Demarcus Lawrence: Destined for Greatness.

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This was the first year in as long as I can remember that I missed the draft. I was traveling for work and when I wasn’t traveling I was working. When I heard Demarcus Lawrence had been drafted by the Cowboys, I let out a loud, kind of obnoxious sounding cheer. It was then that it dawned on me I was on a 747 full of people. yup, the looks I got are still clear in my brain. I am certain they thought I was off my damn rocker.

Demarcus Lawrence  2

The only thing that seemed logical at the time was to let them all know why I  had just wailed at the top of my lungs. In my best true-blue voice I shouted,

The Cowboys got Demarcus Lawrence!

Demarcus Lawrence 4The Eagles fan seated across the aisle from me looked as if he wanted throw his book at me. Several others, by this point, looked as if they were convinced I was a wack job. But, right when I started thinking I had just made a total ass out of myself, I discovered I wasn’t the only Cowboys fan on the plane. From the back of the plane somewhere I heard a deep voice yell, “Hell Yah!” Whoever it was started clapping. The next thing I knew several others joined in. As it turned out, there were from I could I tell, at least half a dozen other Cowboys fans on the plane. It was at that moment I felt the redness disappearing from my face. I casually took a sip off of my cocktail and said to myself,

“I’ll be damned, Jerry actually addressed the trenches in the first two rounds.”

Jerry Jones 3

That being said, I have to give Mr. Jones some kudos for a change. I have been pretty hard on him over the last couple of years, but he redeemed himself a little bit this year. Way to go Jerry!

Demarcus Lawrence amassed 72 tackles, 20.5 tackles for loss, 10.5 sacks, forced 3 fumbles and had an interception in 2013 as a junior. Prior to reading my uncles scouting report on him I hadn’t studied his tape yet. I had seen him play and was already a fan. I was so impressed by the report, I immediately put the tape on. As usual, Al was spot on.

Demarcus Lawrence 5I make it a habit to see where the major outlets such as, CBS etc have players projected. Here at YDCFF we put our own grades on players. Unlike the major outlets, we don’t change our grades or projections following the draft. I specifically remember CBS having Demarcus Lawrence in the 3rd to fourth round at some point before the draft. When I looked today, they had him as the 3rd best DE behind Clowney and Ford (he was much further down the list prior to the draft) and projected in the 1st to 2nd round. Laughable at best.  I am on record as saying to multiple people that Demarcus Lawrence will end up the best DE in this draft barring a major injury. You can see Al’s scouting report on him here. I had him in pretty much every mock draft I did.

All of that being said, based on what my buddy Bryan Broaddus has been reporting, Demarcus Lawrence has been putting Tyron Smith to the test. If you read Al’s report, one of the major concerns with Lawrence was his strength. Apparently he has been busy in the weight room during the offseason because he exhibited enough power to knock Pro Bowl LT Tyron Smith off balance. I said from the beginning that we can’t expect Demarcus Ware type production his 1st season, but with a year or two to develop, he will be a beast. I will stand firm with my evaluation that he will be better than Clowney. Have a little patience Cowboys Nation: Demarcus Lawrence is destined for greatness.

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  • californy

    Im Glad we got your player but for right now I hold off the anointing Oil. It To early to see what type of Career he will have. I do wish him well in Dallas. I also want to take this time to welcome you back. Insert a Happy Face here.

    • Mike Dougherty


    • Thank You Californy. I am certain he will have a good career.

  • Mike Dougherty

    Funny and great story, but I have one question…What kind of cocktail were you drinking?

  • COWBOYS/24/7/365

    Hi Cas… thanks for the reassurance! I was a little skeptical about the pick but feel much better now as I highly respect your player analysis. What’s your take on the Martin pick? I personally love the pick!

    • Gabriel Carrasco

      I personally like the Martin pick, but still upset we didn’t get Filo or Jackson instead. Martin will still be a good player, but those two should be better. Martin is more limited to what he can do. Let’s just hope he can level opposing LB the way he did Lee.

      • I wanted one of those 2 as well. I think my above comment was a better idea.

    • Thank You 24-7. I like Martin, but I would have traded down and gotten D-Law there and picked up another 2nd. Then we could have gotten Sua-Filo or Jackson and Jernigan. Plus we would have still had our 3rd round pick!

      • COWBOYS/24/7/365


      • COWBOYS/24/7/365

        I thought they would go for Sua-Filo but I think the run game should improve with Martin.

        • Martin doesn’t have the road grader power for the run Jackson does!

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Definitely better than Clownface and Barr. Never liked either one really.

    • The D-Ware Legacy will continue with D-Law! Clowney has work ethic issues.

  • Johnathan Nguyen

    Man…it feels so good to be back 🙂 Btw, what if Clowney decides to work hard? lol

    • I aint skeerd lol

      • Johnathan Nguyen

        Lol…I live in Houston, we better win this match up or i’ll never hear the end of it from these clowns at work 🙂 3 sacks for Dlaw, mark it!

        • Gabriel Carrasco

          D Law will be going up against Duane Brown. Not an easy match up.

          • Johnathan Nguyen

            Yeah Gabriel, that Brown guy is good, should be a pretty good battle all day. They hated our Cowboys down here with a passion! I still didn’t hear the end of it how they beat us the first time LOL. I can’t wait to rub it in their faces this time when we hand them the big L.

  • Football Mensa

    Cas I don’t disagree with you very often. On this one I will. I think you are looking at a 8 sack a year average for Lawrence. Trading up and losing a third rounder was too much. Will you be disappointed if he only gets 6 sacks this year ?

  • Lionone1

    I was happy they got one of your picks too. They didn’t grab the LB I wanted but I’ll give Hitchens a shot