Dak Prescott Hype Needs to Stop!

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Dak Prescott lit up the preseason boasting a 137.8 passer rating and 5 touchdowns on 50 attempts vs twos and threes, but failed miserably week one vs the Giants.

dak prescott

After reviewing the tape of a Dak Prescott led offense, only one word came to mind: Déjà vu. It was like reliving that deplorable 2015 season with Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel under center in the absence of Tony Romo.

If you listen to the Jones’ media machine, Dak Prescott is the second coming of Tom Brady. Pump the damn brakes. 

Dallas Cowboys (0-1)

Last week: Lost to the Giants 20-19.

This week: Visit the Redskins, who won’t have Josh Norman cover Dez Bryant.

We have told you before that if you want to find a quality QB you have to go to the top of the draft, like the Eagles did with Wentz. Drafting one in the 4th round is a waste of time, and the Cowboys found that out the hard way. Dak Prescott, who started in relief of Tony Romo, had lit it up in the preseason against guys who wound up cut and veterans who weren’t risking injury, but when the real games began, he absolutely stunk. He played about as bad as a third string QB signed off the street:

Average 3rd string QB: 56.5 comp%, 6.2 Y/A, 66.4 rating

Dak Prescott: 55.6 comp%, 5.0 Y/A, 69.4 rating


I have to concur. Despite having enough time in the pocket to eat a sandwich and drink a Coke for most of the game, Dak Prescott failed miserably. The two biggest problems the Cowboys offense faced last year prior to Kellen Moore taking the reins having had minimal reps with the receivers was an inability to get the ball downfield (mainly to Dez Bryant) and/or find the endzone. Déjà vu.

Dak Prescott completed only one pass for 20 yards or more and despite having plenty of time to make his reads and with numerous trips to the red zone, he couldn’t find the endzone. In fact, following 45 attempts; Bryant, Williams and Butler combined for 5 receptions.  Déjà vu.

Accuracy vision and anticipation are imperative. We keep hearing about poise and composure, but without the rest of the tools, a quarterback will flounder. The Giants followed the plan teams used last year to the letter. They took away the run, let him have the underneath stuff, and dared him to take a shot down field. Déjà vu.


Dak Prescott was either unable to see the whole field, or was afraid to take shots down field. When you put the tape on, you can see the multitude of missed opportunities for big plays.  Prescott threw several errant passes to Cole Beasley. He over threw Bryant in the endzone on the over-turned touchdown play and when he wanted the ball on the outside, Dez had to try and catch it over the top of the defender on what would have been another crucial play. Accuracy and anticipation matters. A lot.

What we witnessed was college spread offense type football folks. A multitude of short passes across the middle and tosses to the perimeter. A quarterback who lacks the anticipation to throw guys open, the accuracy and touch to complete passes to a wide open Cole Beasley, and the inability to see the whole field.

The worst thing the media can do is keep putting this kid on a pedestal. He is what he is: a rookie with no previous experience in a pro-style offense. All that the hype will do is fill his head with a false sense of security. Players in the NFL need to be held accountable. If not, they get too comfortable.  A 69.4 passer rating and no touchdowns  in a losing effort is not worthy of high praise. Let the kid earn the praise before he gets it. .

It starts with not only making big plays down the field, but being able to find the endzone and winning some damn football games.

Kellen Moore
Jan 3, 2016; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Kellen Moore (17) celebrates throwing a touchdown pass to wide receiver Cole Beasley (11) in the second quarter against the Washington Redskins at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The same biased media machine that was so quick to discredit Kellen Moore following a 435 yard and 3 touchdown performance with multiple passes for over 20 yards without Dez Bryant, needs to show a little objectivity following a 227 yard and zero touchdown performance by Dak Prescott. Especially when the Redskins were coming after Moore who was often hurried and sacked several times. Come on Man!

The Cowboys brain trust is going to regret putting Kellen Moore on season ending IR.

The Cowboys are not going to win football games kicking field goals. Déjà vu.

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  • Johnathan Nguyen

    You know Al, there is a reason why when they said “plain vanilla” because it has some merits to it. I like Dak. I am not as hard on him just yet because he’s a rook. What he has is a good work ethic, poise, athletically gifted, looked the part, size and arm strength etc. What he is lacking is time to develop, vision, and accuracy. He needs to go through his progressions. I do believe this will come in time because now, in the NFL, he can’t rely on his athletic ability to bail him out of troubles like it was in college. Now, he has to be a QB!

    I stand on my statements before about pumping the brakes on Dak. We will see a lot of growing pains with him because if people would take the pedestal for Dak off, they would see the lack of vision and anticipation that Tony and Kellen have.

    I don’t understand the hatred for Kellen either by the mass. I guess they are sore about being wrong consistently about a guy that, in their eyes, look like a paper boy and doesn’t matter that he was the 2nd person in the history of the NFL to pass for over 400 yards in the second start at home. I’ve seen statements like “Oh, he’s not even practice squad worthy,” WRONG! to “he’s not even 3rd string QB,” WRONG AGAIN! to “OMG, if Kellen becomes our backup, i’d jump off the bridge!,” WRONG AND JUMP ALREADY! What these folks really don’t see is that it’s never about Kellen Moore gonna do this or do that to you, but it’s about when Kellen is in there, you can bet that he will spread the ball out to open receivers, call the right protections, knife the defense effectively because his visions and understanding of defenses is so fucking good!! You can see that our guys played much harder when Kellen was in there because they knew, if they did their job and get opened, the ball will come their way! Kellen doesn’t have the physical gifts, but he made it up through other avenues! There are many different ways to play QB other than being 6’4 and throw 60 yards on your knees!

