Drew Brees is Optimistic He’ll Play vs Cowboys.

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Drew Brees said In his weekly interview with the Saints Radio Network’s Kristian Garic, if he’s not able to play against the Cowboys, the team is in good hands with backup Luke McCown.

drew brees and tony romo

Prior to Sunday’s 27-22 loss to the Panthers, Drew Brees has never missed a game due to injury over the course of his colorful 15 year career.

“I am extremely optimistic so I felt like it was going to be a magic healing as we went along,” Brees said. “Some of this is uncharted territory for me. It’s a matter of functionality. It’s not a pain issue. If it were a pain issue, I would play. It’s a mobility, strength and functionality issue…‘can I make the throws to put us in the best position to win?’”

Drew Brees said he was very impressed with McCown’s first start.

“I thought he played great,” Brees told WWL Radio. “I was calling the play with him in the huddle in my mind. I was executing by trying to see it through his eyes from the sideline. He threw it to the right place every time. He did not make a bad decision in this game. We were so close at the end of the game with that throw. Their DB Josh Norman made a phenomenal play. Luke played as good of a game as you can play. Every decision, every throw, his demeanor, his leadership…everything was spot on.”

luke mccownDespite all of his praise for McCown, The Cowboys would much rather face the backup than a future first ballot hall of fame player such as Drew Brees who said it’s day by day. He is in that elite top tier of QBs in the NFL. Lucky for the Cowboys, he doesn’t have a Julio Jones in his arsenal  and the loss of Jimmy Graham and Darren Sproles punched some big holes in his offense. However, Brees is the type of QB that can burn a defense with average receivers.

The Cowboys are coming off of a big loss to the Falcons at home and need to build up some momentum before playing the most potent offense in the NFL. One that is led by another first ballot hall of fame player, Tom Brady. The Patriots have two dynamic receivers in Edelman and  Gronkowsky who have torched every defense they faced. Dion Lewis has proven to be the type of RB that can wear down a defense quickly.

The Cowboys can’t afford to have back to back losses when they face the Patriots. Outside of a miraculous upset, I just don’t see a Cowboys defense that is depleted by injuries and suspensions being able to shut them down. Nor does Brandon Weeden stand a chance trying to match wits with Tom Brady, who many believe to be the best QB in NFL history. This means a win against the 0-3 Saints is imperative. If the Cowboys end up 3-4 their hopes of getting to the playoffs without their franchise QB and number one WR look to be very slim.

The Patriots are playing with a chip on their shoulder and rightly so after the media circus surrounding the “Deflate Gate” scandal. The worst thing you can do is piss off Tom Brady and Bill Belicek. They are imposing their wrath on everyone who gets in their way. At this point they may as well just pencil them in to the AFC Championship game and spare their opponents the misery. They not only lead the league in offense, they are tied for first with the Rams for the most sacks. Brandon Weeden is no Tony Romo when it comes to scrambling and extending plays. That pass rush could prove to be fatal.

If the Cowboys can squeak out a win vs the Saints, they may be able to hang on by a thread and eke in to the playoffs with Romo, Bryant, McClain, Gregory and Hardy back in the mix. Fasten your seat belts Cowboys faithful, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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