Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor Selections from the Experts (Eatman, Broaddus, and KD)

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As many of you know, YDCFF recently completed our series on the Top 10 Candidates for the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor. You can read about the methodology our panel used to create the list and the Honorable Mentions for players (Calvin Hill, Nate Newton, and George Andrie)who almost made the list here. You can read the profile of all finalists in the Top 10 (Cornell Green, Charlie Waters, Everson Walls, Bill Bates, Harvey Martin, Ed Jones, Darren Woodson, Jay Novacek, Daryl Johnston, and Erik Williams) here.

ROH inductionGiven that Jerry Jones has inducted three players in the Ring the last two times he inducted anyone, we decided to select the three players who most deserve to be inducted into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor.

Before we get to the selections of the YDCFF staff, we are fortunate enough to be able to share the selections of several Dallas Cowboys experts with our readers. YDCFF would like to give our sincerest thanks to Bryan Broaddus, Nick Eatman, and KD Drummond for taking the time to share their thoughts with our readers.

If you would like to share your selections with the YDCFF community, please send a draft to c.josephwright@yourdailycowboysfootballfix.com

Bryan Broaddus, (DallasCowboys.com):

martin11. Harvey Martin:

As a franchise, few teams in the NFL can match what they have been able to play with along their defensive line than the Dallas Cowboys. Players like Lilly, White and Jones to just name a few but quite possibly the greatest linemen that has not  received the credit he deserves is Harvey Martin. During his seasons as a Cowboy, Martin was one of the most feared pass rushers of his era. A rare combination of explosive quickness and a nasty streak that was unlike any of his time. Martin might have been a loveable man off the field but on it, he dominated offensive tackles. With his physical style Martin was a nightmare for opponents to have to deal with because he would use whatever means he could to get to the ball carrier or the quarterback. I mean this as no disrespect to Charles Haley because I understand what he meant to this organization during the early 90’s and the Super Bowl runs, but Harvey Martin was a better player.Martin could take over a game like no other and the great ones have that ability. Martin does not have the Super Bowl titles of Haley but in his one shot in 1977, he was the game’s MVP. Harvey Martin was the Doomsday Defense during his time, he deserves to have his name among the greats to ever play in this city.    

woodson72. Darren Woodson:

In my 13 years of working for organizations around the league as a scout, I always kept a mental list of the five greatest players that I ever had an opportunity to work with. Guys like Reggie White and Brett Favre were two of my five but a player that was in that mix as well was Darren Woodson. Words can’t describe what a complete player he was. I remember when the Cowboys drafted him in 1992 out of Arizona State, we were sitting in Green Bay and knew right then that the Cowboys had just drafted a rare player in the second round. Woodson played with not only outstanding speed but a linebackers toughness. There was nothing that Woodson couldn’t do on the field, and off the field he carried himself with class and pride. Nobody cared more how he played each week and how to prepare for a game than Woodson. He was a leader that not only demanded the best from himself but his teammates as well. Darren Woodson was a throwback player that just happened to play in the modern era of football in the NFL. In my book, he is one of the all time greats to ever play for this franchise. A pro’s pro….complete player.

3. Bill Bates:

bates5Bill Bates didn’t have the defensive career of other such as Ed Jones, Charlie Waters or Everson Walls but what he did in his 217 games in the league on special teams will always be remembered by Cowboys fans for years to come. Bates was a leader in every sense  of the word. He was not the most talented player to ever wear this uniform, matter of fact, he came to the Cowboys in an era when there was an unlimited number of players that you could bring to training camp and he still managed to fight his way onto the squad. Scouts can always measure various physical traits of a player but we could never measure the heart of a player. Bill Bates loved to play football and you could see it every time that he stepped on that field. I spoke about the pride in which Darren Woodson played with, but Bates was cut from that same cloth. There was so much passion in his game because his physical traits were not that impressive but that did not stop him from doing his job. For 15 seasons, Bill Bates gave this organization everything that he had and at times even a little more. Again, he might not have the numbers that we all crave for measuring greatness but what he was able to accomplish was special in my book.  

You can follow Bryan Broaddus on Twitter at @BryanBroaddus and read his recent articles at DC.com here.

