Dan Bailey & Defense Shine, Cassel Stinks It Up

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Dan Bailey has become the nuts and bolts of the Cowboys offense despite being considered a special teams player. In fact, with Matt Cassel under center, he is the offense.

dan bailey

Dan Bailey is not only deemed the most accurate kicker in NFL history, he has become the Cowboys Black Knight and the new “Mr. Clutch”.

Dan Bailey sealed the Cowboys first win in the absence of Tony Romo by landing a 54 yard field goal in the final seconds of the Monday night contest against the long-time division rival, the Washington Redskins. Both him and Sean Lee should have gotten a game ball.

Matt Cassel should have gotten a bus ticket as he was unable to find the endzone against a porous Redskins secondary. The Redskins defense is ranked 21st in the NFL in total defense and allowing a completion on 61.6% of attempts made. Matt Cassel completed 55% of his passes and was unable to find the endzone for the 3rd time in six starts.

In fact, Cassel has only found the endzone 5 times in the 7 games he saw action in while throwing 5 interceptions. Keep in mind, 3 of those TDs came in one game. The sickening fact of the matter is: he was only able to find the endzone twice in the other 5 games and the Cowboys brain trust continues to put the season in his hands.

The Cowboys have played lights out defensively and have developed in to a top 5 defense at the hands of the guru Rod Marinelli. Had the front office made better decisions at the quarterback position, the Cowboys would be sitting atop the NFC East with at least a game or three cushion.

What really fuels the rage building within me is when Jones’ robot, Jason Garrett, keeps telling the media they need to create more turnovers. In most cases that makes sense, but when your QB gets more 3 and outs than pretty much any other QB in the NFL and can’t find the endzone with a GPS system, all that will do is put an already tired defense right back on the field again.

The bottom line is: Matt Cassel is sporting a 79.0 passer rating, which puts him below rookies who never took an NFL snap prior to this season and the likes of Blaine Gabbert. They can preach it all they want, but Matt Cassel does not give them the best chance to win. Dan Bailey and the defense are the only reason they have hung in there at all.

Dan Bailey has scored 98 of the Cowboys points this season as compared to 30 by Matt Cassel. The sad reality of it is, he doesn’t get 6 points every time. 20 of those points were extra point tries.

The Cowboys are 4-8 because this teams front office continues to play incompetent quarterbacks. Either they are completely incompetent themselves, or trying to tank the season for draft position.

You can decide for yourself which it is. It has been stated that Matt Cassel will be the QB until the Cowboys are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.They are too blind to realize it is mathematically impossible for them to be successful when Dan Bailey is outscoring the quarterback by over 300%.

I don’t see Dan Bailey outscoring Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. If Cassel gives the ball back to Aaron Rodgers as often as he did to Cousins, , it’s lights out for the Cowboys.

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  • gcarr1213

    I’m going to say this. As a coach, if the game is close, I simply go for a balanced attack, with playaction, take some shots, but if it’s close or if I am losing by 3 or 7, I can be balanced, and take less turnover risk. It’s not hard, the defense though does get opportunities, but they aren’t cashing in. But again the secondary has like 2 or 3 of our INT. Pretty bad.