NFL OTA’s: “Mandatory” Accountability

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Jackson Picks Romo

Any time the word “mandatory” enters the conversation, I instantly perk up and take notice. Nothing against the NFL Draft, as I also love “it” so, but it’s this time of the year that really gets the adrenaline pumping. There is a designated purpose to and for OTA’s, but by NFL legal terms, they’re “voluntary.” When there are “options,” players, for a multitude of reasons, will find reasons (good and bad) for participation and non-participation alike. However, when the “call” to be there carries potential ramifications, like hefty fines, things are starting to get serious within the NFL off-season. Like it or not, folks, that’s a good thing. Deion’s “What Do That Mean?” proclamation will live in infamy, but it was “dead on.” For strictly clarification purposes, “mandatory” means “go time,” and the Cowboys are in the midst of All Hands on Deck.

Frederick Directs As preparations for the 2013 campaign begin at Valley Ranch, I’ve always wished “mandatory” also applied to “outing” responsible parties within the NFL world. This statement directly correlates to being a fan. For fan purposes only. Wouldn’t you just love to know, on any given play or situation, “who” was directly responsible for that? It takes extreme dedication and knowledge for the average or casual fan to direct fault or acclaim to the proper source. It’s why we have Analysts and Color Commentators. It takes a keen eye and knowledge of the game to figure out just why something went wrong. It takes proper knowledge and understanding to fully assess a given NFL situation because those involved in the decision-making or execution process are never going to “out” or reveal culprits. It’s not the way the game is played. Teammates are teammates for a reason. They have each other’s backs, and “accountability” is discussed in the inner circles only. As a Code of Honor, it should always remain “in house.” Nothing will unravel a “team” atmosphere faster than public dissemination and venting. Thus, Las Vegas rules apply to NFL lockerrooms. “It stays.”

This entire “mandatory accountability” wish comes both in support (defensibility) and undressing of one Tony Romo. We’ve all had the conversations, discussions and arguments either defending or tearing apart the Cowboys’ QB. In looking at the picture that headlines this article, nothing frustrates your writer more than to see the Big Mistake at the most opportune time. It’s always been his knock….when it counts, he seems to fall short. Right? We’ve all seen and felt it time and time again. Romo Bears Nothing brings this more to light than last year’s MNF home game against Da Bears. This game has been watched and broken down no less than 10 times on this end, and the same conclusion is always derived. Of the 5 INT’s that populated that game off Romo’s right hand, 2 were directly on him, 2 belonged to the receivers and 1 remains a Hardy Boys mystery. And such is the life and times of Tony Romo. Wrong route, sieve OL play or bone-headed throw?? Unfortunately, his career has been accented by all three. Don’t you just wish it could all come together so a fair and unbiased assessment could be firmly placed?

I believe, in Life, everyone wants a fair shake and to be judged accordingly. Unfortunately, the “story” is rarely complete or all-telling. For the sake of Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys, there’s a gigantic hope and prayer hanging over this upcoming 2013 season. Will the “real deal” Tony Romo please step up and put all questions to rest??!! Please. For the sanity of the entire Cowboys’ Nation, we need answers! Definitive, absolute answers. No more teasing and taunting. Just give us the “hard core,” mandatory accountability we all believe we deserve. Our hearts are so imbedded, aren’t we at least owed the truth about #9 once and for all?

The only problem with asking for absolutes like this is the fact we, as fans, may not be able to………….


……Handle The Truth!!

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  • the “TRUTH” is Tony Romo needs a “REAL” Ol and a running game coupled with a defense that doesn’t fall apart in the 4th qtr

  • Californy

    I recall my past in this article.  I dont ever remeber playing in shorts for weeks.  This isnt football to me.  I never played the Spring ball or attended the summer league or passing league.  There are some who think it is vital it is not. I had to work in the blistering heat of the summer of California.  I even ran miles and did hill in the afternoon before evening practices.  You must love football to be good at it.  You must have the passion for the game.  There is no seconds place finished in football.  Football is about winning and paying the price to do so.  The problem is these player are way to soft and dont know what the real price is to pay for being a champion

  • Californy

    I dont undertsand the poor blocking in the nFL.  How can you call blcoking when the man is standing up football at the end of the play.  I expect the defensive man to be on the ground on his backside, and dont think one block is enough, it the bare minimum that is needed on a play..l  Dont make excuse for these player, excuse are for losers.  This team must over come JG and JJ ability as HC and GM.  This team must win in all area of football, and that include in effort, ability, player accessment and being a smart player and team mate.

  • Californy

    I be hionest I am sick and tired of all the talk that goes on with football this year. Man up and destroy your opponet and even your team mates.  Football is a man sport and those too weak to take the pounding should find another way of life to support their family.

  • Californy

    In the end only the team that is the strongest and smartest will survive the season.  In football there are only one winner and 31 losers.  In life you have to chose which one you are, and then follow that path.