Kellen Moore Looks Sharp in OTA’s

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Kellen Moore has been getting a lot of ink lately. Unfortunately, a lot of it is uneducated members of the media who continue to take shots at him.

Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore has looked solid thus far in the OTA’s. He has a great command of the offense and you can see that the players respond well to him. His outstanding accuracy and anticipation are on full display. His footwork and overall mechanics are flawless as well. If you pay attention, he is attached at the hip to Tony Romo whenever possible.

As Jerry Jones would say: Kellen Moore is getting a “Harvard education” when it comes to playing the QB position. Moore has definitely secured his spot as the number two QB in Dallas, and I believe he is the future starter.

I saw a string of Tweets by my partner in crime, Cas. As usual, she is vehemently defending Kellen Moore. The two of us, along with offensive coordinator, Scott Linehan, and former Cowboys’ QB Babe Laufenberg, have been standing on the table for him from day one. The common consensus among journalists who “Don’t”  study tape, and/or have a clue how to properly evaluate a QB, is solely based on his size and the myth that he doesn’t have enough arm-strength.

The video Cas included in her tweet to Nick Eatman  should put any of those thoughts to rest. Especially when you consider Moore has spent 4 years in NFL strength and conditioning programs. It is impossible for him to not have gotten stronger. He wouldn’t still be in the NFL if he couldn’t make all of the throws.

If you listen to anyone who knows how to evaluate the position properly, they all speak highly of Kellen Moore. I encourage you to listen to what former Boise HC, Chris Petersen, had to say to the media in the video at the top of this article.I have included some input from other Experts on evaluating the position as well.

Kellen Moore has been 6′-0″ and 200 lbs for a long time. Petersen found himself in a similar position as Jason Garrett when he named Kellen Moore the starter as a freshman. There were naysayers then too. He held the above press conference to reassure the fans and the media as to why he named him the starter. Moore has faced the same adversity and skepticism his entire career. He didn’t become the winningest QB in NCAA history playing against Division I competition and not know how to play the position.

Even the Cowboys’ owner and general manager Jerry Jones has changed his opinion of Moore after seeing him play. He realized he made a mistake putting the season in the hands of Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel.

“Kellen Moore has shown the ‘it.’ He’s got the instincts, he’s got the anticipation, he knows what’s going on, he gives me and us a great feeling about basically improving,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on 105.3 The Fan.

“Obviously those interceptions are not something you can live with, but some of the stuff he was doing was just pretty obvious that the team was responding and he was able to move the team.”

“That’s the problem, you don’t get to see much a lot of times on these quarterbacks. You say, ‘That’s why a veteran coming in off the street who has played in 50 games, he usually has some wins in the NFL, and that’s the case, but how did he get the wins?’ They had to go in there sometime and play before they got the wins.”

Zach Mettenberger was recently cut, and the media and fans alike were so eager to deny giving Kellen Moore any props, that they wanted to bring him in despite the fact he is 0-10 as a starter having had training camp with the team. He never threw for 435 yards and 3 TDs in a game either.

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current broadcaster, Babe Laufenberg, recently joined SportsDay DFW’s “Ballzy” podcast with Evan Grant, Barry Horn and Kevin Sherrington to talk all things football. Here are some of the highlights.

Laufenberg: I think people are missing out on one big thing that Kellen Moore brings to the table.

Babe Laufenberg: When I look at Stephen McGee, and I felt this way the whole time, he just never trusted himself to turn it loose. Meaning if you’ve got a single matchup, without getting too complicated…, [If the] safety is in the middle of the field, that means one-on-one on the comeback backside. I see a safety in the middle of the field I turn, I throw the comeback. It looked like he’d see the safety in the middle of the field, they’ve got the comeback, how’s the corner playing it? By the time you do that, it’s too late. I feel like he never trusted himself to turn it loose. When you watch Tony play — not that you want to make that comparison, because Tony is whatever you want to say, a top 10 quarterback — from Day 1 he came back, he saw it, he threw it. You could just see he had it. I’ll be honest with you, I feel the same way about Kellen Moore.

Evan Grant: Babe I don’t want to waste precious….

Barry Horn: Hold on. He just dropped a bombshell.

Kevin Sherrington: You’re saying that Kellen Moore is going to be the next Tony Romo?

Babe Laufenberg: Never said that.

Kevin Sherrington: Yes you did.