Nick Eatman (DallasCowboys.com):

woodsonDarren Woodson:

The Cowboys’ all-time leading tackler is now overdue to get in. I didn’t have much of a problem with Woodson’s omission until I saw Charles Haley make it. Now it’s definitely time to include Woodson. He hasn’t played in 10 seasons and when you think about the 90’s defense, Woodson should come to mind first. The five-time Pro Bowler was one of the best players at his position in the entire NFL, and the way he conducted himself as a leader on and off the field is the epitome of what a Dallas Cowboys player should be. Woodson has to be the next guy in. 

martin4Harvey Martin:

For 30 years, the Cowboys had a chance to put in their all-time sack leader into the Ring of Honor. Unless it somehow happens in the first few games of the 2013 season, that won’t be the case anymore considering DeMarcus Ware needs just five sacks to overtake Martin’s club record of 114 sacks. Of course, when Ware goes in, the first thing that will be mentioned is how he is the Cowboys’ all-time leader in sacks. Martin didn’t have a nickname like the “Manster” or “Too Tall” or “Mr. Cowboy” but he seemed to provide the most “doom” for the Cowboys “Doomsday Defense.” 

Everson Walls:

walls6Some might consider this a stretch, but for his time, Walls was one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. A couple of things go against him such as playing in the 80s when the Cowboys started their downfall. Also, many Cowboys fans have never forgiven him for giving up “The Catch” to Dwight Clark. But his 44 career interceptions rank second in club history. Walls is tied with Ed Reed as the only players in NFL history to lead the league in picks for one season three different times. But to me, what Walls did after his playing days were over is the real reason he deserves to be up there. Stats and production are one thing – and Walls has that – but what he did for his teammate Ron Springs is something that goes above and beyond a typical teammate. Walls gave his kidney to help Springs, who has since passed away. But that speaks volumes for the type of person and teammate Walls was. Taking everything into consideration, Everson Walls should have a place in Cowboys’ history and the Ring of Honor would certainly be a worthy spot.  

You can follow Nick Eatman on Twitter here, and read his recent articles at DC.com here.

KD Drummond (Blogging the Boys):

martin10I was more than mildly surprised to see a pass rusher not named Harvey Martin inducted the last time the Ring of Honor opened. Martin made four Pro Bowls in Dallas in addition to a First Team All-Pro nod. For those familiar with Pro-Football-Reference’s Approximate Value rating that grades individual seasons across eras and positions, Martin scored a 10+ grade on five different occasions. The 1977 Defensive Player of the Year, as well as Super Bowl co-MVP, “Too Mean” Martin set the pace for forcing quarterbacks to give up on hopes of downfield completions. Playing in an era when sacks weren’t official NFL statistics, the Cowboys records Martin as the franchise leader in season sacks seven times, sacks as a rookie (8), single season (23) and career sacks (114). Demarcus Ware will surpass Martin’s mark sometime in the first half of the season and that will likely end the Ring of Honor campaign. It shouldn’t however, as his picture should already be cemented in the next trifold.

It’s a travesty. It’s a sham. It’s a mockery. It’s a traveshamockery that Cornell Green isn’t in the Ring of Honor. One of the things that the great Gil Brandt was known for was plucking basketball players and turning them into football stars. Rayfield Wright was one, but also Green, who may have been the better of the two. Green didn’t play any football in college, but was brought in as an undrafted free agent and actually started three games as a rookie. Yes, the Cowboys have always been great at finding undrafted talent. By some accounts, Green had bad hands; yet he had two different seasons with 7 interceptions, 34 on his career. Five Pro Bowls, three times First Team All-Pro. After playing corner for his first eight years, he moved to strong safety and made a Pro Bowl, while the Cowboys went to back-to-back Super Bowls.  In addition, Cornell Green was an ironman, never missing a game in 13 seasons, spanning 168 contests and 145 starts. Did I mention that he was a Cowboys scout ,while playing?! That second career has lasted almost 30 years. With a career AV of 133, Pro-Football-Reference.com views Green as the 7th best career Cowboys player of all-time. Put him in the ring.

woodson7For my money, Darren Woodson was the glue of the ‘90’s championship teams. The all-time club leader in tackles, Woodson seemed to elevate himself among the glitz and glamour of those teams with class and pride. He might have been perennially listed as a strong safety, but Woodson was a DB, plain and simple. He hit like the linebacker he was at Arizona State, he covered the deep middle like a free safety. He was so skilled, Dallas didn’t need to switch him out, playing him against slot receivers instead of having to change to a nickel defense.  Selected to five Pro-Bowls and with three First-Team All-Pro accolades, this three-time champion belongs in the halo.

You can follow KD Drummond on Twitter here, and read his recent articles at Blogging the Boys here.