    I’m sending my 12 year old to study with Kellen at his camp and hopefully more because i truly believe that is what a QB supposed to be. I want my son to learn how to dissect defenses like Kellen. How he sees the field. How he develops his uncanny anticipation. If he can be like Kellen but stand 6’2 or 6’3 with a strong arm, look the fuck out lol. I told my son that if you are 6’4, you going to have to prove that you can not play, but if you are below 6 foot, you will have to prove that you can walk on water. I told him this was the reason why the Buffalo Bills missed out on adding a Lombardi trophy to their stash because they gave in to a QB that looked the part and draft status instead of starting Doug Flutie standing at 5’9 but will kick your ass on the football field.

    Any ways, i hope Dak will bounce back and have a better game against the Skins. Our running game needs to pick up for that to happen, but that means Dak is going to have to operate under center more and there lies the dilemma.

    • Al

      I would love to put that comment in to a fan post article Jonathan.

      • Johnathan Nguyen

        I’m sorry bro, was the ranting too long? lol Absolutely, it’s yours and Cas site.

        • Al

          I loved the comment and was serious that it would make a great article Jonathan!

          • Johnathan Nguyen

            Thanks Al, of course. Just speaking from the heart on what i see and believe in you know? We are lucky as hell to have Kellen Moore here with us.

  • Noel

    Dak HAS been overrated by Cowboys fans everywhere, even analysts and former players! I am not sold on him the numbers are true. It is the first game but like I tell people he needs to win games before I can truly see him as Tony’s back up or future.

    • Al

      Amen Noel. Just like all the Andrew Luck propoganda. No one will mention he has more giveaways than any qb since he entered the league, yet he made the top 5 in the NFL top 100 over Romo who boasted the highest completion percentage and passer rating in the entire NFL that year

      • Johnathan Nguyen

        Yeah, that Luck over Romo is a head scratcher. On what planet is Luck better than Romo?

    • MercWithaMouth

      The problem, imo, is that without Romo the entire offense is overrated. We’ve seen Orton “put up numbers” and still not win. We watched Kellen Moore have one of the better games by a QB in DC history, no win. Even Weeden we watched come in and do what we ask any backup to do, manage the game and not commit mistakes. There is a bigger problem at play here than just the QB. What we saw in 2014 was not JGs offense, it was something different than we’ve seen in the last 9 years since Garrett took over. Last season, while we were shuffling through QB purgatory, why were we still leaning so heavily on the pass game? Last week, why did a rookie have 45 pass attempts? Why is Dez put on the outside to run go routes 50% of the time? Where is the creativity? Why are our offensive players not being played to their strengths? Why is a receiver like Dez not being moved around the formation to take advantage of matchups? Why are we not leaning on the strength of the team, you know that oline that the entire league knows about? I don’t want Romo throwing 45 passes a game, so why in the world would I want a rookie attempting that many in a game that we’re not 2+ scores behind? There is a bigger issue looming than our QB play. I honestly believe that issue is Garrett. I for one am tired of long drives that result in FGs. I am tired of winning every offensive statistic at the end of the game except for the only one that matters. Until Garrett relinquishes the keys to someone else, rather than just letting them along for the ride, we’re going to continue to see the same inconsistencies that we have been complaining about for the last 9 years.

      • You made a lot of valid points that we have written about numerous times. The fact still remains that In Week 1 the Cowboys ran 75 offensive plays and had only one play of 20-plus yards. Dak only completed 1 of 10 passes that traveled 15 yards or more in the air. That has nothing to do with scheme. He is not an NFL ready QB and we knew that when he was drafted. He was drafted as a developmental player.

  • Lionone1

    I can’t agree with this because there is no mention on how the veterans failed the rookies miserably. The defense sucks!

    • Al

      they looked like all pros compared to that buffalo defense. the fact is, the cowboys d is ranked 9th in total defense, and the offense is 24th in scoring and 20th in total offense. smdh dak has all his starters healthy and the d is running a bunch of scrubs off the sidewalk as well. watch the damn tape bro. holding eli to 203 yds is pretty damn hard to do. especially with the weapons he has. stop drinking the jerry juice.

      • MercWithaMouth

        “Holding Eli to 203 yards” Yet you fail to mention the 3 TDs or the fact that he was only on the field for 23 minutes, yet still managed 3 passing TDs in those 23 minutes… Perhaps you should stop drinking your own juice. The defense was every bit as bad as the offense and if it wasn’t for controlling the clock the entire first half, Eli makes the defense worse than he already did… Let’s not forget, that in the second half they were running at will up the middle of the defense, making Eli irrelevant anyway…

    • Al

      Dak had all day in the pocket: there are no excuses for not throwing to open receivers down field.

    • Say what? Stat of the week: In Week 1 the Cowboys ran 75 offensive plays and had only one play of 20-plus yards. Prescott was 1 for 10 on passes that traveled 15 more or yards in the air. Ouch!

    • BigDIndiana

      Agree. He managed the game and didn’t turn it over which is what I expected/hoped for a first rookie game. Had several drops, including Dez TD, and the OLine was putting him in a hole with penalties and no gain runs. We didn’t see a lot of 3 and outs but good sustained drives. Eli didn’t get many yards because we had the TOP by a large margin. Didn’t light it on fire but did enough to put us in a position to win.