Matt Cassel Needs to Step Up His Game vs Packers

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Matt Cassel said he now realizes he needs to throw the ball up to Dez Bryant more often. Say What? It took him seven games to figure that out?

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Dez Bryant didn’t have a single catch until late in the fourth quarter vs the Redskins Monday night and Cole Beasley finished the game catch-less. This will not do Cowboys faithful. Obviously the experience we keep hearing about has in no way taught Matt Cassel how to see the entire field and make his reads fast enough. Let alone improve his accuracy.

Matt Cassel has been unable to sustain drives despite having three All-Pro offensive linemen, an All-Pro wide receiver and one of the most reliable slot receivers in the NFL. Don’t forget a first ballot Hall of Fame TE, Jason Witten.

Dez Bryant vs seahawks
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Dez Bryant caught more touchdown passes than any other receiver in the NFL last year (16). Cole Beasley had the highest completion percentage of any receiver in the NFL, and was almost 100% on third down. Jason Witten is only the 12th player in NFL history to reach 1,000 receptions. No excuses for Matt Cassel.

So, why are the Cowboys 29th in points scored (18.6 ppg), 29th in passing yards (216.5 ypg), 27th in total yards per game (330.2) and 54 of 145 on third down if Matt Cassel’s experience amounts to anything more than warming the bench for the better part of 12 years? If you take in to consideration his 1-5 record for  the games he started as a Cowboy, the only question left to ask is:

“How in the hell does the Cowboys brain trust expect us to buy their line of shit that Matt Cassel gives the Cowboys the best chance to win?”


Especially when the only win he acquired came off the foot of Dan Bailey! No quarterback is going to win many games when he has as many turnovers as touchdowns and is only converting on third down 37% of the time!

I could understand if he had a poor offensive line and didn’t have a running game or any weapons, but that is not the case. There are some struggling QBs in this league who would thrive on this offense and only wish they had the cast Matt Cassel does. If anything, his inability to impose a passing threat to opposing defenses has hindered the running game as well.

kellen moore should start over matt casselPersonally, I would never start Matt Cassel against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. If he gives Aaron Rodgers the ball back 63% of the time on 3rd down, it will get as ugly as ugly can get. I would start Kellen Moore, because obviously experience hasn’t worked. Bill Parcells would agree. I am Willing to bet Jimmy Johnson would have already Benched Cassel. He Liked to win.

There are some things that can’t be coached and experience wont miraculously make them appear. The first is IQ, the second is vision, and finally, is the ability to process information quickly. I watch the tape and it is obvious  Matt Cassel lacks all three.

The next most important trait is accuracy. It can be coached to some extent, but it’s one of those things that is ultimately the result of God given talent. Some guys are born to play QB at a high level, some are not. If having the 29th ranked offense in the NFL doesn’t prove that, nothing will.

The Cowboys brain trust needs to ask themselves how it could be any worse with Kellen Moore under center? In the event they continue this pattern of poor personnel decisions, Matt Cassel is going to have to step up against the Packers and find a way to get Dez Bryant and Cole Beasley more involved.

At the end of the day, Beasley was almost 100% on third down: why are the Cowboys only converting 37% of the time? If defenses are focusing on taking Beasley away, Dez Bryant has to be one on one or vice-versa. The problem is: too many times when they are open, Matt Cassel either doesn’t see them, or throws an errant pass.

Moore’s two best traits other than intelligence, are his vision and his accuracy. I would feel much more comfortable with him matching wits against Aaron Rodgers.

Despite what Jerry Jones thinks, the Cowboys wont make it to the playoffs with Matt Cassel under center. There is no reason to continue progress stopping the future. The 29th ranked offense has never made it to the Super Bowl and never will: even with a defense ranked 6th in total yards per game and 5th against the pass.

“I can’t figure out for the life of me how he can believe those numbers give them the best chance to win. But, then again, this is the guy who fired the coach that just won him two Super Bowls and wanted Quincy Carter over Tony Romo.”

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