Matt Cassel: Jones Next Blunder as GM

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Matt Cassel is being pushed hard by Jerry Jones’ propaganda machine. It was only a couple weeks ago the same media outlets were on the Brandon Weeden train. How they maintain any credibility is beyond me. They are like one big swarm of marauders with no originality at all.

Matt Cassel 2

YDCFF prides ourselves in originality and reporting the truth. There is no flip flopping here. We are light years ahead of the National Media when it comes to player analysis. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, every major publication that covers the Cowboys will have pretty much the same story-line. This week it’s start Matt Cassel. Two weeks ago it was Brandon Weeden. First they said Weeden was doing well, this week it’s time to bench him.

How can anyone expect to perpetuate any type of credibility when they change their viewpoint on a weekly basis? They are only now realizing what we reported before Brandon Weeden ever took the field in place of Tony Romo. Using hindsight only enhances their ineptness. The NFL is referred to as a copycat league, but the National Media is much worse. It’s like they surf the web looking for a headline and they all run with it. No creativity, no originality, and obviously poor player evaluation skills. A degree in journalism doesn’t mean someone knows anything about football.

Matt Cassel will be jones next blunder
Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Jerry Jones announced the signing of Matt Cassel, and all of a sudden he is the answer. How many of these journalists ever spent any time studying tape or would even know what to look for if they did?

When is the last time they posted a scouting report before the draft with any type of success?

How many of them ever even played in a game of organized football?

Sorry Cowboys faithful, having a piece of paper that says they’re a journalist doesn’t mean they know squat when it comes to player analysis.They don’t teach football in the classroom.

That is exactly why they all run the same stories. The bloodcurdling part is: how many people buy in to it. That is exactly what Jerry Jones banks on to keep raking in our hard earned money. Our reward? One disappointing season after another. We love our Cowboys. Cowboys Nation is the largest and most loyal fan base in the nation. We shouldn’t be exploited because of our loyalty.

Tom LandryI grew up with 20 consecutive winning seasons under the great Tom Landry. I grew up with Winners. Cowboys Nation didn’t know what “IF We Make The Playoffs” meant. It was expected. The old adage was: “The Road To The Super Bowl Goes Through Dallas”. The greats like Roger Staubach and Drew Pearson never experienced a losing season in their entire career. Unfortunately, we have had to endure watching the Patriots become that team. When I was a kid they were the laughing stock of the NFL. The Cowboys were Americas Team!

Jerry Jones continues to use the national media to convince us to settle for less. The bar has been set much lower. Making the playoffs once in a while is good enough. Being in contention every year has been non existent for two decades. When is enough enough? As long as Jerry Jones keeps getting richer, nothing is going to change. My generation of Cowboys fans are sick and tired of mediocrity. We are sick and tired of Jerry Jones and his minions, the National Media. His puppets.

Now that I have concluded my rant, I am going to step out there once again and go against the grain. I am not going to jump on the Matt Cassel train. I studied his tape, I have analyzed every aspect of his career. I have done my research. Experience means nothing when it isn’t combined with success. Can he do better than weeden? Maybe. But, Will he be good enough? I doubt it.  Is he the long term answer? Absolutely not. He is a 12 year veteran. Not the future for the Cowboys behind Tony Romo.

Two decent seasons over the course of a 12 year career is irrelevant when his record is 34 wins and 39 losses as a starter. He has only started 73 of a possible 183 games. If you take in to consideration 21 of those wins and 11 of the losses came from 2 seasons, his record for the other 10 seasons is 13 wins 28 losses. I understand it takes a team to win. A QB can’t do it by himself. But, at the same time, how many times do we see a team that is only a QB away from a Super Bowl? It is by far the most important position on the field. Tony Romo is the perfect example of a QB who did his part and still doesn’t have any jewelry. Dan Marino is another QB that comes to mind along with Dan Fouts and Fran Tarkenton. At this point you have to evaluate their individual performance.

Matt Cassel had 1 season with a passer rating above 90 (2010  93.0). Tony Romo has never had a season with a passer rating below 90 and still gets the blame for the Cowboys lack of success. In the NFL, coaches and QBs are the only ones remembered by the win loss column. Do I think that’s right? Absolutely not!

All time career passer rating leaders
Image Credit: Wikipedia

If the QB has shown he didn’t do his part, it matters a lot. The most important aspect of being a good QB in the NFL is consistency. I don’t consider two good seasons out of twelve as consistent. Especially when the last one was five years ago. I want to know what he did lately. Since that season in 2010, it has been 30 TDs and 34 interceptions for a passer rating of 72.67.

