Demarcus Ware Takes Von Miller Under His Wing

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One of the biggest events to unfold this offseason was Demarcus Ware being cut by the Dallas Cowboys. It didn’t take a second thought from John Elway and the Broncos to sign him to a very lucrative deal. As it turns out, he has already assumed a leadership role in Denver.

Demarcus Ware 2
Thank God He’s on our side now.

Demarcus Ware has been a household name in Dallas for nigh on ten years now. His 117 career sacks are an all time franchise record. Media pundits like Warren Sapp have busted on Demarcus Ware for his so-called lack of leadership skills. According to the Broncos Von Miller and multiple other players, nothing could be further from the truth.

After only being in close contact with Demarcus Ware for about three months, Von Miller said to members of the media,

“DeMarcus is just, it’s kind of hard to explain, he’s just one of those special guys that you just don’t have to, like … I don’t know, it’s just like DeMarcus already knows what I’m going to ask him even before I ask him,” Miller said on Wednesday. “Sometimes he’s just like a psychic, he already knows what I’m going to ask him. We start talking about it and he just explains it so well.”
“He’s a great teacher, it’s different than any relationship I’ve ever had with anybody else,” Miller continued. “ …

I’m not afraid to say it, I want to be like DeMarcus Ware.”

Von MillerThe Broncos front office is ecstatic that Ware has taken Von under his wing after the scandalous season he had last year: including a six-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, an arrest for a missed court appearance and several traffic infractions as well as a torn ACL he suffered in December. There was much concern about Miller’s long term future with the club. However, they are confident that Demarcus Ware is the type of mentor he needed.

Demarcus Wares presence in Denver has already turned a lot of heads. His new teammates all have positive things to say about him when they get in front of the media. Von Miller isn’t the only Bronco player Ware has taken under his wing. He has been staying after practice and working with right  tackle Chris Clark. (Sound familiar? He did the same thing with Tyron Smith.)

Clark switched positions from left tackle after Ryan Clady’s return from an injured left foot. It creates a challenge with footwork moving to the other side. Ware advised Clark on some moves, trying to speed up his adjustment to the nuances of playing on the opposite side.

What is still a lingering question in the minds of most Cowboys fans is: what really led to his sudden departure? Many, much like myself, speculate that he was tired of Jerry Jones firing his coaches.

Bill ParcellsDuring his tenure with the Cowboys he was faced with frequent scheme changes to include systems under Bill Parcells (who he attributes most of his success to), Wade Phillips, Rob Ryan, and most recently Monte Kiffin. Now this year Rod Marinelli has been named the new defensive coordinator for the Cowboys.

This lack of continuity has led to the Cowboys having the worst defense in franchise history.

Jerry Jones’ willful neglect of addressing the DL in recent years also attributed to the problem and players like Demarcus Ware and Jay Ratliff were forced to play hurt because there was no depth behind them. This in itself takes years off of a players career.

Jack Del Rio is thankful for Jerry Jones’ foolishness. It is my belief that Demarcus Ware was tired of the mediocrity in Dallas and wanted to finish out his career as a winner.

According to sources in Denver, Demarcus Ware helps everyone. DE Derek Wolfe called him a coach on the field. TE Julius Thomas complimented Ware saying, having Demarcus across from him in drills is like daily CliffsNotes.

“I am trying to improve and get better, and I always like to remind people that it’s tough to learn when you are going up against the best players in the world,” Thomas said. “Going against someone of DeMarcus’ experience and skill level makes me better. I can’t say enough about how much he has helped me so far, and how it will only continue going forward.”

Being the humble soul he is, Demarcus Ware takes little credit by saying he is watching from the “catbird seat”. It is apparent to me that Jack Delrio came out of this smelling like a rose and Rod Marinelli was left holding the bag. Delrio has a leader for Von Miller, Marinelli has a rookie (Demarcus Lawrence) with no mentor. Shame on you Jerry Jones.

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  • Jonathan Stimmell

    This is great and all but you can look at this two ways. One and the first way I tend to look at it, is that Demarcus is getting pretty old. It was time to rebuild this defense and its line was a main spot where it needed over hauled. Denver will most likely make the playoffs and if not the Super Bowl, I have a hard time thinking that Ware will make it threw all them games and still play at a high level. At first I hated the Cowboys for the move, but now that its past and I’ve had time to let it all settle in my mind I think we’re gonna be just fine. We brought in a ton of young guys with talent to compete and be a part of our new line and Lb core. It would have been nice to have some mentors in there for Lawerence and for Crawford, but who knows maybe Spencer can get healthy and provide them with some teaching. Melton and McClain should do great in the middle of the line, with Rod firing them up all week. There are some nice young drafted players Im excited to see to like Gardner and Bishop. The Seattle Sea hawks taught me last year its not always about the huge names, but its about the hungry guys wanting to make a team and play hard all 16 weeks.

