Evaluating the Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Football Value

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While the NHL is in their extremely slow period of the offseason, I am back today with something different in store.  Preseason football has started and the Dallas Cowboys have two games under their belt.  Three preseason games remain and in less than a month the regular season starts: that means fantasy football.  For many NFL fans, fantasy football drafts are coming up.  Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll talk rankings and maybe even do a mock draft.  Today though, it’s about the Dallas Cowboys and the players you should want on your team.

DSCF4352Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo puts up great numbers in the regular season, so he is the top Cowboys player that will be drafted in most leagues.  While Romo isn’t going to be one of the top three or four quarterbacks taken, he certainly could go high and will be a good value pickup for anyone who drafts him.  It’s safe to say that Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning will probably be the first two quarterbacks taken off the board and then probably Drew Brees.  Duel-threat quarterbacks seem to be all the rage; guys like Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and Cam Newton will go quickly, either late in the first round or early to middle of the second round.  Then it’s get interesting.

Tom Brady has lost a lot of weapons, but he is still Tom Brady.  His draft stock will be all over the board, going as far down as the third round in my estimation.  Matt Ryan will go sometime in the second or third round with all of the weapons he has at his disposal.  It would seem as though as many as seven or eight quarterbacks could go ahead of Romo.  Is that fair?  Perhaps not given that Romo put up great numbers last year.  However, the Cowboys didn’t have much of a ground game, so Romo had to throw for the Cowboys to win.  The hope is that DeMarco Murray will be healthy this year and take some pressure off of Romo.  Plus with Bill Callahan calling the plays this year, Romo may not be throwing as deep downfield as in previous years.  Whoever drafts Romo will get good value if the other seven or eight quarterbacks go after the board quickly.

Tony Romo’s draft projection: Late 2nd, early 3rd round.

murraySpeaking of Murray, where will he go?  His injury last year certainly will cause his stock to drop.  Murray has a lot of speed.  He can burst for a big run and make plenty of catches out of the backfield.  But his foot injury last year should raise a concern for the Cowboys.  They have plenty of decent running backs who should be able to carry the load should Murray get injured.  Lance Dunbar, Phillip Tanner and rookie Joseph Randle are all vying for playing time, but none have any significant fantasy value unless Murray gets injured.  If Murray gets injured, the backup will be a hot commodity.  As for Murray, when healthy, he is a top ten back.  That’s the big question hanging over his head though.

DeMarco Murray draft projection: Late 3rd, early 4th, maybe later

The wide receivers are an interesting group.  Dez Bryant is clearly the best of the group.  He has finally realized what type of player he can be if he stays out of trouble, so he is easily a top ten pick.  He may slide to the third or fourth round, but could go as high as a late second round pick.  That seems highly unlikely, but it only takes one person to fall in love with him and take him that high.

Dez Bryant projection: Late 2nd to 4th,

austin4The only other WR really worth taking fairly high is Miles Austin.  He’s had some injury problems over the last couple of years and his production level has dropped.  Austin is a capable third wide receiver option, maybe even someone on your bench, but that’s about it.  No one else on the Cowboys roster is worth taking on your fantasy team.  Danny Coale and Cole Beasley would be good undrafted free agents if you have any injuries, but they are not worth using a draft pick.

For tight end, it’s clear.  Jason Witten.  He’s sure to catch 100 passes this year.  He’ll get over 100 yards in a game a few times a year, plus get some touchdowns. Only two or three tight ends in the league are above Witten: Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham and maybe Tony Gonzalez.  Is he worth an early round pick?  Absolutely not.  But if you have a decent pair of running backs or wide receivers by round six, take him.

Jason Witten draft projection: Round 6 or 7

wareThe Cowboys defense certainly should be a worthy pick this year, especially with Monte Kiffin running the defense.  With DeMarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer and the rest of the group, Kiffin will get this defense to get after the quarterback and force plenty of turnovers.  The Cowboys are a top ten defense.  Add a kickoff or a punt return and the Cowboys will have a nice unit.  Where you pick them is up to you.  Typically defenses are taken in the late rounds of fantasy drafts and that’s probably where the Cowboys defense will be taken, but they are worthy of being one of the first defense taken.

The Cowboys are a team filled with some pretty good talent for your fantasy team, but overall there is not a ton of depth.  If you can get them as a good value pick, your fantasy team is going to be just fine.  Of course, how it all ends up is written in the stars.

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  • Californy

    I be honest I am not into Fantasy football.  Fantasy football stand for everything about football I dont believe in.  Many fans when they talk about player, refer to their stats as being the players.  In real football the stats belong to the team.  Unfortunately some Owner must buy into this concept of fantasy football because some team have 1 player equal equaling 1/6 to 20 percent of their total yearly budget.  It has been proven that a team can will with an average QB,  this has been proven twice by the Raven with QB Dilfer and Flacco delivering them their SB championship.  The media and to some extent  the owners buy into the bias that QB win championships.  This is supported by the huge contract the QB have been getting.  In Flacco case he got 20 million a year for being thier Team SB MVP.  But if you look at some of the facts of the SB game, He handle the ball like 34 times in the passing game and antoher 20-30 time in the running game for a total of 288 yards passing.  Then you look at his team mate Jacoby Jones  WR who touch the ball like 4 times and had 287 yards.  Yup the media didnt even give it a second look.  I saw that on SB day, and the reality of this whole thing is one player makes 3 million a year vs the other making 20 million a year.  They both produce 2 TD in their touches too.

  • Californy

    Maybe if JJ can guarantee Escobar being a red Zone specialist he may be worth the selection as a late round draft pick, lol

  • coachk5520

    I’ve won my fantasy league for two years running, and with mostly Cowboys players.  Romo has been my QB and I’ve also had Witten.  Then I’ve had either Dez or Austin.  They’ve played well for me in fantasy, and I plan on doing the same thing again this year.  Last year I took Romo in the first round, but I might be able to wait until the second round this year, and take Dez in the first.  The bottom line is I’m going to go with my boys again this year, and hopefully win it all again.