Should Jason Garrett be fired?!!!….

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garrettJason Garrett should be fired!!!! I know that as a long time fan and coach, I’m tired of the Jason Garrett show. I’m tired of mediocre football and it’s not all because of talent or injuries either.

We have had some solid draft picks as of late; Dez, Frederick, Smith, Carter, Lee (when healthy), Murray and Williams, along with some solid undrafted FA’s; Church, Leary, Harris and Beasley. There’s also talent on this team in all three phases, Scandrick, Free, Bailey and Selvie.  I don’t believe for one second the Cowboys are lacking talent so badly that they can’t get into the playoffs. No, the lack of playoff appearances falls squarely on Jason Garrett. Unfortunately, Jerry Jones is committed for some reason in sticking with JG?  What I do know is in listening to fans, so called experts, and anybody that knows anything about the game of football, the consensus is Jason Garrett should to be fired.

I’ll admit there are some positive attributes to Jason Garrett. I’ll give him his due on getting the players ready to play. All players give their all for the entire game, or at least it appears that way. Jason’s game management is some of the worst coaching I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. It’s not just clock management either, (although that’s part of it), that’s minor compared to some of the in game blunders he makes. Allowing Bill Callahan to get away from the run or getting away from it himself is inexcusable.

Demarco MurrayWhen Murray runs the ball for at least 20 times they are undefeated. In the final game of the season the Cowboys ran the ball 11 times in the first half and in classic Garrett/Callahan fashion they ran the ball 6 times in the second half despite averaging 4 yards a carry in the first half, and only down by 7. I don’t believe that the Cowboys will ever run the ball more as long as Jason Garrett is the head coach. It’s not by mistake that the last time the Cowboys had a 1,000 yard rusher was in 2006 with Julius Jones, and Garrett was not with the team. Since Garrett became offensive coordinator/head coach, 2013 marks the first time the Dallas Cowboys have had a 1,000 yard rusher. That’s seven years!!!  All under the watch of Jason Garrett.

Tony Romo

The mediocre football, play calling will continue. The relying strictly on Tony Romo will continue to his demise.

Romo is a phenomenal quarterback, unfortunately he can’t do it by himself. He needs help. He needs a run game and a solid defense.

He has thrown picks at the wrong time, but in a lot of cases he doesn’t need to be or should be throwing the ball to begin with. That won’t change with Garrett at the helm of the Dallas Cowboys. Jason Garrett will continue to rely too heavily on Romo, and put Romo in precarious positions and end up the scapegoat for Garrett’s poor coaching.

I believe with the proper play calling the trio of Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray, and Dez Bryant could be the second coming of the triplets. Unfortunately Jason Garrett has wasted the best years of Tony Romo’s career.

Jason Garrett 1

Could Jason Garrett change his ways and turn to the run game more next season after seeing what occurred this year? He could, but I doubt it.

After 7 years, one 1,000 yard rusher and still no playoff appearance I don’t think he’ll change at all. Unfortunately Jerry Jones won’t either and will continue to force us fans to suffer the incompetence that is Jason Garrett.

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