Charles Tapper will be “That Guy” in 2016

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For reasons unbeknownst to me, Charles Tapper isn’t getting any love from the Dallas media. Folks would rather pencil in the under sized Benson Mayowa or the problem child Randy Gregory.

charles tapper

Charles Tapper was among our top 5 Cowboys’ pass rush prospects in the 2016 NFL draft class and the only reason he came in at 5th was because of his lack of experience at the position. However, the rare combination of size, length, speed and power at the point he brings, tells me he could very well develop in to the best pure pass rusher in Rod Marinelli’s defense.

So why isn’t Charles Tapper getting any love? Who in the hell is Benson Mayowa? Typically we have to look at college production combined with instincts, football IQ, Measurables, character and work ethic to help us ascertain whether or not an athlete has the ability to translate to the NFL. In most cases, if a player failed to produce at the collegiate level it is indicative that he will struggle to produce at the NFL level.

Mayowa had poor production in college  and has only amassed 23 tackles and 2 sacks after 3 years in the NFL. Not to mention he is undersized for the position: weighing in at a lackluster 240 lbs. Come on man! This kid is NOT a 3 down player, yet folks want to pencil him in as the starter in the absence of Randy Gregory who has done nothing to prove he is a starter in the NFL either?  If any of you think this kid can hold up at the point against 300+ pound tackles in this league, you’re pretty damn .green.

To put this in to perspective for you, Jason Witten, a TE, outweighs him by 25 pounds. This kid will get blown off  the line of scrimmage on run plays. Best case scenario he may develop in to a situational pass rusher, will never draw a double team, and unless he can get a free run at the QB as a nickel rusher, I don’t see him having any production. Lets be real, he wasn’t facing many NFL caliber linemen in the WAC and had below average production.

Charles Tapper: 2016 The Guys No One Is Talking About

It blows my mind that the self-proclaimed experts among the Dallas Media already penciled him in as a starter over Charles Tapper. It is my belief that once the pads go on in training camp and Tapper gets a feel for his new position as a pure pass rusher rather than a guy whose primary function in college was to hold up blockers, (something Mayowa can’t do) in a two gap defense that didn’t allow him to use his unheard of 4.59 speed at 273 lbs, the problem child, Randy Gregory, may no longer have a job when he returns from suspension. Keep in mind, Gregory is also undersized to be a 3 down lineman. Folks are already naming him as one of the teams best pass rushers, but he failed to tally a single sack in a regular season game.

The bottom line is: Both Mayowa and Gregory have to rely solely on quickness to beat their man. Charles tapper has shown that he not only has quick-twitch ability, but the power to take on double teams or over power his man at the point. With some experience and improved technique, the sky is the limit. Justin Houston comes to mind, he also fell to the mid rounds.

Despite playing one less season of college football at a position that didn’t allow him to showcase his natural abilities as a pass rusher, Charles Tapper amassed 135 tackles, 24.5 TFL and 13.5 sacks. Taking in to consideration that he ran a 1.59 10 yard split, (best among DEs in the 2016 draft) and will be taking on tackles with the opportunity to get to the edge rather than taking on guards in the middle and having to muscle his way to the QB, I fail to see how Benson Mayowa is even in the conversation.

Considering the fact that Randy Gregory has already proven he doesn’t take his NFL career seriously and doesn’t have equal size power or speed, Charles Tapper will be “That Guy” in 2016 and become the next member of our “The Guys No One is Talking About” series to make us proud. You can see our predraft scouting report on Charles Tapper HERE.

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  • Excellent write up and I agree 100%. This team will never be able to rely on Gregory cuz like Romac he would rather get high than take his career seriously.

  • Johnathan Nguyen

    This is one unselfish stud! How in the world can you run 4.59 when you weight 275?!! That’s unreal! I think he can realistically get 4-5 sacks this year. Super excited to see this kid plays. Thx Al and hi Cas.

  • Lionone1

    I don’t get the feeling that anyone is penciled in when it comes to this defensive line. (Crawford?) I think people would choose Mayowa right now only because he has the NFL experience. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tapper makes a huge impression with his abilities. I loved the picked. We have a long way to go.