Classless Act: Helman Takes Shot at Beasley.

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Classless Act: Helman Takes Shot at Beasley.

Helman takes shot at cole beasley:

I have been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys for over 40 years. During my lifetime I have seen some piss poor writers come through Dallas. I have bit my tongue many times at the idiotic things I have read, but Helman has no idea what the hell he is talking about.

When I stopped by Thursday night, I was interested in the practice recap. But, as usual, most of the article was just rehashing what anyone going to the same site ( already heard when they watched the Tony Romo interview. Then it was a rehash of what Garrett already said. At this point I am thinking: can I get some original content please?

Once I got through the rehashing of what Tyrone Crawford had to say, I saw “Notable Standouts:” I thought wow, finally some relevant original football content. Shucks, it was a couple of paragraphs of nothingness and some props to this Newsome character. Then I saw “Play of the Day:” and Cole Beasley’s name highlighted in blue. Cool I thought! When I read what the Classless Helman had to say, I wanted to reach through my computer screen and strangle his picture!

Cole Beasley vs Redskins2

“Here’s a telling indicator of how scaled-down practice was on Thursday afternoon: (What the hell is that crap?)

the best candidate for a play of the day occurred during the full-team walkthrough to open the practice. Lined up in the slot, Cole Beasley tore off downfield and snagged a nice catch from Romo about 25 yards downfield. He extended both arms and made a fantastic fingertip snag.”

How scaled down practice was?

Who is this moron? Has this guy ever watched any tape? Is he a frigging Redskins fan? How in the hell does a guy like this even have a job in the world of football? As an editor I wouldn’t publish his piss poor content. As an analyst, it’s obvious to me the guy knows absolutely nothing about evaluating a players skill-set, and as a fan, I think he is a disgrace to the star.

Mr. Helman, before you make yourself look like a total idiot again, here a few facts you should have already known before taking a shot at Cole Beasley!

  • He had the highest completion percentage of any receiver on the team.
  • He is hands down the best route runner on the team.
  • He has hands like glue and almost never drops a pass.
  • At one point last year he had 18 first downs on 20 targets.
  • He out produced Miles Austin despite only seeing 18% of the snaps.

cole beasley

Sheesh, that was in “real” games: were they scaled down?

I lived in Pennsylvania for years until recently moving back west. The thing I heard most from Eagles and Redskins fans was the one guy they feared the most was that little Beasley guy. They said they were glad our coach was too stupid to play him more.

My advise to Mr. Helman is to learn the fundamentals of football and how to evaluate players before committing such a classless act! Try watching some tape; if you even know what to look for. As a 40+ year fan, I am here to tell you that Beasley is Welker 2.0. I hope you like eggs, because you are about to have them all over your face. Saying Beasley made a play because practice was scaled down is the stupidest thing I ever read at! Your editor should be fired for even posting that shit!

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  • Johnathan Nguyen

    Please tell us how you really feel Al LOL. I read what he said and truly was a “What the hell” moment. If that was scaled down, at full speed would be freakishly scary eh? This dude is a tool man. Cole is something special and you’re right, he’s our version of Welker. This should be an exciting year for Beasley because he said the coaches are letting him do what he does best. I guess the coaches are waking up too, lets hope. Peace bro.

    • Gabriel Carrasco

      Here’s one thing that most people don’t know about. Cole Beasley is not only faster than Wes Welker he is also stronger. Obviously Welker is a special player, but Cole Beasley is further along in his career, than Welker was at this point.

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Everyone except for Broddus is a tool at, his opinions are different, when you talk to him outside of the organization. But I agree, I think Rowan is worse than Helman though. Everytime, I here Cole Beasley, pop up, they always want to replace him with Street, why? Because of freaking size, what makes anyone think they are better than Cole, based off what tape, based off what experience? Only Eatman and Broddus seem to like Cole, everyone else wants a replacement. If you want to replace Cole fine, but as a coach, I will pick up Cole Beasley faster than an eye blink, because he is going to help me on third downs when I need it.

    • Hecta

      If only you knew Rowan and Dave you would know they wish the coaching staff would throw to Beasley much much more

  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Lynch is holding out. Not good for the Seahawks, yes their D is beastly, but their O needs Marshawn. Their O line stinks, their WR are average, their QB is a game manager, they have some decent backup RB, but if Marshawn doesn’t play, that team is in trouble.

    • Al

      amen to that

    • aerdna smailliw

      Agree on most of your points but Russell Wilson is far more than a game manger. Even using your own analysis , how would a game manager win a Super Bowl or even thrive with an o-line that stinks and average WRs ?

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        Russell Wilson had two games last year where he threw for 300 yards, 8 games where he threw for 200 yards, and so 6 games where he had under 200 yards passing. Tell me that isn’t a game manager? He is nothing more, he is good, but he is nothing without that “team”. His defense faltered in the Colts game, he couldn’t bring them back. Until he proves he can be the one to carry the team, he is a game managing QB. His O line is terrible in pass blocking, but above average in run blocking. His WR are a WR by committee. Tony Romo won games without a good O line, and average WR, with a terrible defense.

        • Lionone1

          He won two games last year only completing 8-9 passes. Against SF and the saints in the play offs. 10 games last year completing less than 15. No doubt it’s a running football team with a great defense. They remind me a lot of the 90’s Cowboys they just don’t have an Aikman or an Irvin

      • Al

        lol Wilson had a much better OL than Romo, a solid running game and the #1 ranked defense to go with it. Dilfer and Johnson both got a ring, it doesn’t make them a great QB.

  • Jonathan Stimmell

    You really think Cole B is the best route runner on the team? Well, if your right then we are in major trouble. Dez is by far the best route runner, and I don’t need tape to tell me that. I watched the Wr’s and Db’s go at it yesterday on and Beasley had a few drops in just that short practice. You can’t hate on Helman. Sure he is not as good as Nick Eatman or Bryan B, but he is trying and you can’t hate on the guy for one article. I don’t see any Training camp article over here?!?!?! Its training camp I thought you guys are having two writers over at the camp. Im starting to think Cas is full of crap. One she won’t show her face at any Cowboys events, This site needs to step it up. I seen your guy out there last year, looked scared to talk to the players. If you love a team soo much then why not go out of your way to contact with them. If I didnt live in Pa I would start my own blog site and it would be a great site for fans to get great content and I would bring actual news from camp, not just a bunch of BS bad mouthing others writers that your jealous of

    • Lionone1

      Cas’s work speaks for itself. She has always put her reputation out there with
      her opinions and articles. That’s the only thing that should matter.
      There is enough history there for you to go back and look at. For as
      long as I’ve known her she will admit when she was wrong or a player
      surpasses her expectations. We are very similar with our with our love
      for the team. But, very different when it comes to, for instance,
      current coaching philosophy and management. I disagree with the article
      just like you do. But, now your no different than the writer is.

    • Gabriel Carrasco

      I don’t get how route running has anything to do with catching ability, they are opposite of each other. As far as best route runner, where have you been? The biggest knock on Dez was his route running, he worked hard this offseason on his route running, because he couldn’t get off jams. Jason Witten I believe is still the best route runner, with Beasley second. Helman have you seen him, he doesn’t know what he is talking about. is crap without Broddus and Eatman.