Assorted Cowboys Tidbits and Observations Heading to The Black Hole

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Greetings All, I bring you well wishes and good tidings from the 14,000 foot peaks in Nathrop, CO. Simple majesty from the Silver Cliff Ranch. Sure beats the 100+ degree blast furnace currently cooking in the DFW Metroplex. Because a personal vacation is at hand, I thought I would scatter-shoot you a few Cowboys observations and get back to a dedicated piece upon return next week.

BrianWaters2Brandon Moore brings a whole new meaning to “drive by.” More like sleep by. What the heck was that? Better that it happened now than have the “second thoughts” creep in after the practice pads were pulled on. Not sure I quite understand his reasoning, as he’s never been a nomadic player. He’s never had to move himself or the family previously, and why would the family even have to move for an opportunity in Dallas? Leave the family in their comfortable confines and go earn a cool $2+ million dollars for a mere 5 months of work. What’s not to like? Yes, the family would miss you, but it’s not like we’re talking about a Mormon mission commitment here. Enjoy your retirement, Big Man.

Which now has Brian Waters and his agent laughing loudly and holding all the “leverage” cards. Talk about having the hammer. They simply sit back and wait for a figure they want to hear appear. One which will obviously be a severe overpayment/reach subsidy. Nothing like showing your hand when you have absolutely nothing to bargain with. If Brian Waters makes his way to Oxnard or Valley Ranch, know that our Dallas Cowboys have just overpaid for a proven, yet over-the-hill NFL guard. The only question remaining, “Is he better than anything they currently have?”

Sadly, and unexcuseably, the answer is probably a resounding “yes.” The Cowboys have no one to blame but themselves for being in this predicament. If you’re a frequent and regular observer and fan of this site, you know we’ve been all over the OL deficiencies since the off-season started. There is absolutely no reason why the Cowboys can’t have depth on the OL and DL’s like they currently employ in the WR, RB, LB and DB ranks. Our Boys are going to part with some legitimate NFL talent at each of these positions as soon as the cut downs begin. Watch as other clubs swoop in to pick up the severed ties. Stock-piling talent in the skill position (with the exception of QB) area is a complete waste of time and money if you don’t have your trenches fortified.

RomoCandiceHawkinsAndJJThe Cowboys once again, especially after inking Romo to mega-bucks, are going to be standing in the middle of the NFL campaign completely depants. When opposition teams again run all over the Cowboys defense and Romo is sent running for his life, we’re all going to look at each other, simply shake our heads, and, again, be staring down the barrel of a .500 season. All because the trenches haven’t been properly addressed for 10 years running. Yes, it has been 10 years of inconsistent DL and OL talent acquisition.  Ugh.

Which brings us to this Monte KIffin/Rod Marinelli 4-3, Tampa 2 scheme. The jury is out and will remain out until we’ve had our first pass through the Division opponents. Only then will we know if we can stop the attacks we need to suppress in order to make a playoff run.  Because the scheme is designed to send all four down linemen upfield, pressuring the QB, it’s going to open holes and lanes for the opposition running game.  Prepare yourselves for some “stout” ground games from Cowboys’ opposition.  The Cowboys are banking on their LB corps to make tackles all over the field and having enough “quick twitch” reaction time to read and react, fill gaps and plug holes.  The LB corps is all about heat-seeking missiles and ball carrier identification (quickly).

BruceCarterAlong those thoughts and observations, is Bruce Carter still in Camp?  Seriously.  Like you good and loyal readers, I attempt to read everything I possibly can about and from those covering the Cowboys daily.  I can count on one hand how many times I’ve heard the name Bruce Carter mentioned.  No, I’m not sending up a flare or beckoning a Coast Guard chopper, but where is Brother Bruce?  Is he still “everything” we expect him to be?  He may currently be the quietest superstar in the making sitting on this roster.  He is still there, right?  Don’t know about you, but I’m sure tuning in tonight to drastically search for #54.  Maybe I’ve missed it, but Carter “in print” has been an extinct species 2-3 weeks into Camp.  Round up the posse?

Before leaving the Tampa 2 scheme, we need to address “thee” critical element on Cowboys’ defensive success for the 2013 campaign.  How will the corners adjust and play?  Cowboys Nation, you must realize this is going to be a complete change for the way Claiborne and Carr are best suited to play.  They will need to become physical in the run and tackling games.  A must for this scheme.  They are being asked to step up and take on the junk.  They are going to have to sink shoulders and bring down ball carriers or they’ll need to funnel everything inside.  This is a COMPLETE change in philosophy and execution.  Will the vaunted corners be able to meet their expectations?  YDCFF Friend, Bryan Broaddus, addressed this early on, but I don’t think the general Cowboys’ Public realizes just how much of a change this will be for Jerome Henderson’s highly-touted CB’s.

OrlandoScandrickAnd to finish off matters from the mountains, has a Nickel Corner/Slot Expert, ever made the Pro Bowl on a consistent basis?  Is it possible?  I’m going on record as saying Kiffin has the “ultimate” weapon at this disposal this year.  “He” being Orlando Scandrick.  And that “pains” me to say, as I’ve not been the biggest Scandrick supporter over the years he has donned a Dallas Cowboys uniform.  Never liked his attitude and the way he carried himself.  Just presented a personae of stand0ff-ness and “I’m better” than y’all know or think.  Anyone with me here?  But, and that’s a huge but, I think Scandrick is about ready to “meet his scheme.”  I think this defensive philosophy and layout plays to his strengths and abilities.  A possible “T” fit.  Watch for Scandrick to be deployed all over the field, and watch for him to bag more sacks and hurries than you would expect from a DB.  Kiffin will not be afraid to “Scandrick” when the time and need arise.  Time for “Smurf Turf” to shine!!

And on that note, I’m off to Summit………….

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  • Californy

    Brian Water was release 2 years ago from KC because they didnt believe in the man ability, He went onto NE and became a Pro Bowl Player for the 6th time.  NE had a nice contract for him paying him 4 million a year for an aging veteran, but he decided not to come to camp.  Word had it he wanted to signed with Dallas in the year he got release by KC.  He is from Texas and is feeling the call home to his family.  I wont call him done yet, but he will have a high wall to climb to get himself into football shape.  I wish him well in his decision, you know it wont be about Money like it was about Brandon Moore also..

  • Californy

    I too think Scandrick is due for a big year, contract year and younger player sometime motivates these veteran into playing up to their ability.  I see the zone as part of this team issue when it come to playing defense.   I feel we play zone as a result to protect the bad safeties we have in this team more than anything else.

  • Californy

    I seen Carter running with the second unit.  He has yet shown to be able to play with Lee.  In his absence he played well, but now he must learn to play with Lee and not all over the field when Lee was gone.

  • Californy

    In Kiffen system it an all out rush to the QB, there no playing around with the job at hand.  What you see is what you get with Kiffen.  In Martinelle input to this defense that I am most eager to see at the LB and DL stunts.  We will win with speed because we just dont have the size there to win any other way

  • Football Mensa

    Scandrick is a decent player but he isnt star material. He will have some good plays but he gets burnt too. You better hope he never has to start on the outside if he does toast will be an appropriate adjective…..let’s see , 4 d linemen moving forward or 7 guys standing around looking confused ? I’ll take the 4 linemen moving forward. T2D fits our personnel more than the 3-4 did. Final thought , with Leary at guard and Beard at center the o line is already better than last season.