If you would like to share your selections with the YDCFF community, please send a draft to c.josephwright@yourdailycowboysfootballfix.com

Check out our homepage Thursday 7/11/13 at 11 am  to read the selections from CowgirlCas and Friday 7/12/13  at 7 am to see contributions from Cowboys experts including Tom Ryle (www.bloggingtheboys.com), Rafael Vela (www.cowboysnation.com) and Jeric Griffin from (www.rantsports.com).

You can read CowgirlCas’ selections here;

and the selections from Ryle and Griffin here.

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The staff here at Your Daily Cowboys Football Fix, consists of a group of die hard sports fans. Our objective is to keep you up to date on the latest news regarding The Dallas Cowboys and all other aspects of sports. We strive to provide you with quality content. It is our intention to excel above all the rest. Our goal is to be your one stop site to get your daily fix for whatever your passion in sports may be. That being said, we welcome your input. If you have any ideas that will make your experience better here, please feel free to let us know. You can email me any ideas, requests, or suggestions you may have to casaraful3@yahoo.com and don't forget to like us on Facebook. You can also follow me on Twitter @CowgirlCas22. Thank You for visiting our site and we hope to see you on a regular basis.. Peace Love and Happiness to all of you.

  • cjwright

    I am bot surprised by Darren Woodson or Harvey Martin, but the Bill Bates choice kinda surprised me, but KD selecting Cornell Green over so many more recent Cowboys was the biggest surprise for me.

    • knudsen88

      cjwright No one in their right mind couldn’t like, if not love, and pull for Bill Bates, however, fan favoritism cannot overtake production and purpose.  Bates will be a beloved Cowboys until the so-called Cows come home, but he needs to remain just that, a fan favorite.  He stood for all the right things, was the consummate overachiever, with staying power, and his grit and determination were team-moving and inspiring.  Yes, he was one Steve Tasker reason the special teams recognition position was created, but Bates is neither ROH, and certainly not HOF, worthy.  Love Billy, but can’t statistically justify Bates on the Ring..

      • Erasmus

        knudsen88 I can’t believe you just referred to Tasker in the same sentence as Bill Bates. Anathema.

    • cjwright  I have to admit I was surprised at the Green choice as well. I expected as much from Bryan with Bates because as a scout, you see things that most don’t. Bates wasn’t a household name and on a team with tons of depth. Had he been elsewhere, he would have been a starter for years and made his impact in the NFL. He was one of those guys that never got a fair shake in life.

      • Erasmus

        CowgirlCas22 cjwright Bates could very well be my favorite all-time Cowboy. I also really liked Dexter Coakley. I respect players who over-achieve when they lack the physical talents some other players possess.

        • Erasmus CowgirlCas22 cjwright some of the coaches wanted to cut Pearson because he was too skinny and not athletic enough. Landry had the ability to see what a player “COULD” be: not what his appearance said he should  be.

  • Defense 28

    Charlie Waters has to get in sorry, he was the General on the field for those defenses. not to mention all the big interceptions he got. I still think if the Cowboys beat the Steelers in either SB X or XIII a few other members of those teams gets in the hall of fame. Drew Pearson and Charlie Waters to name a couple.

    • Defense 28 I call Waters “Mr Clutch” on defense: he was the Pearson of the defense for sure. That guy always made big plays when they needed them the most. He should have been shoe in long ago: Imagine his numbers if he hadn’t been buried on the depth chart for 5 yrs as a back up!

      • knudsen88

        CowgirlCas22 Defense 28 Simply stated on Cas’ comments and observations, “Amen.”  Charlie Waters, like Woody, was the pinnacle of what it means to be a Dallas Cowboy.

        • knudsen88 CowgirlCas22 Defense 28 those 2 are the prime example of how the safety position is supposed to be played. To think the Cowboys are satisfied with the current safeties makes my stomach churn

        • cjwright

          knudsen88 CowgirlCas22 Defense 28 Easy Scott, we are not even finished this series and you have me thinking about the Top 10 Greatest Cowboys of all-time.

        • Erasmus

          knudsen88 CowgirlCas22 Defense 28 And that is the bothersome part about Haley, not only was he not a real Cowboy, he never came close to standing for what the classic Dallas Cowboys stood for – he doesn’t fit the mold of ‘high-character’ players that are in the Ring.

        • cjwright knudsen88 CowgirlCas22 Defense 28 I love the idea!

