Brandon Weeden? Cowboys Continue to Err in Free Agency.

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I wrote this article when the Cowboys first acquired Weeden. After his piss poor first start I was compelled to run it again. I have seen my share of mind boggling decisions by Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, but this one takes the cake. Brandon Weeden is 5-15 as a starter. His 26 interceptions to only 23 touchdowns and a passer rating of of 71.8 over two seasons speaks volumes as to why the QB starved Browns were willing to to take a cap hit to cut the 30 year old former baseball player.

Brandon Weeden

Let’s be honest here: there are no guarantees Tony Romo will stay healthy. There is no way I would trust Brandon Weeden to lead this team. The more I try and figure out the mind set of Jerry Jones, the more I am convinced he is becoming delusional.

Alex Tanney 10Do you remember Alex Tanney? It is pretty much impossible for me to forget him because he had become my “pet cat”. I thought wow, Jerry Jones and the scouting department did a great job finding a quarterback with so much potential for such good value. In fact, three of the articles I did on him are still among the top 5 most popular ever published on this site. Almost over night, he had become a fan favorite.

I remember Jerry Jones saying he likes pain. He likes the criticism he gets from the media and fans alike because it motivates him. Is Jerry Jones so addicted to pain that he is making bone headed decisions just to get the media coverage? Is this some twisted form of S&M? Lets see how much sense the decisions he has made so far in free agency make.

Andrew Sendejo 2Before I get in to this season I need to elaborate on a bit of Deja Vu I am having. A couple years ago the Dallas Cowboys brought in an undrafted free agent safety from the UFL named Andrew Sendejo, who had played one year in the UFL for the Sacramento Mountain Lions. He left the UFL as the number one ranked safety and was tied for #1 in tackles among the entire league. To make a long story short, Jerry Jones cut him before he ever got a fair chance to compete for a job. He ended up in Minnesota where he beat Frampton out of a job. Not long after, Jerry Jones ended up signing Frampton for the Dallas Cowboys. Andrew Sendejo ended up amassing 84 tackles in 10 starts last year for the Vikings: Frampton is on the street last I checked. The Cowboys are still in desperate need of a solid safety to start along side Barry Church.

Back to the present. This year, Jerry Jones elected to cut the Cowboys all time sack leader and shoe in first ballot hall of famer, DeMarcus Ware. In return, they got the the DE Mincey that Denver and Jacksonville had both cut. Basically, Jones traded DeMarcus Ware for a bottom feeder with character issues.

Alex Tanney, Alex OkaforNow Jerry Jones just signed Brandon Weeden who was cut by the Cleveland Browns. The pattern really begins to take form here because Brandon Weeden is the quarterback Alex Tanney beat out of a job in Cleveland. Alex Tanney not only beat Brandon Weeden out of a job, the Browns also cut the veteran Jason Campbell in favor of Tanney. You can read my  articles on Alex Tanney here. There are those who will say jerry had to let the Browns poach Tanney because of Injuries on defense. What’s more valuable: an injured street free agent signee or a healthy quarterback with the potential to become your starter?

Do you remember the Roy Williams debacle? How could we forget. Despite having a big mouth, T.O was the best WR Tony Romo ever had in his arsenal. In fact, he still holds the record for the most passing yards and touchdowns ever amassed over a three year period of time by any wide receiver in Cowboys history. Love him or hate him, he earned his pay on Sundays.

Terrell OwensHere is where the pattern continues to take form. Right after giving Terrell Owens a large contract extension, he took a cap hit to cut him and gave up what I believe was a 1st and a 2nd round draft pick to sign Roy Williams to a large contract. We all know the rest of that story.

The question now becomes: why does Jerry Jones continue to more or less trade great players for bottom feeders or players of lesser quality? I might add, to date, the Cowboys have only acquired McClain who has 1 sack in 3 years in place of Jay Ratliff and Jason Hatcher, who are both Pro Bowl players.

jerry Jones 2Whether or not Jerry Jones signs anyone worthwhile this offseason is yet to be seen, but so far, not a single notable player to have visited Valley Ranch has elected to sign with the Dallas Cowboys. Kyle Orton is contemplating retirement, Tony Romo is coming off of back surgery and Jerry Jones trusts Americas Team in the hands of Brandon Weeden: a guy who couldn’t keep a job with the quarterback starved Browns. Once again Jerry has continued making ridiculous decisions to let a quality Cowboys player walk to another team and in turn signed their cast off. You are entitled to your opinion, but in mine, Jerry Jones is either deliberately sabotaging the team, or he is delusional.

My advise to Jerry Jones is pick up the phone and bring Alex Tanney back to the Cowboys. There is not a person alive who will convince he can’t play better than Brandon Weeden. Especially after his performance vs the Cardinals. Once again I am saying I told you so Jerry Jones.

