A Must Win Game For Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys?

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Tony Romo hopefully did the same thing I did when the NFL released the 2013 game schedule. I circled the Dallas Cowboys game against the Detroit Lion. Why you might ask? It is revenge time for Tony Romo. It is time for Dez Bryant to show he can ball with the Calvin Johnson’s of the NFL.

Detroit Lions InterceptionMost of us Dallas Cowboys fans want to forget the last meeting in AT&T Stadium. Well we want to remember the first half, the second half  not so much. During the game played 10/02/2011, Dez Bryant was out of the game during the second half. He was out mentally not physically. During the first half, Dez caught three passes for 37 yards with two touchdowns. In the second half, Tony Romo threw to Dez Bryant twice. The first: intercepted and the second: ruled out-of-bounds. This all happened in the third quarter.

Dez all but disappeared during the entire fourth quarter of play. The defense did not fare well either. I still say to this very day,  there would have been different outcome if Gerald Sensabaugh stays in the game. Sensabaugh has a great vertical, which matched him well against Calvin Johnson. Once he left the game, the Detroit Lions started going back to Johnson a little more with success. Now I am not saying the back-to-back Pick-6’s Tony Romo threw did not hurt. The defense only had to hold on to a 30-17 lead heading into the fourth quarter after a Dan Bailey 23-yard field goal. The Dallas Cowboys offense stalled during the 4th quarter and the defense did little to slow down the Detroit Lions offense. We all know the result. My head is still spinning just thinking about it.

Lions TrioNow the Dallas Cowboys travel to a place they should know well. Detroit has been a thorn in their side. The Dallas Cowboys are 5-7 playing the Detroit Lions in their den. The last win on the road in the Motor City, was 28-27 on 09/12/2007.  There are two match-ups I, along with other fans, cannot wait to see. Tony Romo /Matthew Stafford and Dez Bryant/Calvin “Megatron” Johnson is going to keep everyone glued to their televisions.

This game places two of the leagues premium offenses head to head. The Detroit Lions have a very efficient offense. With Reggie Bush, this offense is no longer a two-man band. Reggie forces the opposing defense to respect the play-action and watch for the screen. This opens the middle of the field for tight end Brandon Pettigrew. The Detroit Lions are the 7thranked (Overall, 5thpassing, 21st rushing) in the NFL. It will be interesting to see the how the Dallas Cowboys 30th ranked pass defense (29th overall, 13thrushing) will contain these three offensive weapons.

NFL: Hall of Fame Game-Dallas Cowboys vs Miami DolphinsThis is a bad time for the Dallas Cowboys to lose DeMarco Murray. Ranked as 23rd against the run,  Murray would be the equalizer facing the Detroit Lions defense (31st overall, 28th passing) in this game for air superiority!  On the good side, this will give Joseph Randle another chance to show why the Dallas Cowboys drafted him in the 5thround.

Tony Romo and Dez Bryant should pick this Detroit Lions defense apart. Especially with Terrance Williams showing, he is here to play! The Cowboys offensive line has to hold down the fort in the trenches against the Lions front four. As we have all said, the battle starts and is won in the trenches. The line has allowed 16 sacks of Tony Romo so far this season. In addition, they have to open holes to allow rushing touchdowns. The Cowboys only have five so far this year. In this game, things should reverse. The threat of the Cowboys passing game should open up the gate for the running game. Joseph Randle, that hard running Cowboy from Oklahoma State, will put the spurs to the Detroit Lions as long as the offensive line wins the trenches battle.

Tony Romo and dez BryantEnough of the “safe talk” comparing the teams, let me get straight to how I feel. Tony Romo HAS to win this game! Dez Bryant HAS to have the game of his career. The talk about Tony Romo not winning the big games will start to dwindle with a victory Sunday at Ford Field. A big game by Dez Bryant will place him as one of the premier wide receivers in the league. I am sick of hearing “Loaded with talent the Dallas Cowboys just cannot pull it all together”. It is time for a new tune. It is time for the DJ to change the record! We here on YDCFF all can acknowledge, these are the kind of games the Cowboys have to win NOW. Everyone has to do their part starting with this game and beyond. We control the NFC East at this time along with our destiny but there is still a lot of football left. The Detroit Lions game is the stepping-stone. Time to get the monkey off Tony Romo’s back. A victory on Sunday will at least loosen its grip.

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  • C. Joseph Wright

    Great point re: Sensabaugh – people often overlook how effective he was against Johnson that game in the 1st half. The Cowboys wouldn’t have so many problems with big TE’s if they still had a younger Sensabaugh.