Dez Bryant Has Become Heart and Soul of Offense

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Dez Bryant’s career has been a roller coaster ride since he signed with the Cowboys in 2010. He went from being the medias favorite scapegoat, to the Pro Bowl in 2013.

dez bryant

I have to be honest: there was a time when I thought Dez Bryant would be nothing but trouble. It was run ins with mall security, issues at nightclubs, hanging in strip joints, law suits for racking up a monstrous bill at a jewelry store that he didn’t pay, assaulting his mother and struggling with his play book. What happened?

Was it the chaperone Jerry Jones hired to keep him out of trouble, or did a light come on in his then clouded brain accompanied by a loud voice that said,

“Dez, it’s time to grow up!”

Whatever it was, it has obviously worked. Dez Bryant has gone through a rapid maturation process that has put him in the same conversation as the elite wide receivers among the top 10 in the league. Hell, maybe even the top 5.

dez bryant 4Dez Bryant has not only cleaned up his act, he has assumed a leadership role on the team.

Personally, I believe his trip to the Pro Bowl was a good experience for him. It gave him a chance to be around those veteran players who have already gone through the same growing pains he did. To see how they warm up, and how they carry themselves as professionals in general.

Bryant recently commented to members of the media on his experience,

“It felt good. It was an unbelievable experience. I had a great time. It was good to talk about how they do it in their locker room and how we do it in our locker room. Talk about different drills and what makes you good at this and what makes you good at that. It was good conversation.”

If there is one thing the Cowboys have never had a problem with, it’s Dez Bryant showing up out of shape. In fact, he has taken it upon himself to make sure the other receivers are staying in shape.

“I’m going to continue to keep doing what I’m doing,” Bryant said. “It’s important to me to be in the best shape I possibly can be. And make sure the rest of my teammates, they are in shape too as well, especially the wide receivers. I’m really not trying to go into camp taking a step back. We’re trying to build; not only me, but help the rest of the guys build off what we learned from OTAs, minicamp and go from there.”

Mickey Spagnola from shed some light on what we here at YDCFF have been preaching and anticipating for a long time now. In a recent article titled, Spagnola: Going On The Offensive Again”.

“First and foremost, this Cowboys team scored 439 points last year, or averaged 27.44 points a game. That represents the most points the Cowboys have scored in a single season over the last six years, having last scored more (455) in 2007 when they went 13-3.

Plus, for more historical perspective, the 439 is the second-highest total the Cowboys have scored in the past 30 years, needing to go all the way back to the team-record 479 scored in 1983 to find more. And only two other times in the franchise’s now 54-year history has a Cowboys team scored more than 439: In 1980, the Cowboys scored 454 points, and in 1966, if you can believe this in a 14-game season, they tallied 445.”

dez bryant comparing to drew Pearson

Now lets get to the good stuff Mickey put out there for us.

“Now wide receiver? Well, remember you got all that encouraging information here last week. Assuming Dez is Dez and impressive youngsters Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley take the next step, along with Dwayne Harris and rookie Devin Street chipping in, this just might be the deepest, most talented group of receivers since Tony Hill, Drew Pearson and Butch Johnson in 1983 when, uh, the Cowboys put up those record 479 points.”

Mickey put some great stuff out there. Now I need to elaborate on it. Those impressive numbers came from Dez Bryant, a rookie, Terrance Williams, and the undrafted Cole Beasley who only saw the field on less than 20% of the snaps. Beasley pretty much being a lock as the number 3 WR is going to create a mismatch nightmare across the middle which means teams are going to have to dedicate at least one of their top DB’s to cover him.

dez bryant

Terrance Williams has a full year of experience under his belt which will make him even more of a threat this year. What does this mean? Dez Bryant is primed for probably the best season of his career. Over the the last couple of seasons defenses pretty much keyed on Dez Bryant. If Cole Beasley is able to prove in camp that he can line up outside and get it done, defensive players wont be able to sit on his routes and will have to focus some of that attention that was on Bryant on him. This in turn will set Bryant up for some big plays down the field. I don’t know about you guys, but I am going all in on Dez Bryant taking that next step and reaching that elite status among the top 5 receivers in the NFL.

Get your popcorn out, there is a new sheriff in town: if Calvin Johnson is Megatron, we will have to change Dez Bryant’s name to Optimus Prime.


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  • californy

    I always like Dez Bryant, those off the field things never matter to me. The Dallas Media is nothing more than a media circus, they like to make more out of things that they really are.

  • californy

    I be honest I don’t want Dez to become a top 5 wr, I don’t think it in the best interest of the team for that to happen. A top 5 wr make like 11,200,000 million in 2014. He actually has better number than some of those wr. The WR from 6-10 rank has better number than Dez.. Dez was 11th best wr in yardage last year.

    • I don’t care how many yards a rec gets, my main concern is his completion percentage, 1st down percentage and TD’s. When a team keeps force feeding a player the ball, he will rack up yards, but at the same time it will result in a lot of 3 and outs as we have seen too many times. You can’t go for the big play every time, you have to bore the hell out of them with the run and short passing attack and hit them on the deep ball when they least expect. Irvin didn’t get near as many targets as Dez, neither did Pearson, but those teams won as a unit, not a one man show.

  • californy

    Here a strange number on Dez, we lost 3 of the 4 games where Dez had over 111 yards last year, Despite Dez being a good player, he may be more valuable as a decoy. We won 7 games where Dez had less than 110 yards, here how the number played out. We won games where Dez had 86,29, 31, 86.83.96, and 110. The other game we won Dez had 175 against St Louis

    • Gabriel Carrasco

      True, but how many times did we throw for the game we lost.

      • californy

        Passing yard dont win game, good defenses do. Games are won by a complete effort by a team never what a super star effort.. Paytan Manning is the prime example of that in last year SB

        • Gabriel Carrasco

          And that is what I am saying.

      • californy

        Detriot is a good team, buy they have yet to learn how to win as a unit

    • In my opinion they targeted Dez too much. They tried to force him the ball. I believe that Dez can make great things happen after the catch, but they need to spread the ball around more to all 5 eligibles. This will take the focus off of Dez and open up the big plays. The Broncos offense was so successful because it was balanced like the 90’s, 80’s, 70’s Cowboys. There is no balance under Jason Garrett. Jason could learn a lot from watching Boise tape.

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        Jason Garrett could learn a lot from watching a little league coach.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Matthew Stafford gets a lot of yards, and Calvin gets a lot of stats, but Stafford routinely ends the year with a bunch of INT. Dez is still the best WR on the team, but find creative ways to get him open, even if it means looking away from him. Williams, Witten, Beasley, and Murray are more than capable pass catchers.

    • Al

      What i found interesting was when I watched the witten video on earlier he said we have a lot of playmakers. the first names he mentioned were Dez and Beasley. Williams seems to be getting the hype, but I believe Bease will be the one who breaks out this year.