Cole Beasley Primed to be Cowboys #3 Wide Receiver

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Cole Beasley has become a household name here at YDCFF and has also become what I would refer to as an unsung hero in Dallas. Early on there was a lot of speculation as to whether he would even make the 53 man roster. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t.

Cole Beasley 1

When I covered training camp in Oxnard last year, I had an opportunity to chat with Cole Beasley. I said it then and I will say it again, he is the kind of kid you would like your daughter to bring home for supper. The thing that stuck out to me the most was his passion for the game. Through the course of our conversation I came to the realization that he is his own worst critic. His drive to be the best he can be and his work ethic go hand in hand.

Cole Beasley 3The thing that stuck out to me the most while watching the Cowboys was his crisp clean routes and his quickness. Cole Beasley has a natural ability to not only read and understand protections, but the ability to find the soft spots in the zone. From what I saw, none of the Cowboys DB’s could stay with him while in man coverage. In fact, he was so quick and shifty off of the line that they couldn’t even get a hand on him to jam him. Despite only being in the games for less than 20% of the snaps last season, Cole Beasley still had 39 completions and 2 touchdowns. At one point he amassed 18 first downs on only 20 targets.

  • 2013 Receiving Stats
  • D. Bryant: 160 targets, 93 receptions, 1,233 yds, 13.3 ypc avg, long 75, 13 tds, comp% 58.0
  • J. Witten: 111 targets, 73 receptions, 851 yds, 11.7 ypc avg, long 34, 8 tds, comp% 65.8
  • T. Williams: 74 targets, 44 receptions, 736 yds, 16.7 ypc avg, long 82t, 5 tds, comp% 59.5
  • C. Beasley: 54 targets, 39 receptions, 368 yds, 9.4 ypc avg, long 23, 2 tds, comp% 72.2
  • M. Austin: 49 targets, 24 receptions, 244 yds, 10.2 ypc avg, long 20, 0 tds, comp% 49.0

As you can clearly see in the table above, Cole Beasley has the highest completion percentage of any receiver on the team. Would you believe me if I told you that he not only had the highest completion percentage of any receiver on the Cowboys roster, but the highest in the entire NFL? That’s right Cowboys Nation, Cole Beasley has the highest completion percentage of any receiver in the NFL with 10 or more targets in 2013.

Cole Beasley

Cas has been standing on the table for Cole Beasley ever since he signed with the Cowboys in 2012 as an undrafted free agent out of SMU. The word coming out of Valley Ranch is that Cole Beasley has been getting all of the first team reps. When they are in the 11 package, spread etc, he has been lining up in the slot. When the Cowboys cut Miles Austin, it told me that Jason Garrett and Tony Romo had enough confidence in Beasley to step up and fill the role of the #3 wide receiver. In my opinion, he has not only proven he can get it done in clutch time, he has been around long enough that he earned that spot.

Other sites reporting that Cole Beasley will be the number four receiver simply because the Cowboys drafted Devin Street, is nothing more than uninformed speculation. In fact, LaRon Byrd has been the first guy to see the field when Cole Beasley takes a break. According to Bryan Broaddus recent report on when he was asked the question below:

We know this team has five receivers, but if they kept six, who would that guy be?

“Right now, I believe that guy would be LaRon Byrd for the simple reason of his special teams value. What you have to remember about his game is that he played both offensive and special teams snaps for the Cardinals.

When we have had the opportunity to watch these OTA practices, he has been one of the first receivers off the bench behind Bryant, Williams and Beasley. So there appears to be a plan in place to see how he can handle that load going forward. Another receiver that might be in that mix for the same role would be L’Damian Washington once he is healthy and ready to go. I have seen Washington myself cover punts in Missouri’s game against Georgia and make tackles.

In the same game, he made a wrap up tackle on an interception, so he is not afraid to stick his nose in the middle of the action. Whatever direction this front office decides to go, that sixth receiver is going to have to do more than just be a player taking up a roster spot.”

In a recent press conference posted on, Scott Linehan mentioned that they have been lining up in the 11 personnel group a lot (which is three wide receivers and one TE) and Cole Beasley has really broken out in the slot. He went on to say that there are some guys competing for “other” roles in that package. We will know more when they get the pads on in Oxnard, but I think it’s safe to say that Cole Beasley will be the Cowboys #3 wide receiver entering the 2014 NFL season.

  • 10 reasons Cole Beasley should be the #3 wide receiver
  • He runs flawless routes
  • He understands his assignments
  • He has hands like glue
  • He is so quick and shifty he is a mismatch nightmare
  • He understands protections and is QB friendly
  • He most always finds a way to get open
  • He has the highest completion percentage in the NFL
  • He knows the playbook
  • This will be his 3rd season with the team and Tony Romo trusts him
  • He is versatile: can lineup in the slot or the backfield in a Darren Sproles type role

I am hoping I get the opportunity to attend training camp again this year so I can get a front row view of what changes Scott Linehan is making in the passing game. Any coach that doesn’t take advantage of a weapon like Cole Beasley should be coaching pee wee football in Alaska. However, if I was a betting man, I would go all in on Cole Beasley having a break out season. In fact, I strongly believe he is primed to be the Cowboys #3 wide receiver in 2014.

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  • You Know I love me some BEASE! Great job Al!

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    I don’t know what the coaches are thinking, but I am a coach in training, and I would never let a player like Beasley go, unless it was cap related. I don’t care about size and speed, if you can get open and catch passes. Beasley is capable of that, and it seems like fans just keep writing him off, because they want bigger players, well, don’t write off good players if they are still competing.

    • Maybe they used to, but this article is going viral lol there are already almost 100 shares on facebook. I think Linehan realizes what he has in Bease. I expect to see big things from him this year! Go Beassssse! lol correction: I just refreshed the page there are 111 already.

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        Well good. I am not the biggest fan of Linehan, but he is far better than Garrett by far. He is a lot more innovative.

      • Kenny Dean

        He is a good kid and I am sure his immediate family, cousins and uncles (like me) are sharing this all over there facebook. Shoot I remember playing touch football with him on thanksgiving and he was a little stud at about 8 years old.

        • That’s awesome! so far 271 people have shared it on Facebook!

  • californy

    I dont think Beasley has a future with the boys. I believe the Cowboys are looking for something that Beasley cant offer this team. The WR who is 4 and 5th string must be able to excel at Special teams. Beasley has not show that, neither has no one else with the exception of Harris and Dez.. I believe Cowboys keep 3 TE and 1 FB, so I dont expect more than 5 WR making the team this year

  • californy

    Cowboys don’t know how to used Beasley, Beasley to me is a RB, in a passing offense. Beasley would excel how Philly used Desean Jackson last year, as a WR-RB, who catches laterals behind the line, The short passes is what Beasley is good at. This is how Colson develop as a WR for NO his rookie season.

  • californy

    I heard the boys are looking at attacking the middle in the pass game. My guess, the Cowboys will do a lot more slants this year and hooks In Detroit last year their WR average over 6-2, and their Red Zone TE also was 6-6. I believe Cowboys should use Hanna in motion and get the miss match with size and speed.

    I heard The Cowboys are using the spread formation more in the pass game. William came from this type of offense at Baylor

  • californy

    I heard Murray is going to be a bigger part of the pass game, I heard comparison to Reggae Bush in that manner. Last year Reggie Bush had about the same amount of run yards as he did pass yards.

  • californy

    NO drafted a player who reminds me of what Beasley can become, The Player is Bradin Cook, he caught like 128 passes last year, What I like about Cook, he come back for the ball. I like WR who do this, they get between the ball and the QB. These are possession type wr, there usually tall like Dez, but can be small Like Beasley too. You just need to know how to use them, This is what Cowboys have been lacking for a while.

    • I think they brought in Linehan cuz JG didn’t know how to use Bease