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This season started so promisingly for the Cowboys. However, after the team’s sixth loss in a row, fans are starting to circle the wagons as they begin to prepare for the worst.

cowboys wr dez bryant

A spate of unfortunate injuries and even worse PR has marred what could have easily been another playoff year for the Dallas Cowboys, but now fans are just praying for it to be over quickly.

The Cowboys went out and kicked things off with a bang this year and took home a hard-earned win against the New York Giants. However, with the sweet came the sour as Dez Bryant was forced off later that game with a foot injury from which the star receiver is still recovering. Despite that, things were looking good in week two against the Philadelphia Eagles until starting quarterback Tony Romo went down in the third quarter with a broken collarbone.

Jimmy JohnsonThe Cowboys haven’t won a game since losing Tony Romo and with only three home games left in the season, there isn’t much time for America’s Team to turn it around. The New York Times points out that the current run is the longest losing streak the Cowboys have suffered since going 1-15 in 1989; the Cowboys first season under Jimmy Johnson as the head coach. Coincidentally, following a 3-13 1988 season under Hall of Famer Tom Landry as head coach.

While optimistic fans continued to remain hopeful of the team’s chances of at least a wild card berth (largely due to the lackluster quality of the NFC East), any dreams of a playoff run are all but dashed after the most recent loss to the Eagles. Driving that point home is the fact that the odds-makers at Betfair have the Cowboy’s odds of taking the Super Bowl at 99 to 1, and the team’s chances of making the playoffs aren’t much better as the team’s troubles continue to mount

Pro Bowl running back DeMarco “Spray Tan” Murray was sent to the Cowboys’ arch-rivals in Philadelphia during the offseason much to the chagrin of Dallas fans. And sure enough, Murray ran wild in his rematch against his former team by putting up 78 receiving yards, 83 rushing yards and a touchdown. ESPN’s NFL staff notes that the Dallas running game hasn’t improved as the season has progressed after a season-ending injury to back-up Lance Dunbar and the release of Joseph Randle for unspecified reasons. When you consider that this is a team that has continued to hold water for Greg Hardy, you have to wonder what exactly Randle did to get the axe.

“We just think it’s time for us to not have him on the roster,” team owner Jerry Jones said. “That’s the decision we made today, and we stand ready to help him work through any of his other issues.”

Given the recent media frenzy surrounding the Cowboys personnel, we expect that this won’t be the last time we hear Jones saying something similar about a player. The team has remained tight lipped concerning the domestic assault allegations we have concerning Greg Hardy, and we only hope the team will do the right thing to resolve this issue soon.

Making a bad week worse, linebacker Sean Lee was forced to leave Sunday’s game against Philly with his second concussion of the season, which has many questioning if he’ll even be available for Week 10. With a depleted line, no running game, a lack of a viable QB option and tensions brewing in the organization, this season has been a perfect storm of bad luck for Dallas. The Cowboys currently sit at the bottom of the NFC East with a 2-5 conference record and are 2-6 overall.

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  • Californy

    I dont by what the talking heads say about the Cowboy every year.  Cowboys represent like 10% of all the football news that come from the NFL.  The problem is the Cowboys believe this.  Cowboys need to focus what goes on the field rather than what get printed in Articles.  The Cowboy are the media Mecca of the NFL.  I believe the only way the Cowboys can get better is not to micromanage them at ever step, at what they do or not do.  JJ need to close the circus of what the NFL called the Dallas Cowboys.  That mean JJ need to be seen and never heard as this team GM.

    I dont think JJ is capable of this, he love being front center of the NFL.  I doubt most fans can named the GM of The Patriots and The Green bay Packer without looking it up.  But the whole world know the GM and Owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

    I believe Jimmy left the Cowboys because JJ was unable to stop meddling in the job of the HC.  A head Coach need total control, or need the GM and HC to work together in all things that is football.  I doubt that JG hired his own assistant coaches.  How strange JG get Head coach of the year acknowledgement when he become more hands off Head coach duties

  • Californy

    I believe a good Head coach can make a difference, with pretty much the same personnel, The Miami Dolphins dont even look like the same team that open the season this year

  • Californy

    JJ because he cant manage a budget, has ruin the mentoring process most team has in the NFL.  Many Dallas Cowboys draft Pick really never earn their starting job, when  JJ cut the veteran in front of the rookies.  I believe the ideal situation would be to learn from the veteran , in how he practices and how he prepares for the game.

  • Californy Wow you said a lot in there lol. That was an article in the making.

  • Californy Parcells took the Cowboys from 3 straight 5-11 seasons to the playoffs his 1st yr as head coach. Coaching makes all of the difference. A learn on the job coach can’t match wits with these veterans who have been coaching for 15-25 years. many who served under veterans with a history of success.

  • Californy

    I cant help but notice how one of your pet Cat is doing Cowgirl, Sendejo is 4th on his team in Tackles, and Minny is 6th In the NFl in Pass defense, and 7th over all.  This despite having an offense 30th in the league in Offense.  Improve the Minny Pass game and that defense get better

  • Californy

    It doesn’t take 3 years to evaluate NFL talent team like New England, Green bay, and Seattle rotate their player.  I wont wait to the contract year to determine these player worthy, every player play well in their contract year when they are chasing that money.

  • Californy He would have more tackles, but his own teammate ran in to him and ijured his knee. He missed most of that game and the next one.

  • Californy Landry was fond of the 3 year rule, but many of his players didn’t last 3 years. If they made it 3 years, they were ready to be a solid starter. Waters was stuck behind Harris for 5 years. He ended up an All-Pro safety.

  • Californy in his first 10 starts he had 82 tackles, 2 PDEFs 1 pick. He still hasn’t allowed a TD while in coverage.

  • Californy

    CowgirlCas22 Californy I wonder who made the decision not to keep him.  He could of answer this team woes at SS safety position we have.  I think Rob Ryan was high on that player

  • Californy CowgirlCas22 he was and Rex grabbed him up then Minn poached him from Jets and he has been there ever since.

  • BigDIndiana

    Californy  Some take that long to be starter quality. And some get into the wrong system that doesn’t fit their talent. Parcells was a 3 year guy too, you are who you are by then. Does seem to happen a lot, guys blow it up in a contract year…get paid, then go away. Not sure who the scout was that found this David Kirby kid….but he needs a raise.

  • Californy

    BigDIndiana Californy I hope Irving get a lot of playing time so, he can get a raise base on amount of snaps he took.

  • gcarr1213

    Californy Landry created that system, and Parcells was a big believer in that system. Some players take longer to develop. Sometimes the scheme or position doesn’t fit the player. It’s also there, because you need to give up on a player doing anything after 3 years. Sometimes injuries happen as well.

  • gcarr1213

    David Irving may have been a good find. It’s hard for an UDFA to make an impact as a rookie. Irving every time he plays comes up with something big at some point. I think he needs more time.