Cowboys Fans Want Wins NOT Forbes Rankings!

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The Cowboys ranked #1 on the Forbes’ annual valuation rankings with an estimated value of $4 billion. Unfortunately for the fans, Jerry Jones skills as a GM are beyond pale in comparison.

cowboys head coach tom landry

Basically, all this proves is how gullible we the fans are. Hall Of Fame Cowboys Head coach, Tom Landry, has got to be looking down upon this once proud franchise with tears streaming down his cheeks! There was a time when winning mattered. There was a time when the Cowboys were feared! There was a time when it was about football!

The Jones family has taken the brand Tom Landry created, exploited it to pad their own wallets and left the fans hung out to dry. Two playoff wins in 20 years is totally unacceptable. As long as Jerry Jones and his minions can justify the success of the Cowboys with the monetary value of the team, NOTHING is going to change.

The New England Patriots came in at 6 ($3.2 billion) as the next NFL franchise on Forbes’ list. BUT, the Patriots have had 16 winning seasons since 1995 as compared to 8 by the Cowboys. They have 16 playoff appearances as compared to 8 by the Cowboys. They have 11 championship appearances as compared to zero by the Cowboys and won 4 of 5 Super Bowl appearances! Roger Kraft may not sit on top of the money tree, but his fans have something to believe in!  The Patriots have become the modern day Cowboys!


I don’t give a damn how much of an impact the media believes Jerry Jones has made on the NFL. I don’t give a damn about how many billions he has. What I do give a damn about is what the Cowboys do on the field. Jerry Jones has completely disgraced Tom Landry’s legacy and transformed the greatest franchise in NFL history in to the laughing stock of the NFL!  I’ll tell you what happened!

Tom Landry was the only coach in NFL history to string together 20 consecutive winning seasons and up until last year had the most playoff wins in NFL history. (Bill Belichick surpassed him in playoff wins.) What was Jerry Jones first order of business when he bought the Cowboys? He fired Tom Landry. How do you just fire the winningest coach in NFL history? Only a monster of the worst kind wouldn’t let him resign with some dignity! It breaks my heart to know that Tom Landry died a Giants fan because he despised Mr. Jones that much.

Top 5 NFL Cheaters: Jimmy Johnson still loved by cowboys fansJimmy Johnson was an excellent personnel man and had a gift when it came to evaluating talent. ( To this day Bill Belichick still visits with him for draft advise.) He put together a team that won two Super Bowls in five years. How was he rewarded? Jerry FIRED him too!

Jerry wanted to prove to the world that he could do it by himself. After failing miserably and not being able to find investors to build his new stadium because they said he wanted a yes man for a coach. A coach who didn’t have any say in the personnel decisions. At that point he brought in Bill Parcells. His first year in Dallas he took a team that endured three consecutive 5-11 seasons back to the playoffs. Jerry got his new stadium.

The drafts improved dramatically and I began to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Right about the time Parcells had rebuilt the team, obviously Jerry started meddling and he quit. To quote my partner in crime Cas:

“It’s no coincidence that the best two players on the team, Romo and Witten, are the last of the Parcells’ guys.”

How did Jerry reward him? The video below tells it all!

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Next up was Wade Phillips. Over the course of his first three seasons with the Cowboys Phillips posted a win loss record of 34-15. 13-3, 9-7 and 11-5 respectively. The Cowboys went to the playoffs two of those three seasons. In 2010 Tony Romo Broke his collar bone. The team was 1-7,  Jerry Jones fired him mid season and gave the reins to Jason Garrett. The Cowboys finished the season at 6-10.

In 2011 Jason Garrett was named the head coach. During his tenure  he has a win loss record of 40-40!  8-8, 8-8, 8-8, 12-4 and 4-12 respectively. Garrett went 1-11 in the absence of Tony Romo, He still has a job! What does this prove? Jerry Jones finally found his yes-man. He has fired all of the coaches with winning records and kept the one who has 1 winning season in five years.

He is so set on getting all of the credit, that he has become the Cowboys worst enemy. As long as the fans keep handing him their hard earned money, this will never change! At the end of the day, as long as Jerry Jones is sitting on top of the money tree you can expect more of the same. Until the fans let it be known that they want wins instead of Forbes rankings, the Dallas Cowboys will remain in a cauldron of mediocrity.  You need to decide what you want.

As for me, they will never get another penny until I see they are putting as much effort in to winning as they do making money. How much is enough? They have more money than any human could possibly spend in a lifetime. It’s about time the product represents the monetary value. It does in New England and then some!

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  • My sentiments exactly! I am soooooooo tired of the mediocrity! The Cowboys haven’t been relevant since I was a kid!

  • californy

    Great article, Al, You sure let JJ have it, lol

  • californy

    You are much to kind AL. If I had let JJ have it, most of it would of been censor too

  • californy

    for JJ popularity, ranking and the sales of NFL Jersey is JJ game. Those are all concepts I reject if I am building a championship type of franchise.

    Do you think The best Franchise in Sports the Yankees with 27 Championship in 87 years would care about popularity, no they wouldn’t. They care about Championships and making of real history in the process.

    Im sure the current Yankee wear that Pin stripe Proudly. They care about how they are perceived in today world and in Yankee history . They know and feel the pressure to live up to standard the Franchise has made through out their history.

  • johnathan

    Talking like a true fan eh AL lol? I’m on the fence about Jerry Jones because I know at the end of the day, he wants to win. Unfortunately for us fans, he wears two hats. One hat as a fantastic businessman, which plays to his strengths as a cerebral risk taker. The other hat as a GM where unfortunately, his risk taking self shines through without any repercussions of getting fired!

    For every DeMarcus Ware pick, Jerry Jones gave us 10 other head-scratching picks. With a big question mark on this year’s draft, I still feel that our previous drafts starting to paint a picture of identity that taking shapes resembling our glorious 90’s. We have a long way to go to even remotely resembled what Tom Landry Legacy had done.

    I am an eternal optimist, therefore, I did feel that we were turning the corner after the 2014 year. I truly felt that we were ready to compete for the championship. If Tony Romo is healthy, and now with the addition of Kellen Moore, I truly feel that we are going to be a force to be reckoned with abeit all the doubters.