Dallas Gives Thornton Opportunity to Shine

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Cedric Thornton told members of the media his former Eagles teammates weren’t hostile about his signing with the rival Cowboys, but very supportive of the move.

Cedric Thornton

Cedric Thornton and Lance Dunbar were among Dallas Cowboys’ players that joined members of the WWE in a community outreach event at The Ronald McDonald house in Dallas. “Jerry World” is hosting Wrestle Mania 32 Sunday.

When asked about the reaction of his former teammates when he signed with the much hated Cowboys, Thornton gave an unexpected reply. In fact they believed Dallas gave him an opportunity to shine in Rod Marineli’s defense.

“They were kind of excited for me, believe it or not. They congratulated me a lot. They told me that this will be your opportunity to shine, so I got a lot of encouraging words.”

When asked if he knew what role he was going to be playing Thornton said,

“I don’t think anyone has a given position yet. I’m just here to make a difference. We’ll see. My role — whether I start or not — we’ll see. That’s all dictated by training camp. It’s determined by my health and productivity. But I’m putting in the work in the offseason.”

“I’ve played nose tackle before. We’ll see at OTAs and training camp. I played defensive end the last three years, I played inside some the last three years. It’s all about defeating the man in front of you in the trenches. I think wherever they line me up, I’ll be effective. I think they know what they’re doing, so I’m just going to go with whatever they’re doing.”

When asked if he thought Marinelli lived up to his reputation as a top defensive coordinator Thornton said,

“You can’t really tell right now. It’s not yet a game time situation; it’s not a practice situation. He’s got a very cool demeanor, energetic sometimes. Coach Leon Lett and Jason Garrett treat you like they’re your dad and you’re their son. It’s very family-oriented. I like it so far.”

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