Joey Bosa Wont Be a Cowboy

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Joey Bosa has been garnering a lot of attention and appears to be the media favorite for the Cowboys. It’s not likely to happen sports fans.

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If you have been patrolling the internet and taking a gander at the multitude of mock drafts out there in cyber space, you know that about 80% of them have Joey Bosa going to the Cowboys with the 4th overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft.

Apparently these draft pundits mocking Joey Bosa to the Cowboys don’t understand the concept of the Tampa 2 defense, or what Rod Marinelli looks for in his players. It’s all about speed, speed, and more speed. How many times do you hear commentators talk about the way Rod Marinelli’s players fly to the ball?

Unlike the traditional 4-3 or 3-4 defense, the Tampa 2 is predicated on speed rather than size along the line. If he has anything to say about it, a player that isn’t quick-twitch wont be playing right defensive end for Rod Marinelli. I am pretty sure the Cowboys brass would consult their defensive coordinator prior to using the 4th overall pick on a defensive lineman. The biggest knock on Joey Bosa is his lack of burst out of his stance and closing speed. If you study the tape, his snap anticipation is nothing to write home about either. Some of the best athletes in the NFL are left tackles and quick feet is a must. With more and more NFL teams looking for the athletic QBs such as Cam Newton or Russel Wilson, You need a defensive end with the quickness to get to them or the ability to beat the tackle to the edge.

Joey Bosa has better hand technique than some of the other top prospects and many will tell you that’s why you should draft him. The fact of the matter is, you can’t make him a better athlete and you can’t make him any faster. He may be able to improve his snap anticipation, but for the most part, he has peaked as a player. When selecting a player that high you need to ask yourself where he will be in 3 years.

Now Shaq Lawson on the other hand, has the athletic ability and quickness Marinelli looks for. He also had more than double Bosa’s sack production in 2015 and about 10 more tackles for loss. His technique can be coached up giving him a much higher ceiling. This explains why the Cowboys have Shaq Lawson coming to Dallas for a private visit and only looked at Joey Bosa during his Pro Day. At the end of the day, if you are going to mock a player to the Cowboys, make sure he is a good fit for the system.

The thing that separates guys like Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware and Justin Houston from Joey Bosa, is that explosive first step and their overall quickness. That is one of those things God gave you or he didn’t. I can say this much right now: Shaq Lawson, Matt Judon. Noah Spence and Carl Nassib all have that and their technique will only get better.

I don’t care who the coach is, he can’t give Joey Bosa the athletic ability and quickness required to be an elite pass rusher at the NFL level. If you want to waste the 4th overall pick on a run defender that’s your prerogative, but in a pass first league, you  saw what not being able to get to the QB did for the Cowboys. You also saw what it does for New England, Denver and Carolina. I believe it is safe to say: Joey Bosa wont be a Cowboy.


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  • Johnathan Nguyen

    Gosh, i hope you’re right on this one. However, can he be an elite LDE? At 4 is a little expensive. BTW, Kellen Moore still can not play QB according to the experts on Twitters and BTB lmao..

    • I think he will just be a good player, never elite

    • Gabriel Carrasco

      More like a good player. Similar to Greg Ellis. If we had say the pick we had last year and we took Bosa then, I would be comfortable with it, but not at 4, just no way.

    • BigDIndiana

      If they take Bosa or Buckner it would most likely be with a plan to move DLaw back to the right side. If they want to leave him at LDE Lawson is the guy. DLaw is probably better than all these guys coming out at RDE given his 2 years in the league…but…he was finding his mojo giving the right tackles trouble. Even with the bad disc. Given my choice i like him at LDE.

      • I like him there too an want a RDE in this draft.

    • They don’t want him to play: if he has success they all look stupid.

  • George Smith

    You said Tyron Smith was no good too. Said he was a wasted pick.Yet you think you know more than everyone

  • George Smith

    Apparently the thin skinned people moderating this discussion will delete comments even when the commenter is right. Well delete all you want! Your ass don’t run Discus.

    • I didn’t delete any comments, but based on your confrontational demeanor I can see why someone would. This isn’t We keep it friendly here.

      • George Smith

        Truth hurts….

      • George Smith

        Then maybe you’ll be nicer to someone with an opinion who doesn’t agree with you

        • I am always nice unless people are deliberately trying to antagonize rather than express a different opinion.

        • I am always nice unless people are deliberately trying to antagonize rather than express a different opinion.