2013 Dallas Cowboys Draft Prospects: “The Guys No One Is Talking About” WR

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Continuing my ongoing series “The Guys No One is Talking about”, I am moving on to the wide receiver position. With all of the questions surrounding Miles Austins ability to stay healthy and his pricey contract it wouldn’t hurt to have a big, physical and speedy deep/redzone threat on the team.

I published this article a while back, but I wanted to re post it on the new site for those who didn’t get to see it the first time.

Mark Harrison, WR

Height/Weight: 6-3 231

4.46 40, 38.5″vertical jump. 4.33 shuttle

School: Rutgers | Conference: BIGE

College Experience: Senior | Hometown: Stratford, CT

Harrison has the size, speed, and vertical leaping ability all scouts look for. He has strong hands and knows how to use his big frame to shield defenders from the ball. He has good feet and lateral ability. He is a strong runner and hard to tackle in the open field because of his ability to break tackles. He helps QBs by coming back for the football. If you combine his height, arm length and vertical leaping ability he can go up and catch a pass that’s over 12′ in the air. There are not too many NFL CBs that can beat him on the jump ball making him a deadly red zone threat.

He didn’t have a stud QB at Rutgers and the offensive line was suspect which didn’t help his numbers. If you just look at his stats you wouldn’t be impressed. When watching him on tape, I was impressed with his physical style of play and his athletic ability. I think with some NFL level coaching and a better QB he has the potential to be a “Megatron” type receiver. Either way as a late round to undrafted prospect the potential outweighs the risk.

I included an interview in an article by By Conor Orr/The Star-Ledger

INDIANAPOLIS  Mark Harrison has met with 12 teams so far, including the Packers, and gets the same question every time.

“What am I going to offer as a player? What can I bring to their team and organization,” he said.

His answer: “They’re going to get a big wide receiver that can go up top and make big plays.”

He said he can hear Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall’s voice in his head with every route he runs. The two have been working out together in the offseason and Marshall, who is of comparable size, has been helping him develop his game.

“A lot of coaches want to see me catch the ball, and that’s what I’m going to do,” he said.

Harrison also sought out some help from former teammate and current Bengals wideout Mohamed Sanu, calling him a few minutes before his combine media session this afternoon.

“He told me to stay focused and lock in – do the little things, stretch at night, be so prepared out there that you leave everything on the field,” he said.

He hasn’t had time to track down Greg Schiano just yet, though.

According to NFL Draft Tracker

In high school, Harrison was a three-time letter winner, who started for two seasons at wide receiver and averaged an astonishing 27.4 yards per catch. Harrison won two state championships, and was an All-State selection in his senior season. Harrison also ran track and was named Connecticut Post First Team Spring All-Star in his senior season.

As a true freshman, Harrison appeared in eight games, making his debut against Howard. His first career touchdown reception went for 20 yards at Connecticut. In 2010, Harrison had a breakout season with 829 yards receiving and nine touchdowns on 44 receptions. Harrison posted a receiving touchdown in six of the final eight games of the season and recorded second-best receiving day in Rutgers history with 240 yards receiving on 10 receptions and four touchdowns against Cincinnati. He was voted Offensive Most Valuable Player at team awards banquet. In his junior season, Harrison appeared in 12 games, missing one due to a head injury. He only caught 14 passes for 274 yards and two touchdowns. In his senior year, Harrison caught 44 passes for 583 yards and six touchdowns.

Your entitled to your opinion, but I think for a “Guy No One Is Talking About” the Cowboys should at least bring him in for a look.

I included some video. I hope you enjoy watching him play as much as I did.

[kad_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/P4686tLeqw0″ width=450 height=300 maxwidth=450 ]


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  • Balou71

    He reminds me of a cross between a young Terrell Owens and Randy Moss….. Big and physical but will shock you with his speed and leaping ability! I like this guy…. Put Miles in the slot and have this guy and Dez all over the field. Hmmmmm Reminds me of Irvin and Harper…

    • Balou71 this guy will be great, and I think he is the patsy here, I dont think he did any of it. He has had a flawless character record up until this point. NTM he has a wife and daughter to think about.

      • Balou71

        CowgirlCas22 Balou71 I agree. When I read the article on Fanside, it talked about the “rumor” he had already checked out. This before anything was said of who’s room it actually was. Cas he might have showed out the Combine and they had to do something to bring him down a few pegs… I must admit… he must stay quiet and not admit nor deny anything. Just let this thing blow over in the media. If one of the owners or scouts ask, address it then.

        • Balou71 CowgirlCas22 I agree 100% I know how the game is played, top recruits don’t like getting showed up by a nobody. They always try and find a way to discredit them: If a player wasn’t behind it, an agent was! I would bet on it. These guys who are nobodies, really watch the P’s and Q’s not to screw up, they want that shot: especially the guys with a family. It’s always the top recruits that screw up!

        • Balou71

          CowgirlCas22 Balou71 Yeah we have seen that screw up almost every year. Either during their senior year, at a bowl, right before the combine, or right before the draft!! This guy seems like a diamond in the rough, Put in the right system, he would be unstoppable. Why not try to knock him out of the draft? Especially when the other guys are still trying to out since the REAL stars of this draft… O-Line and D-Line players!

        • Balou71 CowgirlCas22 yup I hate when people believe everything they read: The media is the Devil believe that. They can destroy an innocent man before the facts even come out. His rep has already been tarnished

      • osnappp

        Doesn’t matter if I saw him do it, he might not have done any of, but if he is such a stand up guy, why didnt he clean it up? If someone else got in the room, why didnt he report it? It was his room and he was responsible for it. He was the last to have the key. Why would this stand up guy leave a room like that at the combine? I would not draft him at all just for he chance he did something that weird. Let him earn a spot as an fa.

  • osnappp

    Hes the guy that trashed the hotel room, big red flag! Who craps all over a free place to stay during a job interview

    • Balou71

      I have seen college players do worse. There are a lot of top talent in the NFL that had worse trouble with the law before the draft. DUIs and other things. There we 2 people in that room. They can say there is a “rumor” that the other guy left BEFORE it started to protect his draft status. Who’s to say….

      • osnappp

        The whole thing stinks, literally. 1st a cover up, then complete denials? would u hire someone that ate on your bed and left feces on the walls? A dui is bad judgement created by a drug, putting feces on the wall at a job interview is mental

        • Balou71

          osnappp yeah I can’t help but agree there. It stinks in more ways than one (LOL). My thing is Hopkins has more to loss if it turns out to be him. Why were they so fast to say “he had already checked out” before names were even dropped??? My feeling is too many people were partying in that room and someone got sick…. No one wanted to clean the room so they bounced.

        • osnappp unless you actually saw who did it: this is America and you are innocent until proven guilty. This man has a wife and daughter. I can’t see him doing what he is accused of doing. It’s real easy to make the guy no one is talking about the patsy. He has had a flawless character record up until this point. The fact that he showed up many of the top recruits at the combine makes someone trying to discredit him seem more believable to me.

        • osnappp unless you actually saw who did it: this is America and you are innocent until proven guilty. This man has a wife and daughter. I can’t see him doing what he is accused of doing. It’s real easy to make the guy no one is talking about the patsy. He has had a flawless character record up until this point. The fact that he showed up many of the top recruits at the combine makes someone trying to discredit him seem more believable to me.

        • Balou71 osnappp I don’t believe it, I think he got set up.

    • osnappp and I guess you saw him do it? this is all hear say and speculation.

  • MichaelValentino

    Is it just me, or when you look at this guy’s size, his upper body, his leg strength and straight line speed…do you think of a young T.O.? (and he’s wearing no. 81)  He has big thighs and can break tackles and can definitely run the 9 route. Very impressive measurables. On the one jump ball in the corner, I would’ve like to have seen him snag the ball better at its peak (like Dez often does) rather than bring it down into his body. But, no doubt, this guy has the physical package. Thanks for all these posts Cas. You discover guys I probably would never know about otherwise.

    • MichaelValentino Thank You Michael, I have to invest a lot of time, and it takes a lot of work to scout and eval all of these players. I really like this guy and I agree, all he needs is some good coaching and a yr or 2 to develop at the next level and I believe he could be a stud. He is a lot like a young T.O minus the big mouth lol.

  • Californy

    I really don’t feel a need we need to draft a WR this year with the bulk of our Young WR under the age of 26 this year.  I time we develop some of these players.   I’m glad Ogletree is gone but Armstrong at 29 years old is another progress stopper for some of these younger Wr.  I like your WR Cas in this article but I rather have the CB who can replace Carr in a couple of years drafted in this draft in the 5th Rd.   I like BW Webb alot, he will give the WR a battle for the position on the field.

    • Californy there is a good chance this guy will be a FA there are no WR’s in my mock draft.However, I have to cover all positions in my series.

  • Californy

    The Ultimate BW Webb Highlight Reel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hlxbwX5F3c

  • Californy

    I believe we can create great miss matches by using Beasley in the slot and as a RB also on Sweeps.  I would like to get QB Collin Klein as UNFA  and use him as a RB in this offense and running some sweeps for us in the pass game. He had a tons of TD the last two years at the college level in the running department. I believe Hanna will also create some mismatches being used in the slot as well.