Cowboys Ring of Honor Selections from the Experts (Ryle, Griffin)

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When Dallas Cowboys Owner and GM Jerry Jones inducted Drew Pearson, Larry Allen, and Charley Haley in to the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor, it created questions about whether Charley Haley deserved to be in The Ring. While there were a variety of objections to Haley’s induction, the most common cause of displeasure was that so many other Cowboys players seemed more deserving. That controversy led some of us to start thinking about who should be the next to get inducted in to the Ring. As a result, we created a Top 10 Candidates for the Ring of Honor.

As many of you know, YDCFF recently completed our series on the Top 10 Candidates for the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor.

You can read about the methodology our panel used to create the list and the Honorable Mentions for players (Calvin Hill, Nate Newton, and George Andrie)who almost made the list here.

You can read the profile of all finalists in the Top 10 (Cornell Green, Charlie Waters, Everson Walls, Bill Bates, Harvey Martin, Ed Jones, Darren Woodson, Jay Novacek, Daryl Johnston, and Erik Williams) here.

Given that Jerry Jones has inducted three players in the Ring the last two times he inducted anyone, we decided to select the three players who most deserve to be inducted into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor.


Before we get to the selections of the YDCFF staff, we are fortunate enough to be able to share the selections of several Dallas Cowboys experts with our readers. YDCFF would like to give our sincerest thanks to Tom Ryle, and Jeric Griffin for taking the time to share their thoughts with our readers. Be sure to check out their other Dallas Cowboys posts and follow them on twitter (links below).

You can read the selections from Bryan Broaddus, Nick Eatman and KD Drummond here and the selections from CowgirlCas here.

If you would like to share your selections with the YDCFF community, please send a draft to

Tom Ryle (Blogging the Boys):

I am glad that additions to the Cowboys Ring of Honor have always been handed out sparingly. It gives a certain cachet to the original team roll of outstanding players, coaches and staff. But clearly, there are some names absent from the ROH that I think should be included. In no particular order, here is my list of three players, each of whom was arguably the best the team has ever seen at his position, that should be next to join that list.

woodson81. Darren Woodson

Not only was he the best safety the team has ever seen, he was one of the best in the league at a position that is not often cited for standout performance. And, as was stated so clearly in the article here on him, he was phenomenally versatile. Imagine him in Monte Kiffin’s hands. Besides, I give him more credit for the defensive success of the Cowboys than Charles Haley. Just my opinion, of course, but I think he is more deserving of a spot.

2. martin7Harvey Martin

How can you argue with the numbers? His forever unofficial one year sack record of 23 alone is argument for his inclusion. He was Randy White’s partner in terrorizing opposing quarterbacks. He was the best defensive end to ever play exclusively at that position (which is a nod to DeMarcus Ware, who may be the best edge rusher the team has ever seen, but that detracts nothing from Martin’s accomplishments).

moose63. Daryl Johnston

Moose gets my vote for a couple of reasons. Of course, everyone knows how important he was to Emmitt Smith, but that is really not why. Johnston was the ultimate team player, a man who was never going to get the spotlight, but who worked his butt off on and off the field to be the best he could, and to help the team win. He is a blue collar style of player, and to me, those guys are the real heart of the NFL. Those flashy stars with the big numbers could not make it without the hard working role players doing their part. And Moose was one of the best in any uniform. Besides, he has long been my favorite all time Cowboy. Just check out my avatar @TomRyleBTB.

You can follow Tom Ryle on Twitter here and read his recent articles at Blogging the Boys here.



Jeric Griffin (Rant Sports):

martinfeat1. Harvey Martin

The Super Bowl MVP is one of the more underrated players in Cowboys history, but was an important part of Dallas’ second-generation Doomsday Defense. The East Texas State alumnus was an unheralded hometown hero among a group of a superstars, but he was just as — if not more important — than any member in that epic era of Cowboys defense.


2. Darren Woodson

At the turn of the century, many Cowboys fans looked to Darren Woodson as the last player to remind us of the glory days. After Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman were gone, Woodson was the only player who remained from the dynasty of the 1900s. He was a quiet star who led by example and it’s a shame that he’s often overlooked in the discussions of great defensive backs because he’s one of the underrated best in all of NFL history, not just that of the Cowboys.

3. Erik Williams


Had he not suffered through injury so much after the Cowboys’ first two Super Bowl wins, Erik Williams might have been considered one of the greatest offensive linemen in NFL history. His power and incredible improvement as a player early in his career propelled the Cowboys’ offense from good to great as it made life a lot easier on Emmitt Smith. Williams was the best member of arguably the best offensive line in NFL history. That’s saying something.

You can follow Jeric Griffin on Twitter here and read his recent articles at Rant Sports here.

Check our homepage on Sunday to see more Ring of Honor selections from Dallas Cowboys experts, including Jesus Flores and Ben Grimaldi ( and Todd Toombs ( Check back at 11 am today for the selections of Kevin Sivells.

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  • cjwright

    Some surprises, for me at least, again.Tom Ryle’s selection of the Moose surprised me; I really expected to see Cornell Green or Charlie Waters on his list for some reason.
    Jeric Griffin’s choice of Erik Williams was also a bit of a surprise. Williams was not on my original list of 10 candidates, but he was on the list of the other 2 panelists.  With so many accomplished Cowboys playing so much longer ago than Williams, I didn’t expect anyone would select him (except Cas and maybe the other two guys from the original panel).

  • cjwright

    A running tally of votes from the Experts.
    1. Cornell Green: 1 vote (KD)
    2. Everson Walls: 1 vote (Eatman)
    3. Charlie Waters: (Cas)
    4. Bill Bates: 1 vote (Broaddus)
    5. Harvey Martin: 6 votes (Broaddus, Eatman, KD, Cas, Ryle, Griffin)
    6. Ed Jones: 0 votes
    7. Daryl Johnston: 1 vote (Ryle)
    8. Jay Novacek: 0 votes
    9. Darren Woodson:  5 votes (Broaddus, Eatman, KD, Ryle, Griffin)
    10. Erik Williams: 2 votes (Cas, Griffin)

  • I was happy to see the moose: He was my runner up. I understand all the respect for Woodson, but my  thought is: look how much longer Waters has been waiting. If you do the math, consider Waters got stuck as a back up behind 2 HOF caliber players, I am inclined to believe he would have had better numbers than woody had he gotten to play as early in his career.

  • Balou71

    I am reading more and more on Erik Williams. I wonder why Garrett and JJ have not asked Williams, Larry Allen, and Nasty Nate “The Kitchen” Newton to do camps to teach these guys how to get down and dirty in the trenches. This list of all-star Cowboys and NFL greats is amazing! Just getting most of us to agree on a top 3 makes my head hurt! Great writing guys!

    • Balou71 Larry Allen has helped out in camp before. The problem is, you cant polish crap.

  • boysdeporvida

    I still like 1. Harvey Martinized Martin, 2. Charlie Waters, 3. Jimmy Johnson ( How Bout Them Cowboys, will resonate for every….  
    With Darren Woodson, Too Tall Jones, and Eric Williams soon to follow.