was hurried on multiple plays. It will be interesting to see if Jeremy Parnell is an improvement over Doug Free, or if he ends up the weak link the Giants coaches try and exploit. Tony Romo has been sacked 6 times for every time the Cowboys have been able to sack the Giants franchise QB, Eli Manning.

tyrone crawfordI would say the rising star on this Cowboys defense has been Tyrone Crawford. I believe he finally found a home at the 3 tech. Sacks don’t always tell the story when it comes to defensive tackles. Crawford has proven to be one of the most disruptive in the NFL this season. What he has been able to do with his quickness and power is collapse pockets and force QB’s out of the pocket. I believe the sacks will start coming for him as he gets more comfortable at his position. He has a tenacious style of play and violent hands. He has done a nice job of getting up the field by using his violent hands to shed blocks. I expect him to give Eli Manning fits in this game.

Cromartie is coming off of an injury and after the way Dez Bryant was able to win some battles against Sherman in Seattle, I expect him to have a huge game at home vs the division rival Giants.

The Loss of Victor Cruz is huge for the Giants. Former Cowboys WR Kevin Ogletree isn’t even in the same zip code. If the Cowboys “No Name” defense can make last years NFL interception leader uncomfortable in the pocket, he will choke.

At the end of the day, I see the Cowboys winning this game by a score of 24-17.

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  • Johnathan Nguyen

    Enjoy the article Cas. What was Luis smoking? Cromartie was Dez regular whipping boy! Dez owns him even when he’s healthy. They will have to double Dez all day tomorrow or it will be a LONG day for Cromartie.

    • Al

      I have to agree with you there

    • Gabriel Carrasco

      I don’t think the Giants can cover anyone so expect a lot of blitzing in this game. And yes, how he came up with the idea that Dez would be shut down by Cromartie I don’t know. But he has been a whipping boy for Dez when he was with the Eagles.

      • Al

        Dez is a hand full for anyone

  • Al

    Great job on the article and thanks Luis for the contribution.