National Anthem Protests Offend Military Vets.

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Recent National Anthem protests spear-headed by Colin Kaepernick have caused mixed feelings among Americans. Mainly war veterans who put their lives on the line to give them the right to disrespect this country.

national anthem protests

Per an article posted by CBS Sports on the recent National Anthem Protests, POLL: After protests, Colin Kaepernick now ‘most disliked’ player in NFLIt’s not just military veterans. 

“Americans do not see eye-to-eye on the issue for a variety of reasons, and Kaepernick’s actions have resulted in him becoming, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the “most disliked” player in the NFL in a recent poll.

According to ESPN, which catalogued all of the protests they spotted. Of the seven teams involved, five had multiple players participate in the protest.”

I recently visited an old high school friend who currently resides in the Greater Los Angels VA hospital. He served in both Afghanistan and Iraq on separate tours of duty. He will spend the rest of his life in a wheel chair. Why? Because he risked his life to defend the freedoms some take for granted. Primarily the right to a peaceful demonstration and/or freedom of speech and expression.

While I was there he voiced his outrage. He feels as though the players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem are a disgrace to this great nation. He said,

“What they are doing is stereotyping an entire nation for what a few have done. They are showing no respect for the flag or my brothers in arms who died defending it. I challenge them to look up the United States Department of Justice statistics on violent crime and then tell me their protest has any merit.”.

While there I decided to ask other disabled veterans what their feelings on the subject were. The result was unanimous sports fans. My dad is a retired Green Beret who devoted twenty years of his life to defending the flag. He is also a football coach. He said he would bench any player who refused to honor and show respect to this great nation.

I decided to take Mike up on his challenge and looked up the DOJ statistics. Following my research, I have an entirely different outlook on the subject. I would advise the players that are participating in this National Anthem protest to do the same.

National anthem protests I am primarily of Native American descent.  I am all for affirmative action. If you don’t believe me, visit a few reservations and observe how my people have to live.

The image to the left illustrates common living conditions on a reservation. The Native Americans have been oppressed since the settlers first started migrating to this country. Their land was taken from them. They were slaughtered by the thousands and pushed further and further off of their land.

Despite the constitution and all of the affirmative action groups out there, my people are living in the middle of the desert and/or anywhere else no one wanted to settle. They are literally living in shacks. I understand racism more than most. Back to my story.

national anthem protests

New DOJ Statistics on Race and Violent Crime

national anthem protests This table can be used for a number of interesting calculations. First, we find that during the 2012/2013 period, blacks committed an average of 560,600 violent crimes against whites, whereas whites committed only 99,403 such crimes against blacks. This means blacks were the attackers in 84.9 percent of the violent crimes involving blacks and whites. This figure is consistent with reports from 2008, the last year DOJ released similar statistics.

In 2015, The Washington Post launched a real-time database to track fatal police shootings, and the project continues this year. As of Sunday July 11, 1,502 people had been shot and killed by on-duty police officers since Jan. 1, 2015. Of them, 732 were white, and 381 were black (382 were of another or unknown race). What does this mean? Almost twice as many whites were shot by the police. Mike asked me if white lives matter.

We can also calculate how often criminals of each group choose victims of other races.

As indicated below, when whites commit violence they choose fellow whites as victims 82.4 percent of the time, and almost never attack blacks. Blacks attack whites almost as often as they attack blacks, and Hispanics attack whites more often than they attack any other group, including their own.




There is much media agonizing over black-on-black violence, but these figures show that only 40.1 percent of the victims of black violence are black, while people of other races account for nearly 60 percent of the victims of black violence.

I would like the record to show, that I feel compelled to cover subjects such as the National Anthem protests  objectively. That being said, the facts and views I presented here are not necessarily those of Your Daily Cowboys Football Fix. We are not going to take any sides on this. Nor will we participate in the National Anthem protests in any fashion.

What we will do is advise commissioner Goodell, the owners, and the coaches who are either taking part in the National Anthem protests, or condoning the National Anthem protests, to take in to consideration what the views of the majority of the population and the military veterans are.

The NFL has members of the military in attendance on the sidelines quite often. There are a large number of disabled military veterans such as my buddy Mike who are fans of NFL teams. Ask yourselves how they feel when you refuse to show respect for the flag and the country they risked their lives for.

If you ask the soldiers and a majority of the population, they will more than likely tell you there are better ways to get your point across than National Anthem protests.

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  • Al

    Wow you are going to rile some feathers with this one Munchkin. I have to agree with Mike. The national stats tell an entirely different story. Blacks attack whites much more. And, more whites are killed by police, I wonder why there are no white players protesting the attacks by black people and the fact that more whites are shot by police?

    • My intention isn’t to rile feathers, but to ask people to consider how others feel before making a decision such as this one.

  • Lionone1

    Well written article Cas. People don’t really pay attention to facts before having an opinion. Simply react to the surface issue of the day. The national anthem to me has always been the only moment we have to stand as individuals despite or differences.

    • Al

      Cas influenced me to expand on her research and the results were harrowing. Despite only making up about 13% of the population, Blacks commit over 57% of the violent crimes in this country. It’s no wonder police are quick on the trigger in those situations. This video makes some very valid points as well.

      • I already saw that and shared it on Twitter, but thanks for sharing it here.

    • Thank You. And your right. People need to do some fact checking.

  • Johnathan Nguyen

    The protest rubbed me in a wrong way too. I applaud Kaepernick for the cause he tried to bring to the forefront. I think it is noble of him to use his position to bring an abhorrent issue to the surface and try to influence a change, but where i have an issue with, is the use of his platform to protest. The National Anthem and the flag of The United States of America go hand in hand and is sacred to a person like myself. Too many heroes had shed their blood for his rights to protest, including many heroes of color. Use another platform, just not the one that afforded your rights to kneel while everyone else is standing to show their respects to the fallen and to the greatest country on this planet.

    • Your viewpoint is common among the majority of the population.

  • BigDIndiana

    Doesn’t bother me you speak your mind here on whatever. Big reason I like my cowgirl 🙂 I’m all for protesting but he could definitely find a better way to do it. Disrespecting our flag and the people that fight for it is no way to make any point. To me it is very sad people are starting to copy him.

    • Thank You. You are echoing how a majority of people feel. Refusing to be a part of showing respect for the country is a bad way to try and get a point across.