Let the Games Begin Cowboys Fans!

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I know what you’re thinking, and no, I don’t mean the Olympics. It’s more an emphasis on where the Cowboys will go from this point: from the the 2014 NFL Draft forward.

Cole Beasley vs Redskins2

Take Last Season for instance: everyone thought the Dallas Cowboys had their draft picks, or their “ducks in a row”, in one nice package. I did too, believe it or not, but Te’o and company got swooped up by the Chargers, all 3 picks in a row.

Now, being from San Diego, the home of the Chargers, I said a silent prayer (if you want to call it that), in hopes that something went right in the Dallas Cowboys corner, but as the old saying goes: “that was then this is now”. It’s time to move on from 8-8. It’s time to win the division. It’s time to go deep in to the playoffs. It’s time for Americas Team to rise up.

Terrance Williams CowboysWho will be the Dallas Cowboys’ shining knights? The ones who go from Hopeful new rookies, to memorable Football Legends? That page will write itself into the Football History Books. Let’s give these young players a chance to develop. Let’s show them the support “TRUE BLUE” Cowboys fans always have.

 In the current news, the faces of the franchise have been changing dramatically in recent years. Changing from the old guard into the new guard, the old defensive tackle in to the new defensive tackle, the old wide receiver  in to the new wide receiver etc. One should not forget that timing is everything. The questions linger as to who will replace the legendary DeMarcus Ware? Who will take over as the franchise quarterback of the Cowboys when Tony Romo retires? Will Romo be healthy when the season starts? Will Anthony Spencer be the last of the Parcells’ defensive core to leave Dallas? Will the Cowboys be able to fix the worst defense in franchise history in one offseason? It seems there are more questions than answers at this point. The important thing  is to stay positive.

All you can do is hold your finger to the wind and hope for the best: for what could be: no, I correct myself, what WILL be the best season in  recent history. Let us not dwell on what could have been, but what inspires us as a whole. The fans and the players of the team all want  one thing: a team that will go forward and never give up the goal they have set, to win, and to win as never before.

Cowboys head coach Tom Landry and the Legendary Roger Staubach

Greatness has shined on the Dallas Cowboys before. From the “Legendary” as we all call them, to the “Yet to Be”. All of the current Cowboys are anxiously waiting to take to the Field.  Waiting to leave a mark in their place in the history books of Football. So having said that, Let The Games Begin Cowboys fans! Keep your head up, the Cowboys will return to greatness once again.

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  • Nice Job Matthew. I admire your optimism. After almost 2 decades of mediocrity, my patience are wearing thin.

    • boysdeporvida

      Dallas has all-way skipped a decade before winning Super Bowl, and I just so happens that this is the decade to win some.
      Try 39 years for the Seahawks, 19 for SF, the skins are going on 23 years, and on and on.But I hear you !!

      • it’s just not superbowls this team has been 500 for that long. At least SF has been relevant every year lately. The Cowboys used to have winning seasons every year at least.

  • Chris

    I want to be optimistic as well but it all depends on the draft. Last year everybody including myself was mad but looking back at it it could’ve been worse. We’ll see how this years goes.

    • I still don’t like that draft. I hope this one is mostly defense.

      • Chris

        It has to be. Worst defense in franchise history… Our first 3 picks need to be focused on the defense.