The Dallas Cowboys – The Saga Continues

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Dallas Cowboys Nation is in an uproar these days. We have seen and read some things I must say really bother us. I have finished yelling, screaming, and crying. I have looked at BOTH sides of this Demarcus Ware thing. I have sat back, read, and listened to many people weigh in on this very touchy subject. Now it is about time for me to throw in my two cents about it and add a few things. Agree with me or not, this is the way I see things.

nfl team logos in oneAt the end of the day, some people forget football is a business. There is always a deal on the table even while the season is ongoing. Deals come together behind closed doors without the knowledge of the players, the coaching staff, and the media. Dallas Cowboys fans can remember the infamous Hershel Walker trade which built the dynasty of the early 90’s. Contract negotiations are never pretty: especially in the salary cap era of the NFL. People are let go and fans are left wondering why.

The Demarcus Ware situation left a lot of fans feeling deflated. The Dallas Cowboys let their BEST defensive player go because of the dreaded salary cap. Some fans blame Demarcus Ware for not bending on his contract to stay in Dallas. Others do not blame Demarcus for standing his ground. A Little known fact is, Demarcus Ware restructured his contract three times. Every year since 2011, they asked Ware to restructure his contract to ease the burden from Jerry and Stephen Jones. Demarcus did it with a smile as he is the ULTIMATE team player. I can agree Mr. Ware ‘s numbers did drop off a bit over the last two years. However, with so many turnovers in the defensive coaching staff these last few years, it would make any star player lose a step or two.

I read in the comments on the Dallas Cowboys website something that made a lot of sense. The person said

“Demarcus Ware is the Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys defense”.

I could not agree more. When we look at the Dallas Cowboys defense of the 90’s dynasty team, Charles HaleyCharles Haley made Russell Maryland and Leon Lett household names. They took advantage of all the attention Charles received from defensive coordinators. With Ken Norton Jr. and Darren Woodson running things behind them, Haley, Maryland, and Lett had one major job, getting the quarterback. Demarcus Ware over the years had some players behind him and beside him that could play. However, no one took full advantage of the situation like Russell and Leon did with Charles Haley. Is it the fault of the players or of the coaching? That is a question worth debating just not now.

At the end of the day, Demarcus Ware did not want a bunch of empty promises of using the freed up cap money to land him some help. He did not want to push money to the back-end of a contract he knew deep down he would never see. He remembers Jerry Jones is the man who sent Emmitt Smith packing, released Troy Aikman, and tore apart a dynasty from the head coach down to the kicker! Demarcus knew in his heart if he agreed to a pay cut, his days in Dallas would be numbered. Let’s look at the facts. Jerry Jones would not receive any type of serious trade offers with the amount of money Demarcus was to make this year in Dallas. IF Jerry and Stephen Jones convinced him to take that pay cut, they can now shop Demarcus around with the lower salary number and get something out of the deal. Demarcus Ware might have landed with a team with no possibility of making the playoffs. If that was the case, he could have stayed in Dallas (LOL).

Henry MeltonLooking at the way the Dallas Cowboys are moving around in free agency, they are trying to get some depth on the defensive line. With the signing of Henry Melton, we can assume Jared Allen will not sign on as a Dallas Cowboy. I feel the Cowboys should sign Allen. He would bring the “Charles Haley” type feel to this defense. He would be that seasoned veteran that leads by example. Jared Allen would teach those young defensive linemen the nastiness in the trenches and how to stay healthy while doing so. It will be very interesting to see how Henry Melton plays after recovering from his ACL injury. This Dallas Cowboys defense had many problems BEFORE losing Demarcus Ware. There is no identity to this defense. They do not have a person to shoulder the responsibility of being the outspoken leader. This defense needs a person who is the heart, soul, and conscience of the group. A man everyone looks up to and refuse to disappoint. I truly believe that is what the Dallas Cowboys defense lacks the most.

The Dallas Cowboys still have a lot of offseason stuff to do. The draft will be here before they know it. The offense seems to have their stuff together. Will Jerry Jones listen to the outcry of needs for the defense? Dallas Cowboys fans have seen on many occasions Jerry Jones does what he wants regardless of the team’s needs. Hopefully Stephen Jones can pull back the reins on his father enough to discuss all the holes on their defense and bring the Dallas Cowboys back to dominance once again. We can dream you know. Every now and then dreams do come true.

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  • Nice job on the story Kevin. You make some valid points.

    • Kevin Sivells

      Thanks Cas! I am hoping JJ gets it together. He gambled on Frederick and it seems to be working. However i do not know if the next gamble will work….

  • boysdeporvida

    lol every player, every move is a gamble,