Jerry Jones : ” Win is the Name of the Game”

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Jerry Jones ” Win is the Name of the Game”

downloadWhen Jerry Jones bought the team in 1989, in his initial press conference those were his words. “we must win. we will win. Win is the name of the game”. Life long cowboys fans were infuriated by Jones and his unceremonious dismissal of legendary coach Tom Landry, ut he was dead on. He was driven. He had an enormous chip on his shoulder. As we have all come to see, Jerry has a tremendous ego. He was out to prove to the world he was a genius, and a winner.

Well he quickly did just that. With the moves he made such as hiring Jimmy Johnson, and pulling off the “great train robbery” trade with Minnesota, his team transformed in a mere 4 years from a 1-15 laughing stalk to 13-3 world champion. They were very young, very talented, very fast, and simply on another level than every other team in the league.

Its now been 18 years since he last hoisted the Lombardi trophy. His team has become the definition of mediocre. It seems like where once he couldn’t miss, now every move he makes is a mistake. His team lacks direction, vision, and identity. For well over a decade now, Dallas Cowboys fans have been screaming for him to step down as general manger of the team.

Jerry Jones is one of the most powerful men in the NFL. He isn’t going anywhere. Fans are left year after year to suffer through hopeless football seasons, knowing their team is a joke. Knowing their team is nowhere close to being a contender, let alone a champion. But it seems only the grim reaper will say when its time for Jerry to go.

There is the old saying that hit me. ” If you do something once, you can do it again”. It made me think…… does this apply to Jerry Jones too? As impossibly difficult as it is to fathom, it does have truth to it.  Since Jerry isn’t going anywhere, what needs to happen for him to hoist another Lombardi?

This is a dizzying debate that ranges from the top down. The salary cap is a mess, the talent level is sub par, the injuries have been a plague, the coaching staff is questionable, the team lacks heart, on and on and on.

Jerry is a brilliant business man. No one can debate this. However much of his criticism stems from this. They say as long as the seats are full, Jerry feels his ” business” is successful.  More than anything else, if this is true, it has to change. Seats being full and winning obviously are two very different things. This is Texas. Football is king. People are going to watch the games, win or lose.

We need the old Jerry back. The one who was obsessed  with winning more than anything else. The one that knew the only way to gain respect was to win, and win big. The Jerry Jones that believed more than anything else that “win is the name of the game”. Where did that Jerry go? Personally, I miss him. When Jimmy was here and they were pulling off those trades, stockpiling talent, and winning rings, it was being said that Jerry and Jimmy were possibly the greatest owner/ coach tandem of all time!

That’s why he hired Jimmy Johnson in the first place. He knew he must win. There was no option. He knew he needed to surround himself with the best men he possibly could in order to pull it off. The ego was his team vs the world, not Jerry vs the world. Jerry Jones : “win is the name of the game”. Remember that guy Jerry?

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