        • knudsen88

          Erasmus knudsen88 CowgirlCas22 Defense 28 Couldn’t agree more here, Erasmus, but Haley was an “essential” and integral hired gun to take that defensive pass rush where it needed to be for the Super Bowl runs.  Now, does that, in and of itself, warrant ROH consideration?  I didn’t think so, and still don’t, but the fact remains that Charles Haley owns a hand full of Super Bowl jewelry.  Say what you will about his character and antics, he played vital factors in securing championships for Niners and Cowboys.  Charles was far from saintly, but he had a purpose, and he served it.  Just not in the Cowboys stately manner we would have all preferred.
          Because of this induction, it opens the door, widely, for the Deion Sanders debate.  I’m adamant, for a lot of the same reasons, mainly hired guns, that Sanders, as great as he was, does not belong in the Ring.  He has his recognition as a tremendous and game-changing player by being HOF-inducted, but I think we “taint” the Ring of with any mention of Deion Sanders.  Nowhere near enough time logged as a Cowboy, and the fact remains, he was more of a lockerroom cancer and lightning rod than most know or are aware.  He tried his hardest, along with John Blake, tried to make and paint Aikman as a racist.  Fortunately, there were enough strong, and influential, personalities to even keep Prime Time in line.  He “whored” his wears in Dallas and was paid handsomely in salary and endorsements.  That’s where is Cowboys recognition needs stop and end.

    • knudsen88

      Defense 28 This is so “dead on.”  Charlie Waters not in the ROH is simply a crime.  Negligence of the highest order.  Yup, I’m biased on a couple of fronts.  Charlie Waters is one of my all-time, top 5, favorite Cowboys, from a fan perspective, and my personal visit with him vaunted me over the top in support.  However, Charlie has the on-the-field support for consideration and induction.  This one bothers me.  All one has to do is listen to running-mate Cliff Harris to get the full-read on Waters and his game.  Those that know of Harris knows he pulls no punches in commentary and stance.  Waters must make it.
      Woody and Harvey Martin are simply “slam dunks,” and if Jerry misses (he won’t on his man Woody) on Martin, it will be another criminal negligence case as it relates to The Ring.

      • cjwright

        knudsen88 I expect full details of this “personal visit” to be included in your selections.

        • Erasmus

          cjwright knudsen88 Me too.

        • I agree 100% include the entire interview

      • knudsen88 Defense 28 The entire interview should be included.

  • I want to take the time to thank our contributors. All of your selections merit induction: I struggled with this, and I  feel guilty for only being able to select 3.

    • Defense 28

      CowgirlCas22 it really is hard to pick 3 out of these guys, that’s why I have a hard time with Haley being in the ring of honor over these guys shouldn’t be

      • Defense 28 CowgirlCas22  I agree he wasn’t a true Cowboy: he was JJ’s hired gun! JJ can’t draft and develop players like Landry and Jimmy  did, he has to hire them

        • cjwright

          CowgirlCas22 Defense 28 I am still puzzled by the Haley induction – that was the origin of the Top 10 series: to see if anyone else was more deserving of induction in to the Ring.

        • cjwright CowgirlCas22 Defense 28 It was JJ’s ego: that was one deal he negotiated lol

      • I guess I do have to give JJ some credit for ware, but Ware gives all of the credit for his success to Parcells. And still to day, in recent interviews he has brought up the impact the Tuna had on his career and success.

  • Erasmus

    I am also pleased that someone included Cornell Green. With all the hype surrounding the 90’s team, the old players get so little recognition.

    • Erasmus that’s because JJ wants all of the credit.

  • Football Mensa

    KD’s tentacles are forever reaching….The second pic of Harvey…I love those pants. Classic.
    I nominate Herb Scott. This is what Tony had to say about him…””When Herb goes after a guy, the next thing you see are feet in the air.”

  • Californy

    Im not really into fanstasy or player ranking, because many people come to the conclusion the number belong to the player when in my mind they dont..  Emmitt is nothing without the Pro Bowl Lineman and FB opening the holes, nor are the Lineman any good unless they had a tough drfence tochallenge them in practice.  In growing up playing ball the hardest part about football was never the game it was surving the practices away from the gliiter of the lights.

  • Californy

    I wished the boys would cocentrate developing the right system here in Dallas to coach up the right type of players.  This team should not take 17 years plus to return to the big game.  That why I dont participate in talking about the glory years, I am more concern having these players ready to compete in this coming year.

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