Fans Beware: Dallas Cowboys Gear Is Illegal In Oxnard Ca.

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I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan my entire life. In fact, I can’t remember a time that I didn’t know who they were. It is no secret that the Dallas Cowboys are the largest sports franchise in the United States, and according to the Forbes magazine 2013 report, 3rd largest in the entire world.

Colonia Chiques1Our staff writer Chris Gonzalez lives in the Oxnard area. During a conversation we had the other night, he mentioned that any time other than while the Dallas Cowboys are in Oxnard for training camp, you could  not only be arrested, but fine  $ 1,000 and serve 6 months in jail for sporting the beloved blue star. What could be worse? You could find yourself shot down in the street: a victim of mistaken identity.

Lets’ be honest here: when I first heard this, I thought he was jerking my chain. He told me there was a violent gang in the area known as the “Colonia Chiques”. Apparently they took a strong liking to the famed blue star and the Dallas Cowboys uniforms and adopted the trademark as their gang colors. The only difference is, they remove the ” W “ from the word Cowboys thus creating their own trademark, The “Co Boys”, short for The Colonia Boys.

Chris proceeded to link me to an old article from The Los Angeles Times that dated all the way back to 2004 when the law was first enacted. At that point,  I decided to do a little research to find out what prompted this most unusual law to come in to effect.  If you want to see the article that gives the history of this law: CLICK HERE. Below I have included the article from the Los Angeles Times.

Colonia Chiques5

“Cowboys gear illegal for gang members in training camp city”
Police say fans in Oxnard, Calif., where a gang has taken the  team’s symbol as its own, shouldn’t worry about clothing ban.

By Fred Alvarez
Saturday, July 31, 2004

OXNARD, Calif. Paul Gallegos fancies himself Oxnard’s biggest Dallas Cowboys fan. So naturally he worried when he heard police would be on the lookout for people wearing the team’s trademark blue, bold star — a logo co-opted two decades ago by a local street gang.

The self-employed accountant jumped into his Mercedes-Benz convertible — outfitted with a custom license plate frame declaring his Texas-size dedication to the five-time Super Bowl champions — and drove to the police station just to make sure he was in the clear.

Turns out “America’s Team” is holding its summer training camp in probably the only city in the nation where wearing Dallas Cowboys paraphernalia could draw a $1,000 fine or six months in jail.

“All I needed was to get shot at or pulled over for interrogation,”

said Gallegos, 42, who is among hundreds of local fans ready to welcome Cowboys players, coaches and cheerleaders as they begin training today in Oxnard.

Colonia Chiques2Police and prosecutors earlier this year obtained an injunction that prevents the city’s largest and most violent street gang from congregating in public, flashing gang signs and wearing Dallas Cowboys attire within a 6.6-square-mile “safety zone” in the heart of Ventura County’s largest city. Violators are subject to arrest and misdemeanor charges.

Authorities, however, assured Gallegos that he would have no trouble behind the wheel of his CLK 320. “They said,

“I don’t think gang members drive cars like this,” he said.

Members of Oxnard’s Colonia Chiques started taking the team’s apparel and logo as their own in the mid-1980s, police say. They remove the “w” on Cowboys T-shirts and jerseys to form the words “CO BOYS,” short for “Colonia Boys.” They also took a liking to the Dallas Cowboys’ star — tattooing it on their shaven heads, for example. Officers said they recently encountered a suspected Colonia gang member with Dallas Cowboys bedsheets.

Colonia Chiques3The gang’s Cowboys gear has the power to spread fear among residents, authorities said in court papers. Just the sight of a Cowboys jersey or cap is enough to spur an attack from a rival gang member, even if the wearer is an innocent football fan, authorities alleged.

Since the injunction was granted in June on a preliminary basis, the Chiques have laid low and street violence has subsided, Oxnard Police Chief Art Lopez said.

He said the clothing restrictions apply only to the three dozen or so Colonia gang members who have been served so far with a copy of the court order. Lopez said neither the team nor the herd of Cowboys fans expected to ride into town over the next three weeks have anything to worry about.

“The guys we are concerned about aren’t true Dallas Cowboys fans,” Lopez said. “Our guys know who the gang members are. They are easy to pick out because they’ve been in trouble so many times before.”

(Authors Note: The Chiques currently have over 1,000 active members. Only serving 36 of them with court orders was useless. It would be impossible for local police to know all of the members on sight.)

Tourism officials expect as many as 125,000 people to attend the practice sessions and spend money locally.

“It’s kind of a fluke, I guess,” Oxnard Mayor Manuel Lopez said of the Cowboys-Colonia Chiques connection. “Of all the professional sports teams in the country, it’s just a coincidence the Cowboys would come here. But we’re glad they are.”

Colonia Chiques4Of course the Mayor is going to try and candy coat the issue because they don’t want to lose all the revenue generated for the community when the Dallas Cowboys are there for training camp.

From one Dallas Cowboys fan to another: if you venture in to Oxnard, California, I would advise you to be careful about wandering the streets late at night sporting your favorite jersey: you may just be mistaken for a rival gang member, or rousted by police. It’s less likely to happen during training camp, but you never know. Keep in mind: the street gangs in Ca. have come up in the world as a result of lucrative drug businesses, extortion, prostitution etc. (Colonia Chiques gang members arrested on federal drug charges) Merely driving a Mercedes, wont necessarily protect you from being a victim of mistaken identity.

This is what I call disgracing the “Star”!

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  • ToddToombs

    Arlington should make Giants hear illegal on Sept 8th! Shoot on sight!

  • ToddToombs

    Giants gear – sorry

  • Californy

    Maybe we should hire some of these boys from the hood  at least they are willing to die for their team.  I found out there was many player who came from the hood the only problem with them is they lack discipline for the hard work and practices.  It too bad because they were many great athletes who just need a stage to show case their talents.

    • Erasmus

      Californy I do believe that there is a law requiring any athletically talented person with gang affiliations or criminal past to play in the NBA.

  • Erasmus

    The federal government should make the act of cheering for or supporting any NFL team that is not the Dallas Cowboys an act of treason. The punishment should be a pilgrimage from whatever city the offender’s team is located to Dallas to see the shrine that is going to be built in honor of the Dallas Cowboys legends:

  • ChrisG7

    Hahaha awesome article! Is this one of those I told you so moments? lol

  • Jesse Oliveira

    The colonia gang is a bigger joke than Mexico .These flukes are try hards that like to do nothing all day but steal stereos and break into homes .Recommendation:Don’t go to Oxnard unless you have an emergency .These people are jokes

    • the truth

      Just dont stare or act tough and look gangster and ull be alright cowboys rule these streets and theirs nothing you can do about it the police are more kurupted than anything their the organized gang they get medals for shooting innocent people their the ones you nees to look out for in O.X.

      • Fuck the police

        damn straight even if you don’t wear a cowboys jersey OPD “confuses” you to be a gangster and shoot you on sight. 2 years ago a man was walking the street and 9 OPD officers shot him 21 times and said they mistaken him for a gang banger and just a week ago none of them will be charged. Protect and serve more like beat and kill. Cops are the real criminal gangs.

        • Al

          damn that’s some crazy stuff right there

  • Al

    It’s like that up in Fresno with a gang who wears the Fresno St. Bulldogs clothing. Not surprising.