    • you make some good points, but we have no one close to Wares ability and the only decent young guy they brought in was Lawrence and he needs time to develop. This defense will probably be worse.

      • Jonathan Stimmell

        Only time will tell Cas lol We can hope for the best though. I think some of these late round guys may pan out. Just can’t see them missing on all these guys from the 7th round and the undrafted guys. I know Lawerence needs 2-3 years until he is even half broke in, in the NFL.

        • He may surprise after one year, but he is still young. Hitting on a couple late round guys is one thing. Replacing Ware, Hatcher and Rat wont happen that way. Spencer is still a big ? so is Melton.

        • Gabriel Carrasco

          Well Copeland and Washington should work out, and Brian Clarke is interesting. I am still upset with the Hitchens pick. That is a typical Cowboys pick. Drafting a backup in the draft is ridiculous, much worse since it was a 4th round pick.

          • What makes no sense to me is dropping a 4th round pick on Hitchens, (knowing Lee is injury prone) and he not only never played Mike LB before, his worst attribute is he can’t cover, he’s too short for most TE’s and has short arms as well!!! Seattle got Brock Coyle, who is the rangy type LB required in a Tampa 2 and Chicago got Christian Jones who was great in coverage! The worst part is, both are better than Hitchens and both went undrafted!!!!!!! SMH! Jerry reached for a guy none of us who study the draft bothered writing about. In fact, you can’t find anything on him.

          • Gabriel Carrasco

            Well not only that Lee is injury prone, Carter has yet to turn into something significant, and Holloman is still unproven. How about drafting a starter, instead of picking a backup that has never played the position before. That one irks me more than any other player we took. I at least knew who Devin Street was, this Hitchens guy, I had to search for. His teammate was better than is, Pats got him in the 7th round.

          • It drives me crazy trying to figure out why Jerry spends so much money on scouts if they are going to make bone headed moves like this one every year.

          • You and I could do a better draft with little or no effort. There are too many chiefs and not enough Indians in Dallas.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Complain all you want about Ware, but enough people thought enough of him to rank him number 65 on the top 100 despite having his worst year. Talk to the teams of the NFC East Eli even said, he is glad Ware is no longer in the division.

    • No one here will complain about Ware other than the fact JJ let him walk out the door.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Marinelli said he doesn’t value the 1 tech as much, see this is where a good GM would override a coach, regardless of how good the coach is. Regardless on if you view a 1 tech, we still sucked in that area, we need a player there. We still don’t have him.

    • I wanted Jernigan in a bad way:

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        I like Jernigan, but it was Lawrence or him. Maybe you trade down and take Jernigan in round 1, but you probably don’t end up with an O lineman, unless you take Turner in round 3. And he needs time.

        • we could have had Jernigan jackson and lawrence if JJ traded down

          • Gabriel Carrasco

            I heard the Browns were only going to offer a 3 and it wasn’t there highest 3 either.

          • they were not the only team in need of a QB: even so we still could have gotten Jernigan lawrence and Jackson

  • californy

    A good team mate make player better around him. It already look like Ware is a good team mate on both side of the line..

    FYI Denver had the best Line in The nFL last year. They made a back Up OT in to a pro Bowl player. By playing against Ware in practice every day his team mates are only going to get better

  • californy

    Last Year Sean Phillip had a bounce back year in Denver, He had 35 tackles and 10 sacks. I believe Ware is going to see the same thing in his number. In Denver he doesn’t need to be the guy anymore. Ware has a good defense around him, he can be a situational or all down type of player. I expect Ware number to be over 12 sack this year at the minimum.. What you are going to see with Ware is his team mates having better year and number as well. It look like Danny Trevathan, He, is going to be that player that Dallas was hoping Carter will become . Last year in year number 2 he already had 129 tackles on the season.

    • Ware may even have a career year with that cast: OC’s will have to focus on more than just him

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    I am not impressed with McClay. I will give him one more year, since I do for all players and coaches. Except for Garrett, I knew he would bust.

    • McClay makes the board Jerruh makes the final decisions

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        Stephen Jones was apparently upset with the 4th round pick we had. I don’t think he will keep Garrett when is dad is done, I don’t think he likes him as much.

        • word is if JG doesn’t win this year he is fired

          • Gabriel Carrasco

            I say the same every year, and he still isn’t gone. Better pray we don’t sniff the playoffs, otherwise he will get an extension.

          • lol good point

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    The Cowboys may finally actually have a good O line for a change. If you thank Garrett for anything, that would be it. My top coaching candidates right now are Urban Meyers, David Shaw, and Art Briles right now. Shaw is my top choice.

    • I am sticking with Gruden lol

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        I like Gruden, but he likes his new job, where he can just sip lemonade all day, and just watch free games.

        • Gruden did say he wants to coach again: he also said he would love the job in Dallas.