If there is one thing that will cause a team to lose games, it’s turning the football over more than you get it in to the endzone. At that point, I can blame the QB. There are those few lucky QBs that can turn the ball over a lot and their defense bails them out, but for every one of those, there are 100 who lost because of it. Now the 13 wins and 28 losses over the other 10 seasons matters a lot! It was 48 TDs to 52 interceptions. A quarterback with those kinds of numbers is not giving you good odds of winning games.

Matt Cassel was drafted by the Patriots in 2005. Tony Romo’s 1st year as a starter was 2006. Since that time he has thrown 245 TDs to 112 interceptions for a career passer rating of 97.6. As you can see in the image (above left) he is ahead of many of those considered the best of the best. Blaming him for the Cowboys lack of success is ludicrous.

Tony Romo observing Kellen Moore drawing up plays on the sidelines
Tony Romo observing Kellen Moore drawing up plays on the sidelines

After taking in all of this information and studying his game tape as well, I am not going to follow the masses of journalists and jump on the Matt Cassel train. I am going to stick with my gut, follow my instincts, trust my eyes, and consider the fact that Kellen Moore is not only the winningest QB in NCAA history (50-3) he protects the rock.

He completed 1,157 of 1,658 passes (69.8%) for 14,667 yards (3,616 yards per season, 8.8 YPA), 142 TDs to 28 interceptions for a passer rating of 169.0 as a four year starter in college. Matt Cassel couldn’t even win a starting job in college. You can listen to the journalists if you want to and jump on that train, but I sure as hell wont. A coach or GM would have to be blind or stupid to not at least give Kellen Moore a chance. My gut tells me he is the next Tony Romo.

Many of the same journalists who are jumping on that Matt Cassel train, said Tony Romo would never make it in the NFL either. They also repeatedly blamed him for the short comings of the Cowboys. I question the credibility.

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  • Gabriel Carrasco

    You posting a picture of Romo in a sling, with Moore reading the playbook. Makes me sad.

    • It makes me happy that moore is studying with Romo. Something you never see weeden or Cassel doing on the sidelines during the game.

    • Al

      I am sad with ya now that they kicked him to the side to appease the media and start Cassel. It blows my mind just how stupid Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett really are

  • Ivan Meraz

    Great write up. I agree, Cassel sux. I mean at this point I’m not disappointed that we’re giving cassel a shot because, well, can’t get any worse really. But great point on going the Kellen Moore route instead. The only thing i kind of disagree on is using his college stats as a measuring stick. We all know college success doesn’t not necessarily translate to nfl success. I know at this point we don’t have any nfl stats for him to measure. But i wouldn’t get too excited because of his college stats. I say give the kid a shot. I can almost guarantee Cassel will be more painful to watch than weeden.

    • we have done multiple articles on Moore, We have included video of him vs the Patriots. But, every QB who ever got drafted, had to be evaluated on his college production first. I think his main point here was Cassel didn’t even have any college stats.

    • Al

      Thanks Bro. Cassel is a bum. We have been covering Moore since he was at Boise. I did a scouting report on Moore previously. It was all based on film study. I would never base my analysis solely on stats.

  • Johnathan Nguyen

    Once again, bases are loaded and you knock it out the park Al! Fantastic argument! I will stick with what I believed in also, and that is, Kellen is our guy all along! As of this writing, there is not one official word from the Dallas Cowboys that I can find stating that Matt Cassel is our next quarterback. I can only find a mass hysterical and overwhelming support of Matt Cassel like a mad cow disease that caused by one reporter, Ed Werder.

    I find it very odd that Jason Garrett would come out and appointed a new quarterback just to give our sworn enemy two weeks Headstart of studying on why Matt Cassel fail in the last four years as quarterback! I might be stupid but I find it hard to believe that Jason Garrett is dumber than I am!

    • Al

      Thanks Bro. They are not too bright. This decision was made to appease the media. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • Johnathan Nguyen

        Well, you know I do have a feeling that we are going to be vindicated at the end, but it will cost us two games with Matt Cassel for them to realize what we’d believed to be all along.

        • Al

          I hope you are right

          • Johnathan Nguyen

            Seeing the Broad One made the argument in support of Kellen Moore on Talking Cowboys put a big smile on my face.

          • Al

            i saw that too: It’s awesome in my book.

  • Johnathan Nguyen

    Nevermind, they just announced it lol. GeeZ, I guess experience trumps everything. I understand it, just don’t think it’s the best thing for our team going forward.

    • Al

      They are dumber than a box of rocks.

      • Johnathan Nguyen

        I was gonna comment that it is official, Jason is dumber than I am LOL.