Can Dez Bryant Be The Best WR In The League?

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Physically, Dez Bryant  is one of the very best wide receivers in the NFL. There are very few  in the league that can adjust to the ball in the air the way Dez Bryant does.  His natural physical talents can’t be taught or duplicated.  A defensive back can have perfect coverage on him and he will out jump you, or just plain ‘ole  physically dominate you.  Not only that, but he is very dangerous with the ball in his hands; he is one of the hardest wide receivers in the league to bring down after the catch.

dez kissThe only thing that was holding him back in his first few seasons in the NFL was his immaturity, but Dez Bryant appears to have made incredible strides in growing up. It’s hard to deal with the publicity and money of being a first round draft choice for the Dallas Cowboys (one wearing the sacred #88 no less) when you grow up under the conditions he did. His mother was very young when she had him. He has started to show that he can learn from his mistakes and grow up and be a man. .There’s another reason why I believe he is ready to dominate in the NFL: Dez Bryant grew up a Dallas Cowboys fan and his dream was always to play for the Dallas Cowboys.

I’ve always believed that if a player is playing for their favorite team, the team they grew up idolizing, and dreamed  of playing for:  they will do better, and be better players. Dez Bryant is a perfect example of that. He has learned how fragile and precious playing for the Dallas Cowboys is –  his dream was slipping away with the off season problems he was having.  The problems with his mother, financial issues, getting kicked out of a mall and such.  As he started to see his dream slip away,  he accepted the restrictions the Cowboys put on him. He also proved he could live by the rules and focus on becoming a better and more complete football player. The great inspiration of his story is: you didn’t hear one negative thing about Dez Bryant this past off season.

dez3If you recall, the Cowboys did the same thing with Pacman Jones a couple of years ago and all he did was go out and beat up his body guard while out clubbing. The Cowboys were smart and let him go. I believe that if Dez Bryant had done some of the things that Pacman did after the Cowboys tried to help him, you probably wouldn’t have seen Dez Bryant in a Cowboys uniform this year. Fortunately, after the restrictions were put on Dez, you heard nothing negative about him at all. He’s turning into one of the best WR’s  in the league, and the younger guys are naturally looking to him whether he likes it or not. He seems to be embracing that. For him to accept the leadership role, and mentor the younger receivers is a good thing. It can only help the Dallas Cowboys.

Not only can Dez Bryant be one of the best if not the best wide receiver in the NFL, he will also make the Cowboys defensive backfield better. Claiborne and Carr are two solid corner backs and if they can successfully defend Dez, then they can play against any receiver in the league.

dez camp2There never was a question about his love of the game or how hard he was willing to work to become better. You must also tip your cap to Jerry Jones and the staff for the work they’ve done with Dez Bryant. They didn’t over do it or under do it in their efforts to help him. I’m excited to watch him play this year and the Dallas Cowboys have enough weapons on offense that defenses will not be able to just double team Dez every play. If they do, Tony Romo will make them pay with Witten, Austin, Murray, or Harris.

What do you guys think? Can Dez Bryant be one of the best WR’s in the NFL? How does he stack-up against the elite receivers like Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, or Demaryius Thomas?


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  • Football Mensa

    He and Thomas were n the same draft so it will be fun to watch those two. What makes Dez different than those other wr’s is the ferocity with which he plays with.

    • coachk5520

      Football Mensa , you are absolutely correct.  He’s a beast with the rock!!!!!

  • Californy

    This is why Dez will not be the best WR in the NFL,  The first Reason is Witten, The next is Miles and Terrance William in the future.  If you look at Detroit Megatron you have his next receiver less than half of his stats and the same with Andre Johnson in Houston.  Dez is in direct competition with Witten and Miles for touches and yardage on his team