Cowboys Players Sing Praises for Tony Romo

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The Cowboys players all had one thing in common following their first win since franchise quarterback, Tony Romo, went down week two with a broken collar-bone vs the Giants. Appreciation.

Cowboys players rallied behind tony romo vs dolphins

The Cowboys players all had an air of new-found confidence following a 24-14 victory over the Miami Dolphins on the road in in-climate weather. Tony Romo showed a little rust, but made up for it with his unique ability to rally his troops, make the right calls at the line and come through in the clutch.

The return of Tony Romo had a monumental impact on not only the offensive Cowboys players, but the defense as well. By sustaining long drives, which took as much as over 8 minutes off of the clock, they were fresh late in the game and able to play at a high level in the 4th quarter when it counted the most, and they held the Miami Dolphins to zero points; which sealed the long-awaited victory.

The Cowboys players all had similar things to say after the victory, and one couldn’t help but notice a glimmer in their eyes that showed something we haven’t seen since Tony Romo went down: HOPE.

Jason Witten: “We’re excited to have him back, he’s the leader of our team, he get’s us in to great looks, he’s a competitor, he makes a lot of plays for us, so,, I thought you saw him do that today at his best.”

“He’s the king of improvising, makes some great plays, it was great to have him out there.”

Jason Witten was held to only two catches in the game, and as Cas predicted in our pregame predictions article, Dan Campbell had a good idea of how to defend him and did an admirable job of it.

Darren McFadden: “It’s a great feeling having him out there, he’s a spark to our offense.”

McFadden had a stellar performance against one of the best defensive fronts in the NFL; amassing 129 yards on 29 carries (4.4 ypc) and 3 receptions for an additional 20 yards. This speaks volumes to the effect Tony Romo has on opposing defensive coordinators in the way they play against the Cowboys offense.

In the previous games they loaded the box in an effort to take away the run  and dared Weeden or Cassel to beat them with their arm. It only took Romo burning them a couple of times for them to move away from that strategy and that opened up the run allowing the offense to fire on all cylinders.

Terrance Williams: “You can’t describe it you know, he’s just one of those guys. He’ll line us up on the ball and just call a play: it’s a lot better than just breaking the huddle and trying to see what’s going on and we just do the rest from there.”

Williams has to be among the most appreciative Cowboys players. He had his best game since the last time Romo was at the helm in week two when he hauled in 4 receptions for 84 yards (21.0 YPA) and a TD. On Sunday he had a similar performance hauling in 4 catches for 79 yards (19.8 YPA) and a TD. Williams hadn’t caught a TD pass since week 4 against the Saints.

Dez Bryant: “Just him being back gives everybody that much more juice, ya know. Umm I’m not tryin to put any pressure on Tony, it’s just showin how much he really means. It’s nothing against Brandon, it’s nothing against Matt, Ya know, um, Tony’s outstanding. He makes things happen. That’s exactly what he did today.”

“They gave a lot of different looks. They would either double me and Witt. or Bease and Witt and Tony would do what he always do, and catch them in it.”

Dez Bryant was not only battling through knee and ankle injuries entering Sundays match-up, but was still trying to get back in to the swing of things following his extended absence due to a broken foot. He was obviously one of the most inspired amongst the Cowboys players by Romo’s return.

“I know that relationship me and him have both on and off the field. It gave me that extra juice to wanna get back out there. I’m not gonna lie. Just seein him out there, I was like, I gotta get right, I just gotta get right.”

When Bryant was asked how he felt about his TD catch vs the Dolphins setting the all-time franchise record for TD receptions between a QB and a WR at 50, his response was not only intriguing, but pretty much anticipated by a player who was mentored both on and off the field by Tony Romo.

“When I got to Dallas, I was extremely star-struck with Romo and ya know um, it’s a great accomplishment ya know but, I’m in this moment right now and I will worry about that after the season.”

There are no guarantees that the Dallas Cowboys are going to make the playoffs this year, but if there is one thing we can gather from what the Cowboys players had to say: it’s that they “BELIEVE” they can do it having Tony Romo back at the helm. Belief brings hope. The first step in accomplishing any goal, no matter how much adversity stands in the way of it; is BELIEVING you can accomplish it.  That Cowboys faithful, gives we the fans some hope.

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  • gcarr1213

    People are wondering what happened to Tyron, he didn’t have a good game at all, neither of the OT did. Some are thinking he’s having a bad year, I only noticed two games where he was bad this year. And that was the Eagles game, but he only did bad two plays. I remember Larry Allen getting beat by Joe Johnson of the Saints I think, and Johnson beat him like a drum. Everyone has a bad game. Larry Allen probably went in the following week making some other poor D lineman cry.