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  • Gabriel Carrasco

    Well QB is a must in the draft. Thanks Jerry, can’t fix our defense because our backup QB is so bad. Now we need an heir.

    • Exactly why I was so pist they didnt keep Tanney then pass on garappolo

      • Gabriel Carrasco

        I have an idea for this off season to help this transition go a lot smoother.

        • What is it lol

          • Gabriel Carrasco

            It hinges on letting Melton walk and signing Devin McCourty from the Pats. Also it hinges on being able to sign and stick with Kellen Moore.

          • They should have listened to me and drafted Moore in the late rounds. They never have a plan. Its always a last minute scramble to find replacements when they should have had someone developed and ready to step up. I would love to have Moore, but if tony takes another hit, its another wasted season Cuz of their lack of preparation.

          • Gabriel Carrasco

            I say Moore because Linehan has history with him.

          • I suggested trading for him earlier this year Cuz he knows the offense. I still say he was best QB in that draft

          • Gabriel Carrasco

            We shall see. Because my idea is to get Danny Shelton early on along with Denzel Perryman. One off season you would have addressed every level on the defensive side.

          • You wouldn’t get any complaintsfrom me

          • Gabriel Carrasco

            I need to keep looking at players, but Karl Joseph the S for WVU is pretty good, plays SS but can move to FS with his coverage skills.

      • Jeff Kessinger

        Garappolo has the same release as Romo, very quick.

  • Lionone1

    I favored Tanney too but, he can’t seem to keep a job anywhere. He may be better than Wheedon though thats not saying much because he’s terrible. If this is the play we can expect from a backup QB thats been getting more time with the 1’s than most back up QB’s would, they might as well give Vaughan a shot. LOL atleast when he runs for the first down he has the mass to not end up embarrassingly short. My gawd the Cowboys defense held the Cardinals to 14 – 10 up to the 4qt. 7.5 QB rating? I don’t even think I can go back and watch the game this time.

    • The only reason Tanney left cle was because the new gm tried to make a splash to sell tickets and drafted johnny. As I predicted he couldn’t beat out hoyer. Tanney is like Warner, all he needs is a chance like Romo got in Dallas and Davis just got with the Rams.

      • Lionone1

        He’s a free agent now. Its going to be tough for him to get a chance now

  • BigDIndiana

    Weeden, Weeden, he’s my man

  • Jeff Kessinger

    I absolutely agree about Weeden, and really would have loved to see what Tanney could do as I was as high on him as you. Having said that they were in quite the pickle last year personnel wise as they had so many injuries to the DL. They did try to hide him on the practice squad, and he went to where all good QBs go to die the Cleveland Browns. I was hoping that Weeden’s short comings were a factor or the Brown’s talent, but they aren’t he sucks and is probably one of the worst back ups in the league. He’ll be gone next year, and never to be heard from again. Having said that Linehan is just as much to blame as he put the ball in his hands to win which he should have never done. For some strange reason they just didn’t run the ball, and I understand the Cards played the run to make Weeden beat them, but he didn’t help Weeden at all by not using bunch formations and screen plays to the running backs. And the Cowboys were averaging over four yards a carry so I still didn’t understand not running the ball more. I’ll give it to LInehan for the most part running the ball more this year, but his offensive play calling lacks imagination and variety when he does call pass plays.

    • Lionone1

      They had to make some passes. The Cardinals weren’t going to let them run the ball they practically begged the Cowboys to throw the ball with Weedon. It was a gamble and they won. Weedon was terrible, missed throws, missed open recievers. Beasley was open so many times, Dez had a terrible game. In fact he hasn’t been himself the last couple of games. The Cowboys need Romo back end of story. If he can play he needs to play.

  • George Smith

    You still bringing up freaking Andrew Sendejo?! That was what 4 or 5 years ago?! Give people a break with that garbage! Sendejo stinks! I would take Wilcox over him anyday! BTW if you knew anything about football for real you would realize Jerry had to cut Ware! It hurt me to see him go, but treading water with him got this defense no where but the worst in team history!

    You were the one who said Tyron Smith would be out of football in 3 years, that comment speaks to your true knowledge of judging talent

    • Al

      Damn dude your dumber than a box of rocks. The vikes used the exclusive rights franchise tag on Sendejo so no other teams could talk to him. Watch some damn tape dude. Wilcox is one of the worst open field tacklers I have ever seen. Cas never said Smith would be out of the league I read the articles. She said you don’t use the 9th overall pick on a careerRT that will take 3 years to develop. Which endied up being spot on. People like you who can’t do troll the internet criticizing those who do. I guarantee you she forgot more than you know about grading players.

  • George Smith

    I’m betting the current 10 and 4 record is killing you