Babe Laufenberg: But I honestly think people are missing out on Kellen Moore. They’re missing what he brings to the table. I go back, when I watch Kellen Moore play those last two games — now he was in an awful windstorm and rainstorm up there in Buffalo — the offense functions differently. That’s all you need to know. The offense functioned differently. It looked different.

Barry Horn: Better?

Babe Laufenberg: Oh yeah, better. It looked like an offense.

Could Moore be the next starting QB for Dallas?

Babe Laufenberg: I can’t go on record of saying yes he could be that guy, but I’d like to see just the opportunity. Did anybody say Romo could be the starter?

Laufenberg played the position at the NFL level, so I am inclined to believe he knows how to evaluate it properly. Any member of the media who thinks two NFL starts was enough to thoroughly evaluate his ability is pretty naive. Especially when you consider he only had a few reps to prepare. Former Super Bowl winning head coach and renowned quarterback guru, Jon Gruden, also had nothing but positive things to say about Moore.

Jon Gruden said: “Kellen Moore is like a football wizard. He can talk about protections, he can talk about different situations. He has a great big pictured understanding of how football works.”

Jon Gruden and Kellen Moore

Jon Gruden: “These are some of the damnedest throws I’ve ever seen. They’re not 103 mile an hour fastballs, but they are placed perfectly with excellent anticipation. You’re throwing the ball way before the receiver breaks and the receivers not even on the screen yet and you’re throwing these passes.”

“When I freeze the frame, there’s that football and I don’t even see a receiver on the film. It’s in the red zone, it’s on third down and it’s the kind of anticipation that you need to have to play at the next level.”

“You’ve seen Brady and Brees and these great quarterbacks. There’s the ball in the middle of the screen, it looks like you’re throwing it away and all of a sudden a receiver catches it in perfect stride.”

“Then you’re running a shift with a motion, and before Georgia knows what hit em, you toss the ball and your on the edge. It’s a ton of formations. It’s a multitude of shifts, and the offense is exclusive to Boise State. I wanna know how you have such a great command of so much stuff?”

Kellen Moore: “Obviously you’ve got to put a lot of work in. Guys do a lot of stuff on their own. That’s something very unique to Boise State. Ya know, we’ve got guys in there watching tape. puttin a lot of work in, because uh, because we’re obviously doing a lot of things.

Jon Gruden: “Great. I’m gonna have to get you to teach me some new shifts. Ya see, all these shifts, all these formations are causing a lot of what? (Moore: Communication.) And whenever there’s a lot communication, there’s miscommunication.”
“Sometimes communication, when you look at it on defense, it’s a good thing. You see Brooks talking to Ronde Barber and it’s,

“Hey Check Bart, Check Bart, and it’s a good thing. They’re communicating. Sometimes communication is this: “WHAT IN THE HELL ARE WE DOIN? They’re nervous, they’re basket cases: right?, (Moore laughing), they want you to think they know what they’re doin. But who’s covering this shallow cross Moore? I don’t know. I don’t know who’s covering that kid. Do you? (Moore: Nope) so this is a miscommunication and I love it. I like it. I like it a lot. “

Kellen Moore: “I spend a lot time studying QBs like Brady and Brees and watch what they do and watch how they do it, and I learn from it. It helps me get creative in the way I do things when I apply it to what we do.”

Jon Gruden: “Don’t ya love seein the best coaches in the country on the other sideline frustrated? (Moore: Yup.) Look at him: he’s sayin “hey Moore, GET OUT OF HERE WITH ALL THESE PLAYS!”

You can hear the entire Gruden/Moore conversation  by clicking here.

At the end of the day, every expert that has spent any time around Kellen Moore speaks very highly of him. They all speak about the things you can’t coach. The intelligence, vision, accuracy and anticipation. I am anxious to see how the imbeciles criticizing him based solely on his size will spin it when he breaks out. I am just glad I wont be among  the masses that will look like complete fools. Like babe said. no one thought Tony was going to be the starter either.

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  • Johnathan Nguyen

    When Broadus said Showers and people in the know thought he was the second best QB in the OTA, some of the mediots wasted no time declaring him as the backup LMAO. Listen, didn’t they learn anything about 7 on 7 practice? 7 on 7 with no pressure, Weeden looked like God! JG said this before about Kellen that doing drills, he didn’t show up as anything special, then 7 on 7 he gotten a little better, then full onslaught, he just turned it on. I understand the frustration Cas, you, or people who had actually watched a full game of Kellen or sat down and tried to study him. The kid is flat out special. You are NEVER out of the game when Kellen is your QB. This folks, was the reason i became a Roger Staubach fan. He just gave me the feeling that we can come back and win every game i’d watched. Kellen did that for me and Tony also. Let the haters talk, they are just going to look that much more foolish years from now when Kellen takes over.

    • Grrr I get so mad I just want to lash out at people.

      • Johnathan Nguyen

        Me too Cas but not everyone wants to put in the work to have an opinion ya know.

      • BigDIndiana

        easy big fella 🙂

  • californy

    I see some player in this year draft like Kellen Moore. They are the game manager they take what they give them. That the way Moore is. Cody Kessler is this way. He protect the ball at all time. If Moore has thrown alot of interception to this point it because the wr and the qb dont have the timing down let. If you look at Moore game in the NFL, he involve every body on the filed. He doesn’t have the tunnel vision many young qb have. He does see all the field.

    It no surprise to see me he is doing well. It called practices makes perfect

    • Johnathan Nguyen

      The ints were extremely out of characteristic of Kellen and we all know possibly why. Without the foundation layout in TC and not much time syncing with the receivers, these things will happen. Out of his 6 ints, 2 of them are debatable imo. The Hail Mary to Dez, if Dez was healthy, he’d have out jumped everyone and gotten that. The one to Bease, Bease just stopped his route while he should have continued, but these are so correctable. I hope Kellen kicks ass and take no prisoners cuz we all are rooting for him here.

  • californy

    I really enjoy seeing the Grudden and Moore interview. The part that I like from the interview is when Moore explain the offense he is running, the snap count the motion and how he convey all this to his players . It amaze me that he know even what the blocker are doing on every play. He is truly a Head coach in a player body.

    I can easily see Moore having a future in the NFL as a player and as a head coach.

  • californy

    I really enjoy seeing the Grudden and Moore interview. The part that I like from the interview is when Moore explain the offense he is running, the snap count the motion and how he convey all this to his players . It amaze me that he know even what the blocker are doing on every play. He is truly a Head coach in a player body.

    I can easily see Moore having a future in the NFL as a player and as a head coach.

  • Ned Fiacco

    Thanks again for the facts, Al (and co). Granted, Kellen has to ultimately do his thing given the opportunities… but the drama being created by one week of OTA’s? Incredible. Meanwhile, yeah, from what was available Kellen looked more than fine. He is ripe for success… experience, ongoing study, OTA’s, camp… pre-season. He’s going to be great. Can’t wait. Glad for the opportunity (which he EARNED)… Disappointed (should know better) by the people who say they’ve come around… but haven’t. Watched the tribute video… so many 20 yard TD passes in covereage… and a good number of 40+ yard passes to a moving receiver. Awesome. I look forward to seeing what his 4 years of NFL training/ conditioning have done for him since then. So stoked for the pre-season. Anyone going to LA or Seattle??

    • Al

      You’re welcome. I will just sit back and wait to see how they try and spin it when he makes them all look stupid. My experience with people like that is they jump on the band wagon and then act as if they supported him all along.

  • Lionone1

    Accuracy is key to this offense and Kellen has already shown that. He utilizes all his receivers and is very smart.

    • Amen to that.

    • Amen to that.

    • Greg81

      People say he has no arm yet Kellen made several 55-60 yard completions at Boise State. There are many times he lobs the ball to the receiver because that is what it calls for and other times he drills it in.

    • Greg81

      People say he has no arm yet Kellen made several 55-60 yard completions at Boise State. There are many times he lobs the ball to the receiver because that is what it calls for and other times he drills it in.

  • As a life long Detroit Lions fan who could not have been more passed they cut him last year. I would trade Stafford to you in a heart beat for Kellen. Kelley has no ware nor tear on him so far while all the benefits of being in the NFL . In the years to come early Kellen will lead Dallas back to Super Bowl Championships.

  • Edly

    Always loved this guy. He has the best anticipation that I have seen at any level – maybe Kurt Warner when he was with the Rams compares or Montana. The key for him is extended work with a first team. Most receivers are stunned when the ball is on their nose at the moment they look up. Once they get used to this, it becomes a tremendous advantage for the offense. While he doesn’t have a gun, he has good arm strength, but even better, his understanding and ball placement are exceptional.