  • gcarr1213

    The defense played with way more confidence as well. They stopped trying not to make a mistake, they played what was in front of them, and if they made a mistake they felt Romo could make a play or two to fix the issue.

  • gcarr1213

    I saw 2nd and 26, I if that were Weeden or Cassel i probably am just begging for them to send out the punting unit on 2nd down. With Romo I had hope that maybe he could do it, it did, but on 3rd down it was a strike to Williams for the TD.

  • gcarr1213 The whole team showed much more confidence. Especially the defense. They would have had to be thinking what’s the use at times before Romo’s return. Just stop and think how many times they made stops for Weeden or Cassel to send them right back on the field having scored no points.

  • gcarr1213 The whole world of football got a first hand look at just how valuable Tony Romo is. It pisses me off how Deion Sanders continues to take shots at the Cowboys. Especially when he got some jewelry there. It further proves that he was and still is: all about himself and was never about the team anywhere he played. He was a hired gun and nothing more.

  • gcarr1213 No offensive lineman never has a perfect game and no matter how good they are, they all get beat from time to time. people are quick to notice the few bad plays, but fail to recognize it’s less than 5% of the total snaps in the game.

  • gcarr1213

    CowgirlCas22 gcarr1213 Yeah he was a mercenary. To be honest, I don’t think Dallas needed him at all to win their last championship, they just didn’t want the 49ers to have him.

  • gcarr1213

    CowgirlCas22 gcarr1213 I hope that McClain’s pick 6 ignites the defense for the remainder of the year.

  • gcarr1213

    The Panthers are tough, I don’t notice a lot of weaknesses on their defense, their S aren’t special, but are where they are supposed to be unlike ours. If their weakness it’s their LOLB spot with Klein and the rookie Thompson. Klein is very good against the run, but if you force him to cover, you can expose him and make him have a bad day, Thompson is more of the cover guy, but isn’t physical enough yet. Kony Ealy, you can get off sides and if you can keep the Panthers guessing, Ealy could have a very bad day. On offense, their O line, their OT are what you need to target, they aren’t very good, but the interior with Kalil and Trai Turner and the other OG is solid. Olsen is the only real threat i am worried about in terms of receiving options. Stewart I am not scared of, but you can’t let Tolbert get going.

  • gcarr1213 Damn that’s an impressive analysis right there. You need to put this stuff in to articles. I have to agree with it too.

  • Californy

    I never been into celebrating games during the season.  Football to me
    is about winning of championship game, no one remember the other
    31losers in the season.  Good team celebrate victories in February.  NE
    forgot this and choke in one of the biggest game in their career,, and
    tried to celebrate to Early .  Im sure NE learn from their mistake and
    played to clock hit zero zero.

  • Californy

    The real value of Tony Romo will be measured when he is gone from the game for Good.  Rodger Staubach value was not seen until almost 20 years later when the Cowboy won another SB in 1994.  Going to championship games is good, bit what better is when you win them.  Tony if he doesnt win a championship game here in Dallas may be seen as the next Danny White

  • Californy

    There no doubt without Tony Romo this team doesn’t look the same.  But 20 years from now those things will not matter unless Tony Team win a big game in February.  It always my belief you temper our emotion and energy for things that happen in the game.  The off the field things to me dont mean squat to me , 

    For me the Cowboy waist to much energy at being popular and forget the thing they must do on the field to win games.  NE has learn to tune out the media, and they( as a team) write their own story at what happens on the field.

  • Californy It’s a shame that a QB can be second all time in career passer rating and not have a ring because his GM never gave him the cast to win a championship. He will be remembered more like Dan Marino. Romo is a much better QB than Danny White. White went to 3 staright NFC championship games with a Landry coached team and couldn’t get it done. Romo doesn’t have that luxury and will be lucky to see one appearance with Jerry calling the shots.

  • Californy

    Nice Article AL, just having to share my point of view.  Romo pumps me up at wanting to win the whole thing badly.

  • Californy Thanks Bro.

  • Californy

    I believe Danny white has so much value not only as a player but as a coach.  I heard he great success in the other league he help launch.

  • Californy

    I believe Danny white has so much value not only as a player but as a coach.  I heard he great success in the other league he help launch.

  • Californy

    I am not a fan of the qb, as much as I am a fan of the team.  I often Quote Aikman 1994 stats as, 13 to to 11 Interception, that is with 8 Player on offense being a pro bowl caliber.  Can you say system qb at Troy Aikman.

    Dont get me wrong their is nothing wrong with a system qb at Romo 31th in pass attempts and number 1 in NFL efficiency in 2014.