Cole Beasley: “They are Letting ME DO What I Do!”

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Cole Beasley is a prime example of what “heart”, hard work and determination can lead to. Despite all the odds being against him, he is set to take on a bigger role.

cole beasley

A few weeks ago in a video posted on, Cole Beasley said, every year they try and draft his replacement because of his size. I am sure that was in response to the Cowboys drafting Devin Street and signing L’Damian Washington as an undrafted free agent. He went on to say it has always been that way. He said that he had to prove himself at SMU and he will continue to do so in Dallas.

Anyone who follows my work here at YDCFF knows that I have been shouting Cole Beasley’s name from the roof tops ever since he signed with the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent. Looking back, it amuses me how many naysayers there were back then. Most said he would never survive final cuts his rookie season. I can remember a conversation I had with Bryan Broaddus back then and him mentioning that one of the guys from front office had said,

This kid will be hard to cut. Every day he does something else to get noticed.

Prior to his signing with the Dallas Cowboys I studied a lot of SMU tape in preparation for the draft and there was this tiny lil guy in the slot; who just continued to dazzle me with his quickness and route running.  He could actually catch too. He just continually made plays that jumped right off of the tape..

cole beasley

At that point, I went and looked where he was projected. I was like wow, Cole Beasley is a perfect candidate for my “The Guys No One is Talking About” series. Cole Beasley has developed in to everything I thought he could be. I want to take this opportunity to thank him for not making me look like a damn fool. I am a firm believer in the Landry three year rule. I always say, don’t knock my players until after that time-frame. Guys need time to develop. Hmmm, it’s year 3.  Where are all of the naysayers now?

Our senior analyst, Al Beam, recently wrote an article titled; “Cole Beasley Primed to be Cowboys #3 Wide Receiver”.He believed Beasley had a good chance to be “that guy” who would step up and fill Miles Austin’s former role. It appears as though he was right.

In a recent interview with Nick Eatman from, Cole Beasley had some interesting stuff to say.

“I am getting to do more of what I was familiar with from college.” Beasley said. “They are letting me do what I do. I am getting to bring some new stuff, and we are keeping a lot of the old stuff too.”

Cole BeasleyIn the past when I had debates with people, it always came back to his size.  I am here to tell you that “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” (As my dad and uncle always say). In previous articles we ran here, we explained that despite only being 5 feet 8 inches tall, Cole Beasley can dunk a basketball. I am here to tell you that a lot of people over 6 feet tall can’t do that. That kind of vertical leaping ability enables him to win some jump balls against avg sized CB’s.

Cole Beasley went on to say:

I know what the coaches expect, I know what Romo expects, I feel like me and him have good chemistry out there. I feel like with him knowing where I’m gonna be on different kinds of routes and what he expects from me on those kind of routes.

I always contended that Cole Beasley was the best route runner on the team. As a former QB and a coaches son, he has an in depth understanding of not only how defenses work, but the timing between a receiver and the QB… Beasley said,

I’m not getting too many snaps on the outside, like I said, they are just kinda letting me do what I do right now, so um, mainly for me it’s just becoming a complete player so they don’t have to just put me out there in a special group for certain plays.
“I want to be out there for every play, in what they call the “11 personnel”. I just want to be that guy. So really, just being a more complete player; whether it’s blocking on the runs, running more routes downfield, all that stuff. I just want to be a complete player.”

Based on the news coming out of Valley Ranch, Cole Beasley has been getting most of those 1st team reps in the slot. In a recent press conference All-Pro tight end Jason Witten mentioned him ahead of Terrance Williams saying,

“we have some big play makers on this team with Dez and Bease.”
Cole Beasley
Cole Beasley beat double coverage to secure a much needed 1st down!

Jason Garrett praised his quickness and change of direction ability. I think the Cowboys bringing in Scott Linehan as the new passing game coordinator was the best thing that could have happened to Cole Beasley. He entered camp completely neutral with no previous attachments to any of the receivers. This enabled him to be objective in his player analysis. Personally, I believe Linehan is more creative and will draw up plays to utilize Beasley’s strengths.

People seem to forget that Cole Beasley had 39 receptions last year only being on the field for 18% of the snaps. By expanding his role to that of the #3 WR, that puts him on course for over 70 catches in 2014. I don’t know about you, but I will be drafting Cole Beasley for my fantasy team this year. He will be one of the biggest sleepers available. If they let Cole Beasley  do what he does, you will be seeing big plays like the ones illustrated in the video below. He averaged over 80 catches a season at SMU.

[kad_youtube url=”” width=560 height=318 maxwidth=560 ]


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  • Al

    I think this kid is destined for great things.

  • californy

    Beasley is in the QB head because he know the position and know how to attack the defense.. There no doubt in my mind Beasley has the ability to become a great WR. I just not as optimistic about Beasley Future with the team.

  • californy

    There has been talk about NE camp of moving Mallot sometime this off season they are waiting to see how 2nd Round – Jimmy Garoppolo (QB, Eastern Illinois) 62nd Pick, developes this offseason. Word has it Cowboys still looking to upgrade the QB position. I am not a Mallot fan, but I do believe we have 2 player NE may be interested in. The first one may be Cole Beasley, and the secound may be James Hanna. personallt I wouldn’t trade either player. I believe we have 2 player that can develope into good player.

    The problem is Dallas doesn’t know how to develop these two players. A trade of these two player may come back to bite us,

    • Al

      Belichick would be the one to get the best out of Beasley: Weeden is garbage, I would rather trade for Kellen Moore than Mallet

      • californy

        Words has it Detroit may be looking to keep only 2 QB, at this time Moore is battling for the 3rd spot.

        • which is bs because orslovsky has nowhere near the smarts

          • californy

            The part that scare me about Detroit is they keep Moore there and stunt his development

          • Exactly, and I believe part of the reason Linehan got the axe was because he took a shot at Stafford and said Moore is the smartest QB he has ever been around.

          • Gabriel Carrasco

            That makes sense, because his offense was still very successful last year, getting the ball to the backs and finding creative ways to feed the ball to other players not name Calvin.

        • Gabriel Carrasco

          If that’s the case, then good, because Dallas or New Orleans would probably pick him up quick. Linehan will probably get first dibs.

      • David Vick

        if CB went to the Pats he would catch 80-90 balls.

  • californy

    The Cowboys always protect their Draft Picks, and because of this reason, I believe Beasley Position is in jeopardy with the Cowboys. I expect Dez, William, Street to make the roster. I expect Harris to become our special team player. So in order for Beasley to make the roster, he must play special team and beat out the rest of the WR on this roster.

    I expect the Cowboys to carry a FB, so I expect that to impact the amount of WR they carry this year. We will have 3TE, and a possible 4th in Baylor Player Navajar.,

    • Gabriel Carrasco

      If we keep 4 TE we don’t keep a FB. Navajar isn’t really a blocking TE either.

      • We don’t need 4 TE’s. We need a FB

        • californy

          I expect Navajar to make it to the PS, not regular roster

    • Al

      There is too much news coming out of Valley Ranch about Bease getting the 1st team reps for him to be on the chop block. There is even more pressure from the fans. He has become a folk hero in Dallas and also Jerruh would like nothing more than to be able to say he created the next drew pearson.

    • Al

      they still don’t have a good blocking TE, so my guess is they keep a FB

    • David Vick

      Unless he falls off a cliff no way they let CB go. Very few come through with the kind of initial quickness he has. If they let him go I will buy cowgirl a ticket to Dallas so she can smack JG upside the head.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    I would put Beasley in the backfield and use him on screens, as a coach, with a player that small, you give him as many free releases as possible. I don’t think the coaches knew how to use him creatively, he has good hands, I would make sure he gets 50 or more catches a season, he and Harris are the X factors on the team.

    • Al

      He is one of those guys you can move all over the place.

    • I said all along JG didn’t know how to use him. Linehan is letting him do what he did at SMU

      • californy

        I dont believe till I see if for myself. I just don’t want Tony Interception number to get high again.. I hope they stick to a balance attack.

        • all the propaganda about getting the ball to dez more will increase the odds of sacks and picks. They kept trying to force the deep ball last yr and the 3rd down % was awful. too many 3 and outs

          • Gabriel Carrasco

            You want the caveman version, see man open, throw ball, catch it. Easy, if the player isn’t open don’t force it. Now it is different if that WR has been destroying defenses all day, and they don’t have an answer but don’t go into the game with that mentality of getting one guy the ball.

          • exactly. All I keep reading is people saying get Dez the ball! He had more targets than the other 3 combined. Successful offenses spread it around. That keeps them from focusing all their energy on taking out Dez and sets up the big plays to him.

          • David Vick

            Amen, imagine what Chip Kelly would do with him. LOL I guarantee you he would have had him coming out of the backfield.

          • Jim Harbaugh, Jon Gruden, Chip, or Chris Petersen would have him catching 80-90 balls just like he did at SMU

    • Alexander James

      I would love to see that! Hopefully the red head will utilize their strengths rather than try to force them into a role him & Jerry have already decided upon.

  • Lionone1

    They’ve known what they have in Beasley for a long time. He’s earned his spot on the Team. What I think his best trait is his ability to read defenses and know the offense. Thats all I want from this team is competition at all positions. They seem to be building something nice these past 3 years and continue to bring in more potential players. Its going to be interesting to see who steps it up this year that you didn’t expect 🙂

    • It will be really interesting, It’s good to be seeing u again lion.

  • David Vick

    The biggest addition to the offense won’t be a player…it’s Linehan, unless they tie his hands. I think he will do much better putting players in a position of their strengths. We have been so predictable the last few years it drives me crazy. Even if they only play him slot, they need to play him. And dude didn’t just dunk, he 2 hand reverse dunked. Dude got some serious hop. Another vertical that surprised me for a DLine guy Gardner has a 39.5″ vertical.

  • David Vick

    People really don’t like playing against these small quick guys. More so than the big guys. Even from high school I can remember 2 guys we dreaded were probably both 5’6″, maybe 150, and quick as a cat. And a couple of not so fond memories of grabbing at air. CB needs about 7 or 8 targets for every 10 Dez gets.

    • I agree 100%. He is so quick and shifty, with such good COD skills, by the time they realize he cut away from them, he already has the ball.

    • If you watch the tape, as soon as he gets them to turn their hips, it’s over.