Cole Beasley Primed for Record Season

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Cole Beasley currently resides among the NFL’s top 10 wide receivers with 13 receptions. He is currently tied for 7th and has secured a first down on 69.2% of his targets.

cole beasley

Cole Beasley has been our pet cat since his SMU days. Beasley is among many success stories from “The Guys No One Is Talking About” series. We are proud to announce that he is on course for a record 2016 season.

I can’t help but recall the day I interviewed Cole Beasley in Oxnard  back in 2013. He was a very well mannered and humble kid. He was entering his second year in the NFL and all he was worried about was making the 53 man roster.

I have a bad habit of referring to defensive players as pass rushers. I told him I had seen him go in to motion and make blocks on pass rushers and it was impressive. As soon as he started to answer I felt dumber than a box of rocks. He said he seals the edge on run plays at times, but if he is on the field for passing plays he is running routes. I just let him answer and moved on. He probably thought I was delusional.

I can only imagine what was going through his mind standing on the sidelines in a boot talking to me while his competition was practicing.  The naysayers were still coming with the he’s too small, he’ll never  make the roster garbage. What else would be expected for a 5-8 178 lb undrafted receiver?  Folks don’t watch tape: they use the eye test.

But, when Cole Beasley got that boot off, he kept getting noticed by the coaches.

The scouts were saying he keeps finding ways to make plays. He went on to amass 39 receptions and 2 TDs as a situational player that year.  He had finally earned the trust of Tony Romo.

I told him he was going to have a breakout year. Considering he was the 4th receiver at the time, he did. Following the 2013 season, Cas was blowing up the internet with articles promoting Cole Beasley. In 2014 he hauled in 4 TD passes and was money on 3rd down.

2015 was expected to be a career year for Beasley who had developed some serious chemistry with Tony Romo. Unfortunately, Romo got injured and neither Weeden or Cassel looked his way much. When Kellen Moore stepped in, he immediately put his trust in him. Cole Beasley had two TDs week 17 vs the Redskins.

Cole Beasley 1

Thus far in 2016, Cole Beasley has hauled in 13 catches in 2 games. That puts him on course for over 100 this season. Now that Dak Prescott is the quarterback and has struggled on passes that travel more than 15 yards in the air, Linehan has taken advantage of Cole’s ability to get open. Dak has developed some serious chemistry with him too. He is the definition of QB friendly.

The impressive part is, Beasley has more receptions than the likes of Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham and Doug Baldwin. All of which are number 1 receivers. Cole Beasley is the Cowboys #3 WR. We said many times that if the coaches use him more he will be a top 10 WR. Shazam!

The Time is Now

At this point, Cole Beasley is on course for not only his personal best season thus far, but setting franchise records for the most receptions, 3rd down conversions, and yards by a  #3 WR. If Dak starts finding him in the endzone, touchdowns as well. Unfortunately, the rookie signal caller is yet to throw a TD pass to Cole or anyone else..

Cole Beasley has not only earned the respect of his teammates, but defensive coordinators as well. They have no choice but to game plan for him now. I hope you  will all join me in sending out a big HELL Ya for the Bease Meister. The once undrafted kid from SMU can now be mentioned in the same sentence as some top 10 NFL receivers. He is Mr. Reliable. Hopefully he becomes “Mr. Clutch” 2.0.

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  • BigDIndiana

    First handful of downs I saw from this kid he has been a fave. He is the reason they don’t play the “12” they drafted Escobar for in passing downs that much. If there was one dude I hoped Dak would get a report with while he breaks into the league it would be him. Best slot in the league IMO. I still sometimes go “damn” how quick the guy is in and out of his breaks LOL If they would keep moving Dez around and not have him run the same few routes as he did in game one we might be onto something.

    • Al

      I agree bro. Bease is a beast.

  • Johnathan Nguyen

    He’s a monster in a compact package lol. I hope he will have a Pro Bowl type year for us. It’s time for Cole.

    • Al

      He sure is and I would like to see them line him up outside and let him run the option. He is a leg breaker in the open field. If he can haul in so many passes in traffic, imagine what he can do deep